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Things That Young People Do That Annoy Older People

When there’s a gap in age, different generations often find it hard to understand each other. But something that a lot of people over 30 can agree on is that the younger generation can often be annoying.

Things they do can be questioned at the best of times. But a lot of Redditors have chimed in to give their experiences.

Expect that I’m not up to what’s going on on the Internet. I was in my late 30s when a friend’s son tried to explain to me memes. He got them wrong too. Do not cite the old magic to me, witch. I was there when it was written.

I have been on the internet for a lot longer than these young kids. I was there when it was invented!

I’m in my late 30s and still feel like a kid. I thought one day a switch would just flip, and I’d feel like an adult, but that never really happened. I think everyone essentially feels like a kid their whole life. They just get better at pretending they’re adults.

I’m 40 now. I was teaching my nephew how to drive two years ago, and I thought to myself, “Why am I the one doing this? Shouldn’t a grown-up be teaching him?” Then I realized I WAS the grown-up, and I was very nearly 40

I took a job to help a friend who owns a pizza shop through the summer because it’s a college town, and with all the students gone, he can’t staff it adequately despite really trying. I do what you’d expect to make pizzas, ring people up, bus tables, etc. I already have an awesome job/career, but it’s early in the morning, and it ends at 9 am, so I am free to go from there and work until 2 for my friend. I’m the oldest there by a few decades.

No one there has given me grief, but my eldest (22) did make a remark that I was pretty old to have the position (I’m 47). I replied that he clearly hadn’t taken in the example his hard-working dad and I have shown him his entire life and that I would NEVER be ashamed of doing honest work…whether through need or, like me, doing a favor for someone in need. Period, the end. He immediately apologized and went and cleaned his room.

I remember working at a McDonald’s once, and we had this woman who came into work as part of the crew – she was probably early 40s, and I remember thinking how humbling it had to be to work here at that age. She was only there for about six weeks. Looking back, she probably lost her job, had kids at home, needed the income, and couldn’t find anything else.

As someone who had a father who refused to work because “it was beneath him,” I have mad respect for people who are able to let their ego go and work next to someone less than half their age making the same wage. Nobody ever wants to be in that situation, but sometimes it’s necessary.

A couple of years ago, Ozzy Osbourne was featured in a Post Malone song. Teens were saying, “this Ozzy guy is gonna explode from this exposure.” 

It upset me more than I’d care to admit. I couldn’t believe the generation that doesn’t remember a time before the internet didn’t think to first Google “Ozzy Osbourne.”

I had a classmate who said the same thing a couple of decades ago. She thought 20 was ‘over the hill,’ and by 30, everyone was just decrepit and miserable and eagerly waiting for death. So she wanted to die before she reached that milestone.

She was 17 when she expressed these thoughts. She wasn’t suicidal at all. But she also wasn’t the sharpest knife in the freezer.

I’m 45, and I still play video games. I grew up in the 80s and 90s. Video games are all. So when some kid gets in our party chat (Xbox) and starts chewing me out or making fun of me cause I’m old and shouldn’t be there, it ticks me off.

Like, what are you gonna do when you’re 45, kid? Tell the house robot to leave you alone while you play more call of duty VR?

Or until their friends get phones. We don’t buy our kids phones until middle school when they start going out without us, but their innocence was definitely lost in 2nd/3rd grade when their friends got phones. It was very sad for us.

The best example I can give is Squid Games. My 4th-grade daughters saw it while waiting for the bus, watching with a group of kids from their class on someone’s phone. I would never have let them watch that show, and it did negatively affect them. One has been sleeping on the sofa since then (“to be closer” to parents), and the other sometimes says, “I was just thinking about someone being shot.”

Send emails like a text or a dm. You’re contacting me about a problem, and I know that from the fact that you’re emailing me. I need you to tell me more than the words “I have a problem.” Give me some details to work with upfront, so I don’t have to go back and forth with you all day.

This does not necessarily correlate with age necessarily. I’m just lucky that none of the adults I work with communicate this way.

We went to Disneyland last month, and I asked my 9yo son if he wanted to wear Mickey’s ears, and he scoffed and said, “That’s so cringing.” I replied, “Kid, you’re at Disney, one of the few places on earth where everyone has a free pass to be as cringe as they want without judgment.”

His eyes lit up, and he picked out a pair and wore them happily each day we were there. I know peer pressure starts young, but getting to see him “release” his cringe and just have a blast was so worth it.

Man. I tried helping so many people with weld tests for a job. I’d always get the same story, “I was in the top 5 of my weld class” or “I weld at my friends’ shop (or dad’s farm).” Naturally, they fall on their face during the weld test. So I’d critique everything, from how they prepped the plates to every single pull of the trigger. I always warned them I’d do it and that I’ll offer tips along the way because I wanted them to succeed. I hated doing weld tests.

Maybe 5 out of 100 would listen to my instructions. I explained what they did wrong, why it was wrong, and how to correct it, and they’d ignore me because they always knew better.

Kids who listen to music in public without headphones.Absolutely that! Never mind the musical choice. It’s not like phone speakers are any good, especially on a phone that’s probably been dropped a few times.

I’m sure it annoys other people younger than 30, too, though. Also, melodramatic drama – oversharing unnecessary drama on social media.

I hate kids who ruin the forest behind my house. They party and leave a mess, they cut down trees, and they even leave things scattered in the path where people need to walk. I can’t believe how inconsiderate they are.

They also pull out my garden every single summer. But they do forget things, and for that, I am grateful.

Using trauma to excuse mistreating people. This generation has pioneered making it acceptable to process and be open about trauma, and that’s a great thing.

But it’s not cool when you behave in a cruel and selfish way and expect to get a pass because of it. Your mental health problems are not your fault, but they are your responsibility.


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