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Ridiculous Photos Taken On Commercial Flights

Through the years, flying has taken on a different set of rules and styles. It used to be that flying was an event to get dressed up for, rather than wear the most comfortable pair of sweatpants. These days, flying is an already pretty interesting experience, considering you’re entering a tubular shaped vessel that is flying through the air for hours on end, however, when people do strange things, bring with them interesting ‘companions’ and act downright naughty, things are bound to get interesting. Here are a bunch of photos that will make you miss the old days, scratch your head, or face-palm yourself.

Oh Baby

If only all babies or kids were as adorable or charming as this little guy, people wouldn’t have had such a bad stigma over babies on aircraft and how annoying they can sometimes get. This was a win-win situation for all sides, the woman who was being entertained, and the parents of this cute baby who got, well, 2 minutes of quiet time.

Going Back to Basics

In case you don’t recognize the man dressed as a woman in the picture, it’s Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airlines. Now you must be asking yourselves, why is he dressed a female flight attendant, well, that’s because he lost a bet to the CEO of competing airline, AirAsia, Tony Fernandes. We just love to see this serious and very filthy rich businessman being very playful. We’re sure the passengers on thus 6-hour flight were surprised to be served by this new flight attendant!


This man brought a panda on board a commercial flight. A PANDA. We can’t get over how sweet he is sitting with his bamboo leaves, just keeping to himself; a long panda alongside humans. We are guessing this is a flight from China to somewhere in the world. However, we’re pretty sure the flight attendants were not pleased with the animal on board, they are messy and wild after all.

Spiderman is Catching a Ride

If this spider won’t turn into Spiderman anytime soon or show any special powers, we don’t see any reason for why there should be a tarantula on board! If this is some kind of a sick joke, then we got it and we can all get back to business. Besides snakes and sharks, meeting a spider on a plane is probably every passenger’s worst nightmare.


We needed to do a double take when we first looked at this photo. Look at these excruciatingly adorable penguins on board a commercial flight just walking up and down the isles! We don’t know where the flight was from or where it was headed, but we don’t really care – we just want to look at these little guys all day! Do you think they kept the plane extra cold for these guys?

Disney and the Mask

This one’s a doozy. On the left, you’ll see the legendary Walt Disney on board a plane sometime in the 70s. To the right of Walt Disney sits a man (we presume) with what looks like an old-fashioned gas mask. It all looks like something right out of a horror movie, if you ask us. Also, notice the top hat, isn’t that a bit much for a flight? Either way we’re pretty sure it’s some form of prank, but still.

Flight Attendants

Suffice it to say that flight attendant uniforms have changed drastically since the 60s. Here we see a scantily clad stewardess helping out a passenger, looking extremely helpful if you know what we mean. These short shorts are looking fabulous for this lady, but it seems a little objectifying and unprofessional to be honest.

Turkey Day

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a turkey? Yup. A passenger on a Delta, seating in the Comfort Plus area of the plane, brought a turkey on board the plane. We are not sure for what possible purpose he would bring such an animal on board, or alive, but he must have had some form sentimental value for the guy to spend double the money for an extra seat for his turkey.

Pony Boy

Check this pony out! He managed to get on board a commercial flight by being considered an ’emotional support animal’, well played sir, well played. It seems as though the lady beside him is not very happy with the animal – not enough leg room perhaps?

You Quack Us Up!

This adorable, sock wearing, duck, is such a winner! A fellow passenger snapped a photo of the noisy plane companion to document the very fact that there was a duck on board the flight. Good move, otherwise we wouldn’t have believed you.

Hold Me

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at a photograph of a kangaroo in the economy class seating of a major airline. This may be Australia, where kangaroos are practically magical creatures that can go anywhere, but if not, we wonder how this one managed to get himself a ticket!

Oink Selfie

Oh shucks! This adorable, yet large, pig managed to get his mug shot while relaxing in coach. Pretty sure the owner of this delightful pet got him on board by way of an emotional support animal, but we don’t care – he seems like a very well behaved pig, who would make Babe proud!

Oh Baby

Having a baby on a plane actually happens. More often than you even realize. Here we see flight attendants on a flight from Dubai to New York holding a newborn baby that was born at 30,000 feet. Did you know that if you are born on a plane you automatically get 1 million frequent flyer miles? We wonder if the mother knew this little fact when she decided to go on a plane at nine months pregnant.

Here Piggy Piggy

This young woman decided that she wanted to travel with her pet wild boar. Yes, wild boar. Check out how she’s just carrying him off the plane like he’s nothing more than a carry on bag. Hey, we are in no position to judge over here; we are just happy we weren’t on that flight, there is no way he smelled like roses.

Snoozing Pilot

So here is where we have a problem – why is the pilot sleeping? We kind of need this guy to get where we need to get. A flight attendant once said, “1/2 of pilots sleep while flying and 1/3 of the time they wake up to find their partner asleep.” That sure is an unsettling thought. Next time we fly we may need a sleeping pill.

On-Deck Bar

These days there isn’t room to move practically, yet back in the day, they had enough room for people to wander around the plane, more specifically walk around to the in-flight bar! Check out this steward holding a tray of booze while people around are laughing and both sitting (in what looks like a very comfortable chair) and standing around. Man, we should have been born earlier, that way we could have enjoyed this.

Selfie Before Disaster

This image is a tragic one. This photo was taken by one of the members of the Brazilian soccer team, right before the plane plummeted to the ground, killing almost everyone on board, dozens of people. In this photo, a selfie, the guy on the right managed to survive, while the guy on the left didn’t make it. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s truly heartbreaking.

Pilot Selfie

The selfie culture is alive and kicking, and seemingly not going anywhere. Check out this pilot taking a selfie outside of the window in the cockpit. Clearly, this is when the plane is on the ground and not on the move… although one day we are sure to see a pilot silly enough to try it with a Go-Pro camera mid-flight; when that day comes, that’s when we won’t be flying anymore.

Puff Puff Dragon

It used to completely mainstream to smoke while in the middle of a flight. There was even an option to buy a pack of smokes from the flight attendant. These days, it is a federal offense to smoke on a plane. The law prohibiting smoking on airplanes passed in 1990. Honestly, it makes sense, would you want to be stuck for hours on a plane filled with smoke?

Bomb Threat Procedure

When a plane is notified of a bomb threat, there are certain protocols they have to go by. These protocols usually involve searching the plane and evacuating the people on board. But here’s the problem, what if this happens when a plane is already in the air? A flight attendant told of a friend’s experience, “Around five years ago he was doing a flight from LA to Tokyo when an anonymous caller phoned in a bomb threat while they were over the middle of the Pacific. Apparently, they have procedures for this kind of thing, but there was nothing anyone could do in this situation except stay calm and not alert the passengers. He said for the rest of the flight every bump of turbulence made his adrenaline spike.”

Subtle, Real Subtle

Listen, we know it’s hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in on a plane, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to undo their fly and grab up two seats. This guy must have had some real sass to pull a stunt like this. But, as is with karma and the digital world we live in, a fellow passenger managed to take this snap as a form of revenge. Good going!

Flight Attendants Know Best

Somehow, flight attendants are always so well put together and usually extremely pretty. Just check out these lovely ladies! The red lip, happily tired smiles, and uniforms are just plain (excuse the pun) great! These women have so much to deal with in their profession, so next time you fly, be sure to be appreciative and nice to them (otherwise you won’t get that extra pillow!).


No joke, if this were to happen to us during a flight we would lose it. This photo shows the oxygen masks coming out of the planes stowing system due to a loss of oxygen in the main cabin. You know the safety procedures they show you at the beginning of every flight? WATCH IT. It is by no means a sign of true danger, but nonetheless, it’s scary.

Long hair

A passenger understandably aghast at the anti-social draping of this woman’s hair over the back of her seat

Drink me

Eight beers later and who can blame him? For some, flying sober is simply not an option.

Sea or Seat

As this passenger pointed out, a life vest located under the sea is just ‘plane inconvenient’

Amazing Tv

This passenger shared an in-flight screenshot and quipped: ‘Not too reassuring when taking the plane’.

Smelling good

This photo of a man who appears to be an Orthodox Jew shows him seated aboard a plane wrapped in a plastic bag – the exact circumstances remain unclear.

Don’t drink so much

According to the submitter of this image, the bound and gagged passenger pictured ‘drank an entire bottle of some duty-free alcohol’ then started ‘screaming that we’re going to crash’.

Sweet Sleep

Some people find it a real challenge to fall asleep on planes – apparently, this woman is not one of them

Bad Feeling

In reference to the resemblance his neighbor shares with a key character in hit TV show Lost, which opens with a plane crash, he wrote: ‘I have a bad feeling about this flight’


The Rambo headband, the stern gaze, the protruding toothbrush – so many questions…

How To Pass The Time

With five hours left until the end of his flight, this prankster came up with a highly inventive way to pass the time

Are You Joking

He’s on the right sort of track, but appears to have confused his mode of transport with a car – that or he’s simply joking around.

Bizarre Man

This image was captioned: ‘My friend’s dad texted him and said he’s on the same plane as some rapper who is “super high” then sent him this’

Special passenger

A little in-flight entertainment for one passenger, who captioned this image: ‘So apparently there’s a little kid in front of us on this flight…’

Music Fan

The passenger who shared this corker wrote: ‘While boarding, different flight attendants would walk past and tell him he couldn’t have there and he kept producing a ticket for the seat’

Ron Swanson

Referring to the character of comedy series Parks and Recreation, this passenger wrote ‘just met Ron Swanson on my plane’ – and his neighbor looks none-too-pleased about it.

Chukky comes back

This passenger was creeped out to wake up to a spying doll.

Unusual Pet

A flight attendant shared this image of what appears to be a turkey, someone’s ‘therapy pet’

Brutal man

According to the woman who spotted this scene ‘this guy on the plane just broke up with his girlfriend and she’s SOBBING’.

Home Sweet Home

On what appears to be an empty flight, one individual elegantly creates a human barrier – but why?



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