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All the Times Ronda Rousey Proved She’s a Badass

Ronda Rousey is an amazing athlete, author, Sports Illustrated model, role model, and an all-around an amazing person — here’s why.

When she became a ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue cover girl

Sports Illustrated celebrated all types of bodies for their three 2016 covers and Rousey stunned in the powerful pic. By the way, her swimsuit is actually body paint.

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When She Rocked Body Paint

Body paint is always awesome. Like always awesome on Ronda

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When She Was Named on ‘Fortune’s 40 Under 40 List

Fortune even declared “2015 has been the Year of Ronda.” If that’s not badass, we don’t know what is.

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When She Makes the Big Money

Rousey told Ellen DeGeneres she’s the UFC’s highest paid fighter, male or female.

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When She Got Comic Book-Ified on Instagram

She’s our vote to play Wolverine or Joker next! Isn’t it about time a woman tackled these roles?

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When She Takes Time for Herself

Everyone needs some downtime and Rousey’s no different. We love that in her hectic schedule and training regimen that she finds time to laugh in bed in her underwear.

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When she kept her promise and went to the Marine Corps Ball.

When Lance Cpl. Jarrod Haschert invited Rousey to the Marine Corps Ball, we bet he didn’t really expect her to come. But she did! And she even thanked him for “putting a smile on my face again” after her UFC defeat.

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When She Campaigned Against Being a “D.N.B”

In case you haven’t heard, Ronda is strictly against being a “D.N.B.” (do nothing b****), a woman who only looks pretty and is taken care of by someone else. She created apparel with the message for a charity campaign in 2015 and a portion of the proceeds went to a non-profit working in mental health services for women with body image issues.

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When She Signed With Buffalo Jeans

Ronda scored a brand ambassadorship with Iconix Brand Group’s Buffalo Jeans

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When She Was Beaten But Not Defeated

Rousey lost to Holly Holm in UFC 193 in November, but says she’ll be back. And isn’t that the sign of a true badass: Believing in yourself and your strength, even in the face of defeat?

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When She Inspires Others for Greatness

Words to live by.

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When she talked about her upset on ‘Ellen’

She got serious when she told DeGeneres she had contemplated suicide after the defeat, but she got through it. “I looked up and I saw my man Travis was standing up there, and I looked up at him and I was like, I need to have his babies. I need to stay alive,” she said.

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When She Confidently Rocked a Gorgeous Gown

Whether she’s dressed for a fight or dressed for a glam night on the town, it’s always her confidence that shines through.

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When She Became Darth Rowdy

Ronda shared the original art by Alex Murilloart.

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When She Won Bronze in Beijing


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