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After 11 Years Together, Husband Comes Out As Trans And Is Now Her Wife

It was a dark evening when he came out to her. The kids were off at a sleepover and the two had the whole house to themselves.

As they usually did when home alone, she made a few snacks, and he grabbed their favorite movies. But the two of them would end up talking throughout the night instead of watching the films. 

They’d been married for fifteen years before he came out, and looking back at everything, she hated that she’d never created a safe enough avenue for him to express himself truly. 

Mary and Chris had never hidden anything from each other. But as Chris sat with her that night, sharing part of himself she never knew existed, she knew life would never be the same.

Mary and Chris Hawthorne met while they were still in college. Mary had been an art history major then, while Chris’s studies focused on architecture. 

The two became friends almost instantly, finding similar interests in their studies as they did in their personal lives. Even then, it was clear that they were meant to be together.

When the two tied the knot, Mary promised she’d stand by her husband through thick and thin. On the other hand, Chris gave his word that, rain or sunshine, he’d never abandon his soulmate. 

But fifteen years down the line, he would make the biggest transition in his life, testing each word they shared on the altar on their wedding day.

Chris had never been feminine in his time together with Mary. He liked every masculine thing that came his way, from sports and beer to fast cars.

He was never a fan of taking Mary to the boutique when she needed to refresh her wardrobe and would rarely accompany their two daughters to the salon when they needed their hair fixed. So it was a real surprise when he sat Mary down that night and told her the truth.

For Mary, Chris had been the perfect husband. Although he had his little quirks, he gave her all the love and attention she needed, always working hard to keep their marriage fresh.

She’d lived the last fifteen years of her life with him in utter bliss. She’d do anything to repay the favor. But when he came out of the closet and told her what was on his mind, she knew their marriage was doomed. 

It was a dark night when Chris came out to Mary. Now in high school, the kids were off at a sleepover, and the two had the whole house to themselves.

As they usually did when home alone, Mary made a few snacks, and Chris grabbed their favorite movies. But the two of them would end up talking throughout the night instead of watching the films. 

Chris came out to Mary that night, leaving her distraught over the reality of their marriage. They’d been through hell and high water together, and she wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world.  

But instead of telling her how he planned to leave her and start a new life, Chris confessed something that would leave her speechless.

Chris shared that although he’d always felt trapped in a body that wasn’t his, none of it changed the way he felt about her and their kids. He asked if she could accept him the way he was and if she could stand by him through what was to come next. 

Mary couldn’t hold back her tears. She hated that she’d been unable to give her husband the avenue to express his feelings. She was ready to walk this with him. 

Chris came out to their daughters as well the following morning. At the age of twelve and thirteen, they couldn’t fully grasp the gravity of his words. But as the months went by and the inevitable changes seeped into the family, everything became clear. 

Chris and Mary had lengthy talks about him transitioning. Mary recalled the times she found him searching about gender transitions back in the day. She knew a long and arduous journey was awaiting her family.

Chris began his transition, officially changing his name to Christy. She and Mary had their marriage certificate revised, recognizing her as Mary’s wife. But this was only the beginning.

Christy changed several things in her life, from outfits to how she spent time with her family. Where she’d rarely taken her daughters to the salon or accompanied her wife to get new clothes, now she couldn’t get enough of it. But how was Mary taking all of this change?

It is said that very few people usually like change in their lives. As humans, people are used to the security that comes with the familiar. Routine is generally free of risk. 

For Mary, seeing her wife smile while transitioning was more than heaven. She’d never seen Christy this happy and would help her complete each facet of her transition. But like with many paradises, it wouldn’t be long before trouble came knocking.   

Although Christy responded positively to her transition, her doctor warned her that the remainder of the procedures would be riskier and more expensive. 

Gender reassignment usually takes several months or even years to complete. It mainly involves surgery and hormone injections. The former of the two usually costs more and has more risk. Would Christy be open to continuing her journey even though the risk of losing everything loomed before her eyes?

With the support of his family, Christy began her series of surgeries. The process was not only long but painful, but she could face anything with her family by her side. 

The months went by, and as her body had done with each transition phase, it responded positively to everything. A year passed with Christy’s doctor keeping her under a watchful eye, but they’d soon give her the green light to go and enjoy her life.

“Fifteen years of marriage, and I never knew about her,” Mary shared while recalling her journey with Christy, who was grinning beside her. 

“This is quite the ride we are experiencing. I am learning so much! And I am so proud of her for being brave enough to face herself and the world,” she added. “I will always love and celebrate her. I hope she knows it.” Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.


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