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Awkward Moments Caught By Elevator Cameras

When you’re riding an elevator, what do you do to pass the time? Do you stand tapping your toes, waiting for the doors to open? Do you repeatedly press the same button again, in hopes it will miraculously speed up the journey?

Well, some people really do get up to some strange things while standing and waiting in elevators. From dance numbers to passionate and illicit kissing, here are 15 awkward moments caught by elevator cameras.

Some elevators have a member of staff to help customers or members of the public with their journey. They’re often kind, cheery people wanting to ensure you have a good day. But not this elevator.

Walking in this elevator, your heart will stop when you cast your eyes on this strange, eerie, masked figure. Who is he? What does he want? We don’t know, and we don’t want to stop to find out. We’ll take the stairs from now on.

Being in love can make you do some pretty crazy stuff, right? But does vandalism count as a romantic gesture? 

This girl here clearly wasn’t afraid to proclaim her love for that special someone in her life. Armed with a bright red sharpie, she drew gigantic love hearts on the walls of her boyfriend’s elevator. His apartment block wasn’t too happy with her and she was made to clean her messy gesture the day after. 

Life can be pretty stressful at times, right? Sometimes all we really need is to get up and dance; to shake away the stresses of everyday life. And you’d be surprised to know that even cops – the most serious of people – like to dance when nobody’s watching.

This cop clearly forgot that the CCTV camera was working, as you can see him busting out moves just like your favorite pop star!

Whenever you order a pizza from your favorite fast-food takeout, you expect it to be tasty, hot, and fresh, right? What you don’t expect is chunks of ingredients and cheese to be missing. 

You see, the delivery driver of this pizza was clearly unable to contain his hunger and desire for the delicious pizza in front of him. So next time you order a pizza, make sure you check it before you dive in. You never know whose dirty fingers have been rubbing through it. 

After a group of cops finishes their shift, what do you expect them to do? Go down to their local bar and get a few drinks in them? Unwind with a beer at home? What about breaking out in a dance that wouldn’t look out of place in a blockbuster Hollywood musical? 

These New Zealand cops sure were happy to finish their shift on a Friday afternoon. After stepping foot into the elevator, the group of cops then burst out into a freestyle dance number! 

They say the key to a healthy relationship is passion; to never let the spark fizzle out. Well, this couple here clearly has no problem with the passion in their relationship.

Whether they had just had a big fight, or maybe they’ve reunited after months apart? Either way, it’s a good job it was just them in there. We’d hate to be the third wheel in that elevator…

… However, the woman in the footage pushes the man away before things get out of hand. Then, she sidles up to him and places a note in the man’s hand.

Who knows what was written on the note, but the man looked very pleased with himself as the woman walks out of the elevator and leaves him behind.

Most businesses and company’s nowadays let employees bring their beloved pups into work. But for this woman, she was going to regret it.

As you can see, this poor pup was stuck, with its harness trapped in the lift door. Thankfully, a bystander had lightning-fast reaction skills and saved the pug from what could have been a very nasty ending.

Imagine you’ve just set foot into the elevator ready to start another day at the office. After pressing the button you notice the lift going up, faster and faster by the second. Then, the electricity cuts out, and the elevator rattles. You can feel panic and fear wash over you and adrenaline pulse through your body. Just as you scream out you realize you’re at the top of the building. Pretty scary right? 

Thankfully, this nerve-wracking experience was just a silly prank pulled by the guys over at Coca-Cola! 

Imagine getting stuck in an elevator for 2 hours. It would be a long and grueling experience, right? Well, what about if when the door finally opens, you see a concrete wall blocking your exit. That’d freak you out even more.

Well, one of the guys trapped in the elevator, decided to act fast, and within minutes he punched a hole in the wall so he could climb through. This daredevil clearly had no fears as he squeezed himself into the hole. Thankfully, he managed to get out and get help.

Imagine setting foot in the elevator, pressing the button, and waiting to go up. Then suddenly, the floor disappears and you plummet into a black hole. Scary, right? 

Thankfully this was just a prank by a media company in Japan. With this outrageous prank, after falling through the floor, you then get covered in slime and ride a slide down to a soft landing. Not so scary after all. In fact, it sounds kind of fun! 

In this footage, we see a man and a woman alone in an elevator. When the elevator reaches its floor and the doors open, the woman follows the man out. 

What is strange about this footage is that she reappears a few minutes later and gets back into the elevator…

We’re not sure why the woman is upset but she’s sure not afraid to show it. She begins to cry as she re-enters the elevator, alone.

Maybe he had to go to work? Or maybe he was her boyfriend and was leaving her? Either way, this woman was crying from floor 1 – 25, and that’s a lot of tears!

After stepping out of the office on a Friday evening for some fresh air, this guy pressed a button in the elevator and waited to be taken downstairs. But then suddenly he realized it was stuck; none of the buttons were working. He reached for his phone to call for help, but then he realized his phone was back in his office. He was officially trapped.

41 hours later and this guy had been trapped in the elevator and going out of his mind. He didn’t even have any food or drink, so things weren’t looking too good. Thankfully, when the following week arrived, this guy was safely rescued. That’ll teach him to leave without his phone!  

This guy here walks into the elevator chewing away on his favorite bubblegum. As he passes each floor, he chews louder then blows a bubble.

But just as he blows his bubble, the elevator doors open and the gum pops, landing on the floor. As quick as a flash, this man picks the gum off the floor and chucks it straight back into his mouth! 

When we get into an elevator with a stranger we expect them to be cool, calm, and collected. What we don’t expect is for them to act like a complete child by playing with the doors and pressing all the buttons.

The woman, who was unfortunately stuck in an elevator with a childish man, decided to teach him a lesson; by going into full-on karate mode and body slamming the guy on the floor! This woman is not to be messed with! 

Here’s another woman who doesn’t take too kindly to elevator pranksters. The man in the footage gets on and then proceeds to kick his leg out every time the doors begin to close — setting off the motion sensors and preventing the elevator from moving.

The woman watches him for a minute or so, not amused at all. Then, she decides she’s had enough of his pranks and snaps, pushing him straight out of the elevator.

Imagine if the person you’re sharing an elevator with felt an uncontrollable urge to do stretching exercises a few inches from your face.

The rude woman stretches her leg at a 90-degree angle, almost brushing the other woman’s face with her sneaker. You can see what this woman is thinking — she can’t wait to get off.

This man really took the line “dance like no-one’s watching” to heart. As soon as the elevator doors close, he busts his best moves in an elaborate routine that would make Michael Jackson jealous.

When the elevator reaches its destination and the doors open again, he struts out into the corridor and performs a quick moonwalk for the camera. 

Here’s another food delivery guy who just couldn’t resist the delicious smell of the steaming food that he was meant to be delivering.

He looks around to make sure he’s alone, then furtively opens each package and has a bite of everything — he even opens one container and takes a sip of the soup!

In this footage, a team of workers carefully places an enormous sheet of glass into the elevator. They even set up a small stand on the ground to support the sheet and make sure it’s not damaged. 

Unfortunately, they made a massive miscalculation: the sheet of glass is too long to fit inside the elevator. The doors close and the glass is pulled upward as the elevator descends to a lower floor. Then, it shatters. Come on guys… you had one job!

This little boy walks into the elevator, keeping his hand in front of the motion sensor as he waits for his dad to get in after him. Then, he had a “good” idea.

The boy sticks his umbrella’s handle through the doors, hoping that the sensor will pick it up and keep the doors open. But boy, was he wrong. The elevator shuts on the umbrella and derails. The boy was trapped inside for hours until a crew managed to pry the doors open and get him out safely.

This man was in an elevator, minding his own business and speaking on his phone when this crew waltzed in, complete with a man dressed as Darth Vader. 

They all begin to dance wildly in the packed elevator as the man on the phone looks confused and slightly frightened.

Here’s another couple who just couldn’t deny the instant attraction they felt when they locked eyes in an elevator. They exchange glances, without saying a word.

A few seconds later, they steal a kiss and get off the elevator together. How sweet — we hope it all works out.

We wonder what has just happened in this woman’s life to elicit such a happy expression. Her arms are bent at the elbows, and her hands are in clenched into fists in the universal signal for “victory.” 

Maybe she just got that big promotion she’s been waiting for. Maybe she’s just happy that there’s no-one else in the elevator for once.

This unsuspecting woman is about to walk right into a scene from Mortal Kombat. But why is this guy dressed as Sub Zero, you may ask?

We have no idea. Maybe he was bored, or maybe it was a misguided attempt to break the ice with a woman he’s been wanting to speak to. Hopefully, she knows who Sub Zero is and doesn’t run away screaming.

This video is from a rather nasty prank that was set up by some pranksters in the building for some candid footage for their YouTube channel. 

The victim enters, and then the elevator lurches downward in freefall for four stories, before it grinds gently to a halt. We’re sure this guy was not amused.

This was an elaborate prank set up by some guys for their YouTube channel. The two actors in the elevator kiss and try to make the other people with them feel as awkward as possible. 

Although rather distasteful, the candid footage they got of the bystanders squirming and trying not to look is priceless.

This strange footage was caught in an elevator in an office block. This guy was obviously having a very bad day. 

Maybe he just got laid off? Maybe he has a migraine? The older gentleman asks him if he is alright, but the guy doesn’t reply. The man in the dress shirt leaves, looking perturbed and very bewildered.

This group of naughty kids is playing in the elevator in their apartment block. The two boys gleefully sneak in, accompanied by a little girl. What happens next melts hearts.

The boy in the grey sweater kneels down on one knee, takes a plastic ring out of his pocket, and proposes to the little girl in pink, who shyly backs into a corner.

These two women walk into the elevator, and the woman with red hair looks straight into the camera. She seems annoyed that it’s there. 

Then, just as the doors open, she removes a wad of gum from her mouth and sticks it right on the CCTV camera’s lens. Guess this woman values her privacy?

This fearless kitty lives in an apartment block in China. According to her owner, every morning she opens the door of her apartment and lets herself out for a walkabout. 

Then, she waits for the elevator to arrive and walks in. She loves to ride the elevator, and everyone in the building makes sure she gets off safely.

This footage was captured in an elevator in Mexico. Notice how the guy in blue is trying to stand as far back as he can? 

That’s because the man in white is a beekeeper, and he’s holding three boxes of angry bees. It turns out this was a prank to get a laugh out of the reactions of other people in the elevator. 

This guy is having a very bad day. He was just minding his own business when suddenly a group of six masked men barged into the elevator at the last second.

But don’t worry, this was all a prank concocted by the man’s friends to give him the scare of his life.

This woman probably neglected to notice the security camera in the elevator… or maybe she just didn’t care who was watching. As soon as she got in, she had an uncontrollable urge to boogy.

She twerks, sways, and bounces all by herself, then when the doors open, she quickly snaps out of it — as if in never happened. 

This woman also couldn’t control the urge to dance — she’d give Beyonce a run for her money. 

she slides down, using the elevator handrail for support as she busts some impressive moves, jerking her head from side-to-side to music only she can hear. This video must have brightened the security team’s day.

This poor woman strode out of the elevator in her power-suit as if nothing could stand in her way. Unfortunately, her high-heel shoe got trapped in the gap between the elevator and the wall as she exited, sending her flying.

With an embarrassed look on her face, she scrabbles to dislodge her shoe before the elevator doors close. Whew. At least nobody saw that, right?

This woman was patiently waiting for the elevator, but when to finally arrived, her face fell.

The elevator was packed with a mobile disco, mirrorball, dancing guests, and music included. But, instead of laughing, she simply walked away and up the stairs. Some people are so hard to please.

In the footage, two men enter the elevator and stand in awkward silence as they wait to reach their respective floors. Suddenly, the younger man begins to move wildly, as if he’s doing The Robot to music that only he can hear. 

The older gent looks on disapprovingly but doesn’t say a word before getting off.  


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