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After Repairman Fixes Furnace, Dad Sees “Newborn Bill” And Loses It

Jesse had waited two days in nervous anticipation. It had been a tough year and so far there was no sign that things would get easier any time soon. The anxious feeling grew when he checked the mailbox and saw the envelope marked “Magnuson Sheetmetal”. 

There was no point putting it off any longer. As Jesse opened the bill, his eyes widened with shock. He could scarcely believe what he saw.  

In the modern world, life can come at you fast. Whether it’s trying to balance your dream career with your personal life, trying to eat healthy, stay fit, or stay on point with the newest trends, the pace never seems to slow. 

The pressures of life can often be that much more difficult for parents. Life in the “family lane” can be difficult enough without the extra stress of all the added bills that parents must face too. 

Younger couples can often feel overwhelmed as parents. When you’re in your twenties, balancing a life of work, home, and being a parent is no easy task. For the Hulschers, being young parents in an unforgiving world had been a reality for some time. 

When their first two children were born, life had changed. It wasn’t easy and the Hulschers had no idea that there were plenty more struggles to come. 

Jesse Hulscher was a development consultant. His wife Maria had been devoting a lot more time to their two young sons. Usually on a single income, it wasn’t always easy to manage comfortably. 

The couple did their best though and woked as hard as they could despite all the pressure. That pressure was already taking its toll and the news they received one afternoon only added to it. 

When the couple learned that Maria was pregnant with their third child, they were excited. The happy moment also came with a degree of added stress too. 

Already knowing the vast expenses that came with raising children, The Hulschers were a little nervous about the new expenses to come. Trying their best to only focus on the positives, they geared themselves for the road ahead.  

As time passed, the excitement of the pregnancy and all the landmarks that came took all the limelight. Jesse and Maria were both relieved when each check up came back with positive news. 

So far, their baby was healthy and growing normally; which was all either parent could ask for. As residents of Willmar, Minnesota, Jesse realized that they faced one other obstacle ahead.

After receiving the expected due date for their third baby, Jesse realized that the couple faced another problem. Their baby was going to be born in the dead of winter. As Willmar winters often dropped below freezing, this was not going to be ideal for a newborn. 

The couple began stocking up on extra baby blankets and warmer baby clothes. Then they received news that changed everything.        

After their initial checkups had gone fine, the couple grew excited to finally know what baby they were having. Learning that they were finally having a girl made them even more excited. 

They loved their two boys immensely but were ecstatic to finally know that they would now have a daughter too. Time seemed to go by slower but the big day eventually began to draw closer. 

When the Hulschers’ daughter was finally born, both parents were excited beyond words. Their little girl had arrived safely and was healthy; a unique feeling of relief that only parents could attest to. 

After spending their first night in the hospital, mother and daughter prepared to finally come home. That was when Jesse first realized they had a huge problem. 

Money was already getting a little tight with all the added expenses but it was all worth it to finally have his little girl home. Realizing their furnace was busted, Jesse began to panic. Without it, in the dead of winter, the house would be freezing. 

There was no way he could bring a newborn baby home. Getting ahold of Craig Aurand of a local business called Magnusson Sheetmetal, Jesse frantically explained his story and hoped they could help in time. 

After hearing Jesse’s problem, Craig sent out a team immediately. They made light work of fixing the furnace. Finally, mother and daughter arrived and were treated to a warm and suitable home. 

Jesse was informed that an invoice would be received via post for the bill. When the day came, Jesse nervously opened the bill. He was dreading the cost as Craig had done it on a kind of emergency callout basis. When Jesse opened the bill, his jaw dropped. 

Jesse could not believe what he was reading. In addition to ensuring that Jesse’s baby would not have to arrive home to a freezing house, Craig and the Magnuson team had one more special gesture for the family. 

On the invoice, where there should have been a charge, Jesse saw handwritten words instead. The words read as follows: “No charge. Take care of the new baby.” 

The kindness of this gesture made all the difference to the Hulschers. It enabled them to spend their new baby’s first days at home focusing on the happiness and joy of the moment, rather than stressing about the furnace bill. 

They were touched beyond words. Jesse knew that he had to do something to ensure Magnuson Sheetmetal was honored for their warm gesture. 

Jesse never underestimated the magnitude of what Craig and his team had done. The business world could be ruthless and it was especially tough for small, local businesses to thrive in the world of huge conglomerates. 

This made Magnuson’s gesture stand out more. After publicly praising it and posting the heartwarming story to social media, Jesse and Maria ensured that Craig and the Magnuson repairmen were given due credit for their kind actions.   

The story quickly went viral and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Countless people praised the warmth and kindness with which Magnuson did business. As a result, tons of people vowed to recommend their services to others. 

In a world beset by people always clamoring to get ahead, the story stood out as a beacon of hope that goodness still exists. As for the baby, with the warmth and love of her new home, she continues to grow and thrive with each day.   


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