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Amusing Photos That Show The Many Faces Of Jealousy

Wardrobe malfunction

Legendary actress and entertainer Jayne Mansfield was known for pulling off publicity stunts, and what the media likes to call “wardrobe malfunctions”. One of these stunts involved wearing an extremely revealing dress (which exposed body parts most women are interested in keeping hidden) to a party thrown for Sophia Loren, the equally legendary Italian actress. Apparently, the starlet was trying to steal her thunder, and as you can imagine – all eyes were on her. “She came right for my table. She knew everyone was watching,” Sophia said. “There may be other photos, but this is the picture. This is the one that shows how it was. This is the only picture.”

How dare she

Why you should get a dog

They always say that if you want to attract women, you should get a dog. We don’t know why, but girls seem to be instantly drawn to guys with adorable dogs – and if they want to pet the dog, it can really break the ice. The guy in the back really wishes he had gotten a dog as well, after seeing how well it worked out for his pet-owning friend. You can actually see the regret on his face.

Grass is always greener

Cake envy

Imagine this. You’re sitting at a restaurant, happy with yourself for getting the salad, when all of a sudden a waiter is approaching, while holding a plate with a delicious looking dessert on it. You look upon them with hope, until they pass you by and give the dessert to someone else. This girl certainly knows how much it stings to see this, and we have no doubt her next step was probably ordering that exact same dessert.

Give me love

Not pictured

If we were standing there instead of this girl, we’d be upset too! How could her friends do this? Take a picture without her and exclude her like that? Girls don’t do this to each other! So this girl rightfully decided to claim her spot in the picture, and let everyone know that she just wasn’t going to take it. Next time these girls might want to include their friend, because she seems kind of scary when she’s mad.

Big fish

Who do you think you are

As we’ve already discussed, it’s never nice to see your spouse looking at other people, let alone gawking at other people. Celebrities are no exception to this. Just look at Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham’s expression in this picture. Her husband, soccer legend David Beckham, is clearly staring at the cheerleaders during a basketball game, and she’s throwing him all kinds of shade for it. We’re with you on this one, Posh Spice – he should only have eyes for you.

Love is in the air

Poor choices

The look on this little boy’s face is something that we all know. It’s that look you get when you realize you made the wrong choice, while your friend made the right one. In this case, he probably wishes he didn’t ask his parents for a popsicle, but asked for ice cream instead. Especially since the girl next to him seems to be enjoying her ice cream cone so much better. Next time ask for ice cream, little man.


Winner winner, chicken dinner

Some people are more competitive than others, but nobody really likes losing. It feels terrible, especially when you’re a tennis player and your whole career depends on winning. This could explain the expression on Andy Murray’s face, when he’s looking at his fellow player Novak Djokovic and his big, fat trophy. This was back in the 2016 Australian Open final, when Murray lost the match to Djokovic, and you can tell the tennis player took his loss hard.

Up in the air

Under my umbrella

We don’t even need to see this woman’s face in order to get how jealous she is. We kind of feel sorry for her; it’s never a pleasant feeling to be alone, while watching a happy couple doing happy couple things, like having a meal together. To make it worse, it’s raining, and she’s sitting there watching these two share their umbrella and flaunting their love. We would be huffing as well! She deserved an umbrella buddy, too.

New kid on the block

We all scream for ice cream

Look at this poor kid! We’ve all been there when we were young kids (and some of us as adults as well). This boy just doesn’t get how these girls can sit there and enjoy an ice cream cone, when he has to stay outside and not get any ice cream at all. Sometimes it seems that the world is completely unfair. When you’re forced to look from outside at other people having what you want more than anything, hope is all but lost. And the worst part is, these girls don’t even realize how lucky they are to be sitting there with their ice cream cones, while one boy must go home and eat his vegetables instead.

Eyes wide shut


We can’t really blame Julie Bowen for having that look on her face, while sitting next to her Modern Family co-star Sofia Vergara. No doubt Julie herself is gorgeous, but Sofia has that va-va-voom quality to her. The Latina bombshell has certain features that are just too prominent to ignore. So we’re pretty sure if we were in Bowen’s position, we’d be side-eyeing Vergara as well. In actuality, this is a reenactment of the Jayne Mansfield photo, but we can’t help thinking there’s some truth to the envy…


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