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A Bully Pours Super Glue In Her Hair, But What She Does Next Shocks Them All

Hannah Combs was frequently bullied at her school by the same evil person. She had barely begun her freshman year at Harker Heights High School before the tragedy struck. 

One day, the bully poured super glue all over her head while she was talking with her friends during lunch break. But her reaction would shock the world.

The teen suffered first-degree burns on her scalp while her bully received only an in-school suspension, which Hannah’s parents didn’t think was fair. 

The girl’s father, Christian Grimmer, wanted the bully to transfer schools. Other people wanted to know why the school administration didn’t call the police. 

“I’m not going to pull my daughter out and uproot her from her life because of what this kid did to her,” Hannah’s father said. 

“That child that did this to her uproot his life. He gave up the opportunity to go to Harker Heights when he committed the act.” But what does Hannah think about all of this?

“It instantly started burning,” Hannah recalls the moment she realized the bully poured super glue all over her hair. 

“It felt like my head was on fire. It was horrible.” She described the pain as a “sunburn times 10.” Although the school nurse had examined Hannah, it was only when her father took her to the hospital that she found out she had first-degree burns. 

Hannah and her mother decided it was best to cut her hair. “I realized I lost my favorite thing about me. I loved my hair,” Hannah said. 

 “My hair was the only thing I liked about myself, honestly. I lost it for no reason.” 

“It makes me want to help other people,” Hannah said. “There are people who couldn’t stand up for themselves, but they talk to me about it. It makes me want to help. It’s amazing how many people are supporting me.”

Hannah’s story had gone viral after her mother, Jessica, started a Facebook page, “Justice For Hannah.” A local hairdresser named Nikki offered to fix her hair for free. 

“Today, I got to do something I’m proud of. I fixed a young girl’s hair who had something traumatic happen to her at school. Her hair had to be shaved on one side, so I made the best of a bad situation,” Nikki said. 

Hannah grew to like her new hairstyle and wants to help other girls who are victims of bullying at school. 

“I want to make a difference. I would like people to stand up for themselves. No one deserves to be bullied — it’s not fair for anyone,” Hannah said.  

“I’m just a normal kid with strong beliefs. When it comes to bullying, I stand up for people a lot because of it — but it’s worth it.” She vowed she would make the bully pay for what he did. 

Hannah loved her new punk look. She felt that it suited her more than her long bleached hair.

Now, it was time to get revenge on the evil boy who hurt her. 

Hannah began to share photos of her scalp on her Facebook page, “Justice For Hannah,” which made many people angry. 

They didn’t understand why the school didn’t hold the bully accountable. 

With her photos going viral, Hannah was finally in a position to get revenge on that boy who had made her life a living hell. 

So, did her plan work out?

Hannah and Jessica got enough people to sign the petition to get the school to force the bully to make an apology. 

What did the boy say?

It turned out that the bully actually had a crush on Hannah. “Umm yeah, actually…” he began. 

“I just wanted to say that I really like you, Hannah, I only did what I did because I didn’t know how to express my feelings for you.” How did Hannah react?

As you can probably imagine, Hannah was in complete shock. 

 ”Well, if that’s how you express your feelings, then I think you have some serious growing up to do” she said, laughing.

The bully got suspended and was forced to pay for Hannah’s hospital bills. 

Unfortunately, bullying is a complex problem that many kids and teens encounter at school, and it can cause lasting psychological damage to the victim. We hope this boy has learned his lesson and will never bully anyone again. 


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