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25 Amazing Stories That Prove Not All Cops Are Bad

Policing isn’t a profession to get into if you’re looking to win a popularity contest. Cops have a bad reputation, sometimes rightfully so, for making people’s days worse than they need to be – even when those people aren’t criminals. However, it’s worth noting that for every report about a bad police officer, there are 10 unrecorded incidents of a cop being awesome. In fact, once you’ve seen these stories, we guarantee that you’ll have a better perspective on police officers and recognize them for the great people they really are.


Officer Pranksalot

This college-aged student told his local police officer that he’d just started school and wondered how to let his parents know that he was having a great time. The officer suggested this selfie.

Playing Along

You set up your beer pong table and instead of a load of hassle, your local police department turns up and joins in. We like that a lot.

Mad Skills

This police officer is demonstrating that you don’t need to be 13 to pull off an ollie. This guy’s got awesome moves on that board.

Little Details

We’re pretty sure that the cop who filled out this form has a sense of humor. Otherwise, they’ve got a funny fetish for people with an unusual number of eyes.

Bear-Faced Cheek

This cop just grins and bears it when he’s asked to open a beer by Yogi’s best human friend. We like the fact that he’s so nonplussed by it all.

Giving Voice To The Voiceless

This police officer wins our admiration for ensuring that not only were witness statements prepared, but that he also remembered to talk to the police dog on scene.

Straight Up Super

This police officer shows how big a heart he has when he stops to buy a homeless child some clothing so they don’t have to be half-naked in the street anymore.

Feline Decent

This wonderful officer has blocked traffic to protect a dying cat which has been struck by another vehicle. It’s a touching act which deserves our praise.

Why Did The Turtle Cross The Road?

We still don’t know why the turtle crossed the road. We do know that he made it safely to the other side thanks to the care of this cop.


Heroism For The Homeless

It’s the little things in life that matter. Like having shoes in the middle of winter. Here a policeman sorts that out for this homeless guy.

Last Fur-Well

This police dog has to be put down, but his fellow officers aren’t going to let him go without showing the respect they feel he is due.

To The Rescue

Speeding Inspiration

When an officer stopped reddit’s /u/korthim for speeding, it was a fair cop. He was going 25 mph over the limit. Yet, after a talk about college. the officer let him off and said, “Next time someone asks you what you’re going to school for, don’t say ‘I want to be a teacher,’ say, ‘I’m going to be a teacher.’ ”

Personal Savior

/u/TheManRedeemed from Reddit puts his personal salvation at the feet of a police officer. He says instead of being arrested, he was supported by his local police hero to turn his life around.

In The Nick Of Time

And another reddit user, /u/N0t_Joshy, set off over the Golden Gate bridge on foot only to realize it’s cold and he wasn’t prepared for it. A police officer pulled over and gave him a lift home.

You Can See He’s A Good Guy

This officer spent a whole day with a brand new partner – a young blind boy who had always wanted to join the police. They seem to have had a great time.

Not So Ugly

These ducklings may not turn into swans, but they will live to turn into ducks thanks to this officer’s care in getting them home to the pond.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

It’s nice to see that police officers hold themselves to the same strict standards that they are supposed to hold the rest of us to.

It’s No Joke

This fantastic cop decided to make a terminally ill boy’s day and donned the guise of The Joker so that the child’s Batman could take him down.

Pimps Their Ride

This is really heartwarming. Here we see an officer and the two children he’s helped build a miniature police cruiser for. A true gentleman.

Because Nobody Messes With Lord Vader

This is great, but we suspect a little Photoshop may have been involved in making these police officers levitate for a little boy’s Darth Vader impression.

Not Everyone’s A Critic

Here we see two of America’s finest law enforcement officers engaged in some rapid art appreciation efforts. They’re obviously going for post-modern irony.


You Spin Me Right Round

This officer knows how to work a BMX and in fact, he went on to do a whole series of stunts after this shot was taken.

Don’t Bring You Down

This charming notice shows that not all law enforcement officers see marijuana as the devil’s crop. In fact, these guys might have the munchies themselves.

Jumping Jack Flash

Gas, gas, gas. Sometimes it’s a real pain to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, but not if a police officer with mad innovation skills turns up on the scene.


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