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Best Father’s Day Gifts Of 2018

We all know Dad’s are tricky to shop for, especially when Father’s Day rolls around. We find ourselves buying cheesy gifts because we either waited until the last minute, or could never find that perfect gift. Don’t be the one to buy your dad another cliche grilling kit. Take a look at our convenient Father’s Day gift guide and leave a lasting impression this year! Look no further because we have gathered the best, most impacting gift guide, whether it be your father, grandfather or that father figure you have always looked up to. We’ve not only done the research, but have provided the links to get the most bang for your buck!

1. Buy The TC1200 Flashlight And Get A FREE Lantern

Ok, you may be thinking, “really, a flashlight? Dad already has a flashlight,” maybe even a few lying around the garage… But are they as bright or durable as the TC1200? This is no ordinary flashlight; this is the cream of the crop, and every man loves having the best quality gadgets. In our opinion, and with the support of thousands of reviews, is the best of its kind and with this promotion is a must! You not only get the flashlight at a extremely low price, you get a FREE lantern worth $40.00 and FREE shipping. Introducing the TC1200 from 1Tac: The only flashlight that has been to space and back. This flashlight is one of the only trusted by first responders, military and police all over the country. It’s the brightest of it’s kind, with 1200 lumens, 100,000 lamp hours, and 5 modes; high, med, low, SOS,  and strobe.  It’s essentially indestructible, meaning its been tested  in seriously extreme conditions. Not convinced yet,  check out the videos of it being dropped in boiling water, ran over and even sent off into space!
Get your TC1200 Flashlight Today!

2. Give Dad Peace Of Mind With This RFID Blocking Wallet- Under $10!

Seems too good to be true, right? This is the perfect gift for someone on a budget because it is nearly free! Nowadays, credit card protection is a MUST! With all of the new technology available, hackers can steal your information from just 20 feet away without ever having to see or touch your card. Give Dad the gift of protection and peace of mind with this genuine Nappa leather RDIF Wallet. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, with a price you can’t beat! Make sure to order quickly because this is a limited time offer that won’t last long! Get Dad A RFID Protection Wallet

3. Get Dad This Handy Hydro-Water Bottle 90% OFF

Keep Dad healthy and eco-friendly with this ultimate water bottle + filter from 1Hydro There is no need to waste thousands of dollars every year on bottled water when you can just fill this baby up and let it do its job.  This incredible water bottle filters 99.9999% of contaminants giving you the safest, freshest and cleanest drinking water on the planet. The filter is long lasting, (up to 400 gallons of water) so dad won’t have to worry about re-ordering anytime soon. This is not only a practical product and great Father’s Day Gift, but the limited time sale they are running is almost too good to be true! (90% off and FREE Shipping) They are also give $50 is shopping rewards for FREE, which are redeemable to local stores and restaurants. 
Get your 1Hydro bottle and filter today!

4. Get Dad The Gift Of Never Guessing Again With This Car Diagnostic Tool

How great is this? Save Dad time and money with this amazing Dashboard Doc. We all assume our fathers know exactly what to do when something goes wrong, or when our car breaks down. When it comes to taking the car to a mechanic, again Dad knows all. They “think” they know exactly what is wrong, only to come back with a bill that’s triple the price. We all wonder, “did the mechanic actually diagnose the problem, or did he just rip us off?” This handy gadget instantly removes all the uncertainties about what went wrong with your car. The Dashboard Doc plugs right into any car that’s built after 1996, and gives an instant reading of all of the car’s systems and error readings. The diagnoses then gets sent straight to your cell phone. This smart tool not only helps with simple things like, check engine light, oil leaks and faulty lights… but is available at an EXTREMELY low rate!
Get Dad The Dashboard Dock On Sale NOW!

5. Make The Most Of Dad’s TV Experience With The Mobile Screen Cast

Everyone knows that Dad loves his screen time. Some Dads, mine in particular is not the most tech-savy when it comes to smart TVs and streaming systems like Roku. This fantastic gift will make T.V. life much easier for dad, no more reading the instructions or need to buy a Roku again. With this new mirror projection technology, Mobile Screencast sends all video and audio wirelessly from your cell phone directly to your TV, meaning your phone essentially becomes a wireless home-theater system. This genius gift is perfect for making life easier for Dad. The set up is incredibly simple and it instantly works with Netflix, Amazon and all the apps he already uses. This is one of those items that all dads will love but have never seen before. Make sure to take advantage of the great discounts available NOW!
Save BIG On The Mobile Screencast

6. The Ultimate Survival Tool, For All Those Dads Who Love Cool Gadgets!

This multi-use tool is EVERYTHING-Literally! The TacPen is not only a life-saving gadget, but it’s sleek design makes it one-of-a-kind. It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about it ever breaking. The multi-use tool has a razor-shape blade, tungsten glass-breaker tip, smooth rollerball ben and a bright LED light. All Dad’s like to be prepared for any situation, and this TacPen will be his go-to tool! Order yours now and receive a FREE “Bonus Gift” and free shipping!

7. Keep An Extra Eye On The Kids With The SmartCam

This one may be a little random, but for those Dads out there who like sneaky gadgets –This Spy Cam that looks like a USB charger is as sly as it gets! Think of this camera as a cooler version of a nanny cam because it also serves as your phone charger. It’s not just for catching the bad guys, it’s perfect for someone who has little kids or pets that need an extra set of eyes on them while Dad is out and about. This unique SmartCam features a full HD 1080p USB security camera, and is super easy to install. Since it is a charger, it obviously doesn’t need batteries.
Get the SmartCam 57% OFF plus FREE shipping!

8. Headlamp For The Outdoorsy Dad

This gift is perfect for all those Mr. Fix it Dads who work outside at night, or simply a father who enjoy the outdoors. This headlamp is the best of it’s kind; with up to 1200 lumens of blinding white light focused by a parabolic reflector. It comes with all of the features you’d expect to find on a durable headlamp, featuring a 90-degree tilt and different zoom settings. The light is protected against water, and the lamp is made of high quality material that won’t rust or scratch. The Father’s Day Sale price for this item may be the best bargain on the list. Similar headlamps are selling for over $200, but right now get it for 75% off. That’s not all, it comes with FREE rechargeable batteries free shipping, and a FREE lantern! Purchase Dad The 1Tac Headlamp Now!

9. Save Dad Thousands With This Dashboard Video Camera

Does Dad drive a lot? If so, has he ever had the pay the hefty price of a ticket he was actually not at fault for? This gift is a life-saver that could potentially save him thousands with his car insurance and legal fees. Give dad the peace of mind by always having his driving on video. The Dash Cam is super easy to install, has night-vision, a parking monitor, motion detection and an HD camera that will automatically record his driving right from the dashboard. At 50% off the retail price and FREE shipping – you can’t beat the price. Get Dad a RoadCam HD Now!

10. The New Power Pro Lantern

This isn’t just any lantern, this state-of-the-art light is trusted by hunters, campers and fisherman worldwide. It’s the brightest lantern you will find on the market (500 lumen), and extremely reliable with a 50,000 hour lamp life. The Power Pro Lantern is lightweight, making it easy to hang in a tent, around the house, or carry in a power outage. The best part about this product, is the all-time low price and the bonus gift that comes with it!
Order Dad’s Lantern Now Before The Father’s Day Sale Expires!

11. A Professional Grade Photograph For A Fraction Of The Cost

Does Dad have a passion for photography? Turn his photos into professional grade images with this handy gadget. The StarScope instantly attaches to your smartphone, with a DLSR zoom lense that typically costs thousands of dollars. This lense is ideal for shooting images of landscape, the night sky or even a close up of the family. You may think, what’s the gimmick, but this Starscope is truly a steal! It’s made of high quality material, is waterproof, fog proof and scratch resistant with an anti-skid frosted grip. It’s super easy to use, unlike most professional cameras and lenses. Order it now while still in stock and get an additional 50% off!

  12. The Perfect Gift For The “Tech-Savy Dad”

The Nomad Backpack has created quite the buzz in the tech industry, but to make things simple; just think of it as ‘smart backpack.’ This genius invention is designed to carry all your gadgets, charge and track them! It has special compartments for every device, designed to protect them with the perfect amount of padding, AND individually charge them. You won’t have to worry about Dad’s devices getting damaged or stolen because its is water-resistant with an incredible anti-theft technology system. This smart pack is nearly impossible to lose, because it has a tracker for that too! If left behind, the backpack will send an alert to your phone or device. This awesome gift is available NOW for 50% OFF limited time only, order one now…we’re sure Dad will love it!
Give Dad The Ultimate Protection With The Anti-theft Backpack

13. Give Dad The Gift Of FREE TV With SkyWire

Who doesn’t like to save money? Now Dad can cut the cable cord for good, because he can watch his favorite movies, channels and shows for free! With over 1.5 million units sold worldwide, this is the best solution to watch TV free of cost. All you need is this incredible SkyWire TV Antenna It’s great because not only will dad save on his monthly utilities, he’ll never have to pay for subscriptions again! It has no installation fee, no monthly fee and provides no-hassle, 100% FREE TV! It even comes with free DVR capability and a channel guide. Give Dad the gift of Free TV, and pick one up for yourself too!
Click here for free shipping and 57% off, while supplies last.

14. Make Him Laugh A Little With The “GlowBowl”

Everyone loves a little humor, and we’re sure the whole fam will get a kick out of this gift! Give dad a GlowBowl to light up his toilet any neon color he prefers. Sure, the gift is funny…but it is also practical if you think about it! No more waking up in the middle of the night, stumbling around in the dark! The Glowbowl has a light sensor activation that’ll brighten up any toilet or bathroom so you’ll never have to wake up the rest of the family again. Make dad laugh a little with this funny Gag-Gift for just $17.99!

15. Now Dad Can Groom Himself


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