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Incredible Vintage Photos That Are Making Us Nostalgic For The Old Days

Whether or not you were around for the olden days no one can help but feel nostalgic for events like milkshakes, Woodstock, and bell-bottom jeans. Even though these parts of history may feel simpler than they actually were. We can’t deny that the old days could be stylish, groovy, and fun.

Here are some photos showing events from over the years of the 20th century. Whether you’re strolling down memories or this is the first time you’re seeing these events, things did seem simpler back then.

Ah good old Disney. This is Disney way back in the day and just look how cool it was. The Mickey balloons have to be the best part!

Some of the attractions were amazing, while others may have been slightly more terrifying. Just look at the giant Dwarf heads! But the children seem unphased and are having a great time.

This picture is of an ice cream truck called Mr. Whippy. Now we’re not sure who Mr. Whippy is but the adults seem happy enough!

Oddly, the truck seems to be in the middle of the desert and there are butterflies painted everywhere. We can see that the men are wearing the fashion of the time – bell-bottoms!

Where on earth did soda fountains go? Back in the day, it would be an occasion when you got all dressed up and took someone special to get a milkshake.

The photo shows this couple merrily enjoying a beverage together. They’re both dressed up and she doesn’t even have to hold the drink herself.

The 1960s were quite a contentious time in the United States. A lot of kids back them would grow out their hair.

To further accentuate their image they’d put on a creased shirt and go on long road trips. Though not every youth was destined to end up at Woodstock.

New York in the 1970s was different from how it is today. It was the biggest place where emerging graffiti artists came from.

In the photo, we can see that this subway car has had a makeover thanks to some graffiti artists. They’d normally have lots of iterations of their names too, so the result is what you see here.

This is quite the image. It’s quite funny that even with so many things changing between the 20th century and now, people are still partying the same.

New Year’s Eve parties seem almost identical. People staying up into the early hours of the morning to celebrate the coming year with their friends and family.

What would the bathing suit police do if they saw the swimwear that is worn today? They seemed really uppity about the length of women’s bathing suits.

When going out to the beach, women had to make sure they were dressed in a decent fashion. Show a little too much knee and you’ll soon be seen as scandalous and have to leave the beach.

Now, this is flower power! With the Vietnam War going on in the 1960s there were those that were opposed to it. They made their intentions clear.

They stood their ground and made a powerful statement towards the Government and what they thought of the violence of war. The anti-war protest hits very close to home.

The “greaser’ look is classic and instantly recognizable. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a lot of questions about their image.

Did they all go to the same store to get their jackets? Did they have to get different or identical ones? and how much gel would it take to get that stylish coif that they loved so much?

Now, this is one cool dad! We wish we could get more context for this image. Like where was he going to? and where are his shoes?

This must be the vibe of the 1970s. Where no one had a care in the world. This era will be missed and the guy in the picture must miss it too.

Does it get more ‘60s than this photo? Taken in London, we half expect The Beatles to come running around the corner with hordes of screaming fans.

The pastel colors, the huge sunglasses, the beret — we want to go back just for the clothing.

 Before the days of sunny, open-office plans and fridges stocked with every kind of milk imaginable, offices looked a little like this.

We imagine these employees spent each day looking forward to their ten minutes around the water cooler!

No, this isn’t a photo of a daring World War I rescue. It’s actually a stunt performer — “Fearless Freddie”

He Clinging to a rope ladder before dropping into the automobile below. The photo is from 1921, making him one of Hollywood’s first stuntmen! 

This girl looks like she just skipped off the set of Beach Blanket Bingo arm-and-arm with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon!

She has that retro-summer-beach energy that as kids made summer feel like it would last forever.

Something about the 1950s just made everything seem fancier than it is now. Everything from the snack smorgasbord to the curtained plane windows

Everything they have on the plane seems classier than the tiny bags of pretzels and plastic window coverings of today.

Do you think you love video games? Think again! This is a photo of the 1980 Atari Space Invaders Tournament

We can’t help but notice how intense the players are…and how bored the people in the audience must be!

Everything in the ‘70s had to have that groovy flair…even fast food restaurants! You could spot this 1975 Burger King from a mile away.

We’re sure was the whole point. In need of a cheap burger? Just look for the orange stripes!

Okay, so there’s a lot to unpack in this pic: The young love (or…sibling love?) going on with the milk.

There’s also the disapproving stare from the woman with the killer glasses, and even the tiny freezer are all amazing testaments to the olden days.

Now this is style. We don’t just envy this group’s plaid suits, shorts/tights combo, sky-high hair, and (literal) animal print.

But one of their best qualities is their effortless swagger as well. We don’t know where they’re going, but we want to go with them!

Life magazine published a series of photos of the boxer supposedly training underwater, but it turns out this was just a prank. 

In truth, Ali didn’t know how to swim, so his story about practicing in the pool was a total fabrication.

If quarantine goes on for much longer, this will be us when summer rolls around: On the roof, dousing each other with icy buckets of water. 

These girls were sure to keep things cool and casual, if the heeled sandals are any indication.

Maybe the Sphinx doesn’t have a nose because Louis Armstrong blew it off with his trumpet! He was an amazing musician.

During the Cold War, the United States sent Armstrong and other stars to countries around the world to show off the superiority of Western life.

We love to complain about our cellphones nowadays, but we have no idea just how good we have it. 

This monstrosity is a telephone line tower in Stockholm, Sweden. It held over 5,000 lines at its peak, but the city finally demolished it in 1953.

Ham the Astrochimp earned the distinction of being the first hominid in space when NASA launched him into orbit in 1961.

Ham actually received training to help maneuver his ship! His success was a huge step forward for the Americans in the Space Race.

After President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, his family and colleagues gathered to honor him at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Here, his young son, JFK Jr., salutes while Jackie and Bobby Kennedy mourn behind him.

Titled “Toffs and Toughs,” this famous photograph illustrates the steep class divide in 1900s Great Britain.

Here, three working-class schoolchildren snicker at a pair of dressed-up young gentlemen.

It was felt when the legendary United States General George S. Patton passed away. An entire country felt his loss

But they weren’t the only ones. This photo of Patton’s grieving dog was taken on the day of his passing.

 Before the United States sent a man into space, scientists needed to study the medical effects of weightlessness. 

To test it out, Captain Drury Parks took a cat up with him 25,000 feet in the air. While the feline returned unharmed, he didn’t seem to enjoy the trip.

Nine kings from across Europe gathered in England for the funeral of Edward VII. There’s a painting to represent it here.

As you can probably guess, most of these monarchs were related in one way or another, and a couple of them went to war just a couple years later.


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