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A Man Saw Two Strange Holes In His Wall, What He Discovered Inside Will Surely Shock You

Man In Question

The man in question resides in a century-old industrial property that was reconstructed to accommodate several commercial units. Over the years it had changed a lot but still had a souvenir of past that was kept secret from the century but was soon going to be exposed. When Cyrex686 had rented the house he had no inkling that he was going to bring forth something very surprising to the world. What was it? You will find out in the next slide.


Unusual Circles

It ignited curiosity in the man. He desperately wanted to know what that spot meant. So he decided to solve the mystery. He began with hammering one of the marks but surprisingly, the mark sounded hollow. It fired up his curiosity even more. So, he decided to drill into the mark and find out what it really is. He said “I, er, noticed that there were these things down here… circular, whatever.” He had not expected what he was going to come across after completing the drilling process. What you think could be this circular mark hiding?

Talking To Friends

Seeing Through The Hole

That enigmatic circular area was covered with a wooden plug. Now, this was eerie as who covers a hole with a wooden plank until and unless it is not used for something to hide. However, having all these thoughts in mind, he yanked the wooden plug off the hole. Much to his surprise, the plank came out quite easily. Now the hole was perceptible! The man could easily see what is there inside it. And what he saw was nothing like what he thought. He expressed his astonishment in the video he recorded that soon was going to be viral. Find out in the next slide what he saw inside the hole.

A Whole Different Thing

Black Hole

Cyrex686 with his friends had embarked upon the journey of solving the mystery lurking behind the wall. He knew he is living in an earlier industrial complex. He did not know much about the industrial building but had some assumptions. He said, “Our best guess is it was sealed off in the 1980s.” To get a clearer view, he flashed some lights into the hole. Unfortunately, due to excessive dark, it did not help much. But instead of giving up, he continued trying. Eventually, he had to open it up. It was to see which never-heard secret was awaiting him. Once an industrial complex, this room was now a residential place.

No Permission Granted

No One Heard Him?

This is not possible that no one heard him drilling the hole in the wall. However, no one was seen coming and complaining about it. It is astounding that nobody appeared and tried to stop him. As mentioned earlier that Cyrex686 had rented the room it was not his own.

The Big Reveal

Did it lead To?

With the help of hole, the man with a torch and his recording device went behind the wall. The place was all dark and even torch could not reveal much. But one thing was certain that it was a room. A room? What could be the purpose of a hidden room be? Who made it and why? Apparently, the room intrigued him even more. The viewers too were fascinated by the revelation. Resultantly, this demystification bred another mystery. Now, Cyrex686 and his viewers wanted to know why this room was actually built? They were soon going to get an answer to that but before revealing that we want to show you some very interesting comments that would either make you roll off your chair due to uncontrollable laughter or would give you some food to think. Along with the YouTuber, the viewers were all engrossed with the divulgence. Not just they commented on the actual purpose of the room but also put forth their idea of how this room could be used in today’s time. Check out the following comments by the viewers.

Hide & Seek

A Hidden Torture Chamber?

On the other hand, some took this secret room more seriously by calling it a hidden torture chamber. They believed that the secret room might have human remains. They had many more assumption to buttress their assumption. They went on to say that the room was perhaps used by a serial killer for disposing of bodies or by some other psychic who did something nefarious inside the room in order to stay oblivious to the world. There was one more assumption surfacing.

Supernatural Theory

Don’t Trust Your Friends

Whereas some were concerned about the widely expected supernatural being the YouTuber was going to face there was a viewer who was more doubtful about the Cyrex686 ‘s human friends intentions. Bud Watson, a YouTube user showed his concern over the kind of people the YouTuber had surrounded himself with. He expressed his worries by writing “From that point on, you found out that those guys were not really your friends. When you had reached the end of the room, you turned around as you saw your friends plugging the hole up.” We are yet to figure out was he really concerned or was just taking the jibe at the YouTuber.

Other Possible Purposes

A Drug Cave?

There was no end to people’s ideas. There was a group of people who theorized that the room was built to manufacture illegal marijuana. PoolBoysTX12 wrote, “What you just stumbled upon is a hidden Hydro Cannabis Grow room.” It is easy to imagine a slew of grow lights and bunch of plants on the floor of the room. Due to the room’s secret passage, it would be easy for the person to move in and out of the room without having anyone to know about it. The idea appealed to many and even if that is not the reason behind the building of the room, it would be good to start something like this.

How’s This Possible?

No Problem!

Yeah, placing light in the secret room would be a challenging thing to do for anyone but for PoolBoysTX12. This viewer was up with the solution. He wrote “The pile of wood with the rope was used as a weight for lowering the lights to plant level. Look at the corner of that room, there is a small pulley system.” That is why I am having a sense that he already had an experience with all of this. What do you think?

All Possibilities!


Despite so many assumptions, the people were still miles away from the answer. Nobody could even get close to the actual reason. But it was soon going to disclose. The room did not witness any fornication with animal, illegally cultivating marijuana or the disposal of dead bodies. Nor did Cyrex686 friends played any kind of prank with him by pushing him into the hole and closing it. Also, the room had not seen hydroponics ever. Though there were some people who propounded some other theory that looked closer to the actual usage of room, they were still far away from the actual usage.

A Septic Tank?

What Cyrex686 Says…

We talked about viewers ideas, now let’s talk about the idea of the man who himself inspected the interior of the room. Cyrex686 went inside the room and inspected every inch of the chamber. He also recorded a video for the viewers but seeing things with your own eyes gives you a clearer understanding of the sight. So, in that case, it is necessary for us to take note of Cyrex686 idea of the place. And his theory did make sense to us.

Chemical Storage?

Then What It Really Is?

If you remember well, We had mentioned in the beginning that the storage room was once a part of an industrial complex. So, it was quite possible that the room was primitively used for storage. This view already had been advocated by many commenters. However, they axed the idea of using it for waste and chemicals. According to them, the storage was used as “water cistern.” It was possible that the room had stored a reservoir of water. During ancient times cisterns were used to store rainwater from the roof.

Comparing Technologies

Another Secret Room

Finally, the secret room’s mystery was revealed. It was a cistern! There was no use of cistern for Cyix686 so instead of reusing it as a cistern he made some changes in it. He also found something else and posted a video on YouTube. He answered to one of the viewers “It’s been a few years since I made this video. I found another secret room next to the original secret room. I was thinking of showing what I’ve done with the room since then… And the secret passageway, I found, which I’ve not gotten into yet, but found the entrance.”

Questions Unanswered

Mystery Solved … Sort Of

Mystery Solved … Sort OfIt all started with two circles on the wall that led to such a big revelation. Though the discovery was very different from people’s ideas, it successfully engrossed the viewers until the end. The revelation disclosed a minor part of the history. However, the mystery of the second room is yet to be known. But don’t worry we have more real stories about the mysterious parts of the house that would put you in disbelief. Check them out!

A Trend?

Usually The Contractors

An Interesting FindIn most of the cases, the discoveries are made by the outsiders or the descendants of people who knew about the secrets of the home. Most commonly, the secrets come out during the time of renovation or remodeling of the residence. And mostly it is contractors that make the discovery. There is a big list of contractors who accidentally unraveled many secrets of the house that the owners did not know about. An interesting story about an unexpected discovery includes contractor Bob Kitts who made a jaw-dropping discovery in a home some years ago.

Hit Something Strange

Discovering The Happiness

A Small FortuneBob first spotted two green lockboxes kept below the medicine chest. The envelope in which the money was stored bore a return address for the P. Dunne News Agency. As soon as Kits discovered the secret treasure, he called Amanda Reece. Needless to say that the owner was equally surprised by the discovery. Subsequently, Bob and Amanda counted the money. The wall had stashed grand total of $182,000! The envelope had $157,000 and the cardboard box had $25,000. Bob called his discovery “the ultimate contractor fantasy.” Despite discovering such a big amount the two remained at loss. Find out why in the next slide.

The Greed Case

A Lawsuit

A LawsuitThe case certainly did a lot of harm to the Amanda and contractor. The descendants filed a lawsuit of $182,000 in order to defend their part. However, till then a great amount of money had been wasted by Amanda. She splurged around $14,000 arranging for a trip to Hawaii. Not just that, she also claimed that the amount of $60,000 had been stolen from her. Consequently, the great amount had reduced to a minor sum. The claimants had to content themselves with a small part of the cash. Not every discovery is exciting some could be the harbinger of extremely bad events!

Nothing Is Worthless

Pieces Of Newspaper

A Pleasant SurpriseDavid Gonzalez of Hoffman, a contractor by profession was remodeling his own home when he came across something astounding. While remodeling the wall he witnessed the remnant of something inside of his wall. On drilling further, he saw several old newspapers stuffed into the wall for insulation. What was more astonishing was the fact that the newspapers had a very old and rare comic book from 1938, kept inside that. Surprisingly, the book was intact.


More Than Expected

Hitting the jackpot – It was clear that the comic book “Gonzalez” is worth lots of money but he did not know how much. So, in order to get the best price of it he put up the book on an auction. It was also certain that he would make at least thousand dollars by it. You won’t believe how much money did this originally 10 cents comic got sold into. It was around $175,000. David Gonzalez would have never thought while buying the home that cost him around $10,100 only, would make him the owner of $175,000.

A Barn

Straight Out Of Book

The place that was made home out of a barn had stashed a big secret inside itself. The homeowner who was a romance novelist had changed the home into a location resembling a place mentioned in his novel. The people who were about to buy the house in the 1980s had no idea of it. The family that bought the house spent their life unaware of the secret till the time the daughter of the family got married to her spouse. She was so much in love with the building that she decided to buy the house from her parents and spend rest of her life with her spouse and parents there. It was then she decided to renovate her old home. This decision of her turned her life around!

The Prohibition

The Secret Cellar

Deciding to renovate the house was perhaps owner’s best decision” During the time of renovation of the house, the family found a secret door in the basement of the building. It was a surprising discovery for the family as they were living in the house for so many years without having an iota about this secret gate. The time had come to open that secret door that was harboring a secret for decades. They opened the door only to see a closet. Their eyes were on stalk when they unlocked the closet! There was a huge stock of liquor inside the cupboard. The reserve dated back to the time of its prohibition. Astonishingly, despite being so old the liquor still had alcohol inside it and was undamaged. Some of them were manufactured in 1919.

A Great Deal?

The Secret Corridor

Even imagination of discovering a secret room or corridor in the home makes us excited, think about those people who actually find something secretive inside their home it must be nothing less than a thrilling movie for them. Jason and Kerri Brown were checking their home to see which parts need renovation. They came across a bookcase and were inspecting that too when suddenly the bookcase turned and gave way to a secret corridor. Their excitement doubled when they saw a secret note placed inside the secret room.

You Found It!

A Horrifying Discovery

If you think that buying a big home at $175,000 is not a bad deal then think again. It sometimes could be the worst deal you can make. This couple had found them in pinch only for believing in such unbelievable offer. The home just not had multiple rooms to offer but also something else that was kept secret. The note further read “Hello. If you’re reading this, then you found the secret room. I owned this house for a short while and it was discovered to have a serious mold problem. One that actually made my children very sick to the point that we had to move out.”

A Bad Bargain


The Browns had been duped by the broker. The couple soon learned that the broker who showed them the house had been kept in the loop by the previous owner about the horrifying condition of the house. But instead of looking into the matter the broker decided to deceive the couple. However, former owner manages to leave a note in the secret room where he was sure that the only the new owner would reach. Eventually, the real estate agent and the home loan corporation were sued by the couple. Unfortunately, the couple had to rent an apartment to live in. This is true that the discovery was not pleasant but imagine what if they had never got a hand on the note.

A Secret

Secret Room

A Reddit user by the name of “Ivebeento Yungay” shared the mystery of the house to the world. The user is the resident of the house and he said “The room was found in the basement of the house I grew up in, which was completed in 1849. It is 25 miles south of the Canadian border.” The home in question was located in the vicinity of the national border.

Ordinary? No….

The Family Story

It is not that the current owners never tried to find out about the mystery of the house but they failed each time they tried. They knew the secret could be hidden beneath the fireplace but tearing up the living room in order to discover a suspicious mystery did not sound cool to them and they ended up inspecting the basement only in order to find out about that secret room. Unfortunately, their efforts were not availed. They could not locate the secret room.


Smuggling Of New Kind

Smugglers are the people who trade goods illegally so that they would not have to pay taxes or duty on the cargo. Needless to say that smugglers are looked down upon in society as they are usually considered thieves. That is why it is important to point out here that the smugglers using the house were not bad people but the bastions of the society. To be precise, they were activists who were using the house for a noble cause. And they were involved with several religious organization too such as Wesleyans, Presbyterians, and Quakers.

The Mystery Unveiled

Code Words

Not just “Underground Railroad,” they had a big glossary of code words. In their code language “passenger” meant the escaped slave who has been freed. Those who took action in order to free the “passengers” were called “agents.” The room that the Reddit user found was named “station” as that was the spot where the people would wait for agents. “station master” was the person who owned the “station.” And lastly, those who led the ‘passengers’ to the safe place would be called “conductor.”

“The Promised Land”

Not Much Left Behind

The room did not have much stuff inside it. It was not a surprising thing as during those time the slaves were considered property and hence, were not allowed to own property. The interior of the house was never decorated or lighten up as the homeowner had the fear of getting discovered. The one thing that looked odd in all was a rusty bayonet on the wall. Nobody could figure out why that was placed there.

Near The End Of The Line

Why Significant?

No doubt, the Reddit user’s basement room is an integral part of American history. It tells volume about the dark past of the country. We can call the “Underground Railroad” the forerunner of American Civil War that eventually led to the ending of slavery.

Legal Injustice!

Court Room

There was no end to injustice to the slaves. The judge would always have its verdict against the slave even if they are innocent. It was due to the fact that the judge was given $5 for liberating the slave and $10 for sentencing against them. Trust me, $5 at those time was a big amount. Certainly, there was nothing equal before the law.

Kidnap And Sale

First Few Miles!

Escaping the brutal circumstances was not an easy thing for the slaves. If caught the slaves were treated worse than an animal. They were flogged, tortured and raped by the owner. Sadly, no law had been made to protect them. The most difficult part for the underground railway was to make the slaves escape from their owner.

Night Of Freedom

The Real Heroes

By now, you must have got highly impressed by the Underground Railroad. There is no second opinion that the group popped up as an integral organization in freeing the black slave. But we should also not forget the fact that not just this organization but many other African American stood up for the right if black people. The name of Harriet Tubman would always stand tall whenever we would discuss the endeavoring made to secure black people rights. She would come back to South frequently in order to rescue the slaves from the grip of their owners. She was also known as the “Moses of Her People.”

William Still

John Fairfield

Not only black but some white people also expressed their anguish against the discrimination done to black people. One of them is John Fairfield! Ironically his family used to take pride in the fact that they have many slaves but John hated it. He soon joined Underground Railroad and made his name to reckon with when he successfully freed 28 slaves by making them walk out of funeral procession disguising himself as an undertaker.


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