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The Angriest States In America, Ranked

In today’s pandemic world, it’s quite understandable that tensions are running high. People are frustrated and some, just plain angry. But what if we could pinpoint where the angriest ones are? 

Well, lucky for you, we can! Using FBI data on internet comments and crimes motivated by anger, we’ve rated the angriest states in America. 

Rhode Island is the smallest state in America, so we guess anger spreads fast over there. Despite its size, the people of Rhode Island still managed to place 15th on the list of America’s angriest states. 

For a state so small, it seems like it packs quite the punch! Maybe people aren’t spending enough time on those beautiful beaches!

It’s a well-known fact that Nevada is the gambling and entertainment capital of the United States. Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other place on earth. But that doesn’t mean everyone’s happy. 

Perhaps it’s the disappointed gamblers or the long party nights. Either way, they get angry over there.

Also known as the state of Liberty and Independence, and for fighting for its independence from Great Britain in 1776, and became one of the first states to ratify the U.S constitution in 1787.

Given its history for having a backbone, I guess it’s no surprise that its people can get angry from time to time. Much like this next state. 

An interesting fact not everybody knows about Winsconsin is that it has the most dairy cows than any other state in America. But it also ranks 12th on the angriest states in America. 

In Wisconsin, road rage and angry internet comments are particularly bad. So if you’re ever passing through watch out for those 1.5 million cows and be aware of road rage. 

“Hey! I’m walkin’ here!” is a saying that first pops into everyone’s mind when we think about New York. The people of New York have spunk. It’s a world-wide understanding. 

So it’s no surprise that they ranked 11th as the angriest state. However, we’re surprised. We thought they did very well considering…  

Despite its scenery and popularity as a peaceful fishing spot, Michigan has a lead on other countries for its hot temper from time to time – even in their freezing winters. 

It’s city, Beercher, was just voted as the fourth worst place to live in America with its tendency for unfriendliness and rudeness high. So maybe don’t plan to settle there if you can help it? 

Massachusetts has next to zero instances of road rage but if we look at their data on hate crimes and toxic internet comments, it doesn’t look too good. 

Quite surprising for a state so well educated, having as many universities and colleges as it does. I guess they’re just going to have to study harder – or study less, whatever makes them less angry. 

Next on our list is New Jersey. Coming in as the eighth angriest state, New Jersey is much like Massachusettes in the people’s good road behavior. What really sent them ahead of Massachusetts was their insane toxicity on the internet. 

You know the saying ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’? Yes? Well, we’re not sure they do! 

Connecticut is home to probably the most important piece of American culture – the hamburger and colored television! It was also home to the first lollipop-making machine in America. 

It’s appetite for good food however, has lately been overshadowed by its appetite for anger! Just like this next state.

Just shy from ranking in the top 5 angriest states, Washington surprised us all. Widely considered by all as one of the prettiest states in America with stunning scenes, diverse opportunities, and high quality of life, this beautiful state has a dark underside.

High on hate crimes, Washington struggles to diminish the anger.  

Popular for their deliciously famous Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Vermont is one of the smallest and least populated states in America but that didn’t stop it from entering the top 5 angriest states. 

Vermont ranks as the highest state by far for posting the most toxic comments on the internet. But this next state ranks the highest for something else completely. 

Indiana is the worst state in America for road rage. Sitting on top of one of the richest concentrations of limestone on this planet, Indiana prides itself on its high-quality mineral. 

Good thing they don’t have to travel for it. Otherwise, anyone that stands between Indiana and their road to limestone would need to approach with the utmost caution! 

South Carolina may seem sunny, tranquil, and relaxed but don’t let their ocean views, beautiful beaches, and marshlike sea islands fool you! These guys are angrier than they seem. 

Ranking at the third angriest state in America, South Carolina is a state you should research before you move. Cities like Aiken, Bluffton, and Mount Pleasant are recognized as the safest.

Coming in hot as the second angriest state in America is Colorado. It’s also the second-worst state for road rage after Indiana. 

Noted for its vivid mountain landscape, canyons, and rivers, it’s not surprising that its angry behavior gets swept under the rug. But there’s no hiding the angriest state in America. Your guess? 

It’s the state known for its country music and hard-working ways. Dubbed as Cotton state or Heart of Dixie, Alabama ranks as the angriest state in America with road rage, toxic internet comments, and hate crimes difficult to get to. 

Considering it was the birthplace of the civil rights movement, this doesn’t surprise us all too much. But does it surprise you? What would you have thought was the angriest state? 


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