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Reporter Struck By Car Live On Air, Gets Up And Finishes Report

Jan was very fond of her morning routine. She felt like a brand new person every morning, and she loved it. It was crucial for Jan to look presentable, as she worked as a reporter. 

However, one day during work, she got hit by a car. She had no idea that it wasn’t an accident…

Jan’s phone was always ringing, filled with possibilities of new jobs. So whenever she received a call, she almost instantly answered it. That’s how she landed the job of covering a minor mishap in her area. 

She excitedly gathered her crew and drove to the location, blissfully unaware of what was waiting for her. 

Jan and her team quickly got out of the car and prepped the gear after seeing the ideal location amid the journalistic mayhem. Jan hurriedly put on her noise-canceling headphones and positioned in the proper position, ready to go live.

Jan was barely able to keep up with the chaos as the wind blew stronger.

Within moments, Jan was live. She immediately stepped into her reporter personality while giving the camera all of her attention. Jan was ambitious and lived for her career, and she knew nothing would go wrong with this gig. 

Suddenly, a speeding car got dangerously close to Jan.

The car rushing towards Jan was unable to come to a complete stop and in the blink of an eye, knocked her down because she had no room to escape. 

Even after everything that had just transpired, the team was still stunned by much more than the disaster they had just experienced.

Jan continued her segment and acted like she did not just got hit by a car. She remained composed and surprised all of the crew members.

However, being hit by a car was only the beginning… the driver was not done with Jan yet. 

The car slowed down after it’s collision with Jan. It appeared as if the driver was concerned about the ramifications of the accident, despite the fact that it had been captured on video.

One of the staff members ran toward him after he shouted some concerning words.  

The man in the vehicle  shouted “Hey you! Come here!” as he pointed at a member of the staff. Following him, the staff member wondered what may be on the man’s mind after what he had done. After speaking with the employee for a moment, the man was sent racing back to the site.

As the employee arrived with a message, Jan resumed the section while observing the events. 

As soon as the employee came back, the care drove away and left the team stunned. As the segment came to an end, Jan was concerned about what had just happened.

The employee gave Jan the message, and she was perplexed. What did it mean? 

The only thing that was written in the note was a cellphone number. Feelings of discomfort overwhelmed Jan. She tried to recall the events and wondered, “Why did he stop? Could this have not been an accident? “ The thought alone made the hair on the back of her neck raise. 

As her employees were packing up their equipment, Jan found a quiet bench. She sat down and dialed the mysterious number…

Jan anxiously waited as the phone rang. She needed to find out what happened. The whole situation made her feel uncomfortable. 

The phone rang for what felt like ages, but eventually somebody answered. The only thing Jan could hear was yelling and someone saying, “give me a moment, I will call you back”.

Jan felt shivers run down her spine, she could not contain her composure anymore. All sorts of thoughts were filling her mind on what went down, and none of them were helping. Moments after her phone rang with the number she dialed moments ago.

She contemplated answering it for a few moments before she gathered her strength and pressed the answer button.

Jan stayed silent, waiting for the person on the other side of the line to speak. The man, that goes by the name of Jacob explained that his wife was pregnant and had just given birth to their son Michael, explaining the sounds in the background.

He then continued to explain that striking Jan was anything but an accident.

Jacob went on to explain that while driving his wife to the hospital he was trying to get there as soon as he could. He did not expect to see the reporter jam that, and as much as he tried to slow the car down, if he did not turn to the side where Jan stood, he could have crashed into an old man that was seen crossing the street.

He then suggested something that left Jan in awe.

After apologizing profusely, he asked Jan if she could come by the hospital he was at to get herself checked out and visit his newborn, assuring her that he would cover her fee. Jan accepted his offer and is now pretty closely knit with the family.

People surely can make lifelong friends in the weirdest and funniest ways.


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