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A Lioness Captures A Baby Baboon And Does The Most Unexpected Thing

This helpless baby baboon was spotted by a lion after losing its mother. Despite the photographer’s fears, the lioness did something completely unexpected.

The Lion Discovered The Baby Baboon Trying To Climb A Tree

With no mother in sight, the baby baboon was attempting to scurry up this tree when the lioness spotted it.

The Photographers Expected The Worst As The Lion Approached The Young Baboon

The photographers, Evan and Lisa, were certain they were about to witness the lion maul the unsuspecting baby baboon.

Instead, The Lion Gently Pawed At The Baby

The lioness surprised the photographers by gently pawing at the baby.

The Baby Baboon Started Showing Signs Of Stress And Fatigue

Despite the lion’s gentle interactions, the baby had signs of trauma and fatigue.

The Photographers Watched In Horror As The Lioness Picked The Baby Up

They repeatedly shut the camera off expecting the lion to kill the little baboon at any moment.

The Lion Seemed To Cradle The Baby Between Her Paws

The baboon instinctually reached up to grasp the lion as wrapped its paws around the baby.

Other Lions Closed In On The Baboon, But The Lioness Chased Them Away

Perhaps she was protecting the baby from harm.

A Male Baboon Saw The Opportunity To Save The Baby

While the lioness was distracted, an adult baboon rushed in to save the baby.

The Baby Was Safely Back With Its Troop


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