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Angry Locals Take Justice Into Their Own Hands With A Disrespectful Tourist

As the number of cars on the roads increases, it becomes more and more difficult to find your way around towns.

Car owners have noticed the increase in traffic and a very specific problem: the scarcity of parking spots and things can get wild when it comes to this problem, as our protagonist will soon discover.

Finding a proper parking spot can be a true nightmare, especially when you live in a highly transited city.

That is why many desperate drivers turn to a dangerous alternative: parking in illegal spots. However, doing so comes with some interesting consequences, as we will soon learn. 

Most towns and cities have their own laws regarding parking: fines and towing are some of the most common punishments for those who don’t abide.

However, the truth is, designated public parking spots are less and less available with each passing day, so there’s not much the city hall can do about that. Regardless that, the laws have not changed, and as parking spaces decrease, so does increase the need for desperate measures: making things go crazy.

Illegal parking spots are often the elected choice for those who are in a rush or simply can’t find a parking spot in a particular moment.

This decision carries consequences, and many times these consequences are at the hands of private property (and not the agencies designated for it), that’s when things can get messy!

Some communities are more serious than others when it comes to respecting such laws. However, as good parking spots are more coveted than ever, things can go wild pretty quickly.

Drivers who choose to abuse private property often risk going back to their cars to find slashed tires and scratches on the sides, or much worse. On the other hand, this man found a more creative way to get back at a driver that parked on his property. No wonder the story is going viral!

Parking where you shouldn’t isn’t only a matter of respect for the laws, but respect for others too.

No one can deny that private parking spot owners are entitled to reclaim their spaces, but how far can this go?

Salcombe often referred to as Manchester-on-Sea is the most expensive place to live in Devon and is a popular holiday spot for the rich and famous.

This beautiful small town is inundated with tourists year after year during summer. However, this summer of 2020 was quite something, and got us to a crazy story that we are about to share with you!

The COVID-19 pandemic struck hard, so it is no surprise that, when the quarantine regulations were lifted -right on time for summer-, many people sought an escape from the devastating past couple of months.

Suddenly, small Salcombe grew its population from 2,000 inhabitants to 25,000. However, the pandemic was far from over and soon began the problems related to its growth.

Although the Salcombe community is used to seeing thousands of people flock from all over England and the world to their little town, this does not mean that the place was built with the capacity to welcome so many people at once.

The streets are already narrow and with social distancing rules, it became almost impossible to navigate through them. However, many people were not even wearing masks or respecting pandemic rules. According to Mayor Nikki Turton, the tourists ‘seemed to think they were in a bubble’. However, there was much more happening downtown.

Touristic small towns such as Salcombe are used to deal with a lot during tourist peak season. They mostly survive off of this, after all.

But, with the added condition of a pandemic, things got heated very quickly, and with a crazy outcome that left everyone shocked.

Outsiders did not seem to respect the townsfolk by not distancing or even wearing masks, so many shops and business owners felt forced to close their doors for the time being.

The locals felt enraged towards the visitors, for them, it was not worth their visit if it would be under those conditions. Besides that, the traffic and the fluidity of the mobilization of the people became too complex. So they decided they should do something…

Things were a bit tense between locals and tourists. Having to endure a worldwide pandemic in an overcrowded town that had just been invaded by reckless tourists was definitely more than they could handle.

It is not hard to imagine why they reacted the way they did when the incident happened with a luxurious car.

A very luxurious vehicle from one of the tourists was going around town for the whole week. At first, it caught many looks from the locals, as there was a new Aston Martin worth more than £ 120,000 in the small town, which to top it off, the owner decided to park it on private property every day: making it more relevant for locals.

Aston Martin is a British luxury sports cars and grand tourers manufacturer, and despite its expensiveness, it is not exempt from the rules, as locals decided to make clear.

The car spent many nights and many days in a parking spot that was not meant for it. The first few days the authorities left parking tickets and warnings, that were blatantly ignored.

This added to the mounting tension, caused an unexpected incident that left every media shocked.

It is normal that millionaires believe they own the world and that their money can buy everything: even admiration and respect. As well as compliance with parking laws.

This situation angered the neighbors who got tired of the situation that lasted for days and days, and decided to take action.

At first, it wasn’t obvious what happened, the owner walked to his car one of his vacation days, and everything seemed to go like any other day. It was parked where he left it without anything visibly different.

It wasn’t until he was near the car that he started to notice something strange.

When he approached the car something felt off. The smell coming out of the vehicle was too exaggerated and rotten. Something that smelled of the dead.

He didn’t understand what could be happening, what could it be?

The first thought was that he had run over an animal while parking without realizing it. He bent down to check the tires, or if something might have happened. But everything looked good except for the hideous smell.

Little did he expect that he was facing the revenge of a group affected by his irresponsible decision.

It all made sense when he checked the windshields of his new car: it had been vandalized! The locals decided to make him notice their discontent with something more than a parking ticket: a dead fish on his windshield.

Indignant, he didn’t understand what was happening. Why did they do this?

It turns out that the spot he took belonged to the local fishermen, who, upset by his abuse, decided after days of waiting, to take action on the matter.

Apparently, it worked, as the tourist did not return after what happened…


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