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26 Best Kept Secrets From The Iconic Movie Caddyshack

26. The Studio Rejected The Movie Until Chevy Chase Was Cast

Today, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield are big names, but they were just getting started back in 1980. Caddyshack was Dangerfield’s first major film, while Murray was fresh off Saturday Night Live. The producers cast Chevy Chase as character Ty Webb— who they had reportedly written the part for anyway— to appease the studio.

25. Bill Murray Improvised All Of His Lines

Murray is such a great comedian that he improvised all of his lines in the movie, including when he cuts the flower tops off with a grass whip. These lines went on to be named some of the greatest movie quotes of all time.

24. Scenes Of The Gopher Were Shot After Filming Had Wrapped

In the end, the producers decided to use the gopher as a way to tie all of the scenes together. However, they had only one shot of Bill Murray trying to catch the gopher, so most of the scenes were created post-production. This explains why Murray and the elusive gopher never appear in the same shot.

23. Writer Doug Kenney Was Known To Be Intoxicated While Working On The Movie

Writer and producer Doug Kenney (pictured, right) got his start at Harvard, where he co-founded the National Lampoon magazine. While working on Caddyshack, the funny man was seriously depressed. He started drinking heavily and abusing cocaine, which led to drunken press conferences, reckless driving, and reportedly his death after he fell from a cliff in Hawaii.

22. Cindy Morgan (“Lacy Underall”) Was More Or Less Forced To Do A Scene She Didn’t Want

The actress was reportedly so uncomfortable with the idea of a nude scene, she threatened not to do it. Producer Jon Peters, however, bullied Morgan into thinking if she didn’t take off her top, she’d never work again. To make matters worse, Peters wanted to have a photographer from Playboy come on set during the particular scene in hopes shots of Morgan would help promote the movie. The shoot never did end up happening and Morgan went on to star in Tron shortly after Caddyshack, but after that, the actress got stuck in a seemingly never-ending cycle of TV movies.

21. Rodney Dangerfield Thought He Was “Bombing” Since Nobody Was Laughing At His Jokes During Production

20. Bill Murray Actually Worked As A Groundskeeper at Indian Hill Country Club

Bill Murray worked at the real Indian Hill Country Club that inspired the setting of Caddyshack. He was a groundskeeper, caddy, and ran a hot dog stand during his employment.

19. There Was Bad Blood Between Bill Murray And Chevy Chase Before Filming ‘Caddyshack’

Bill Murray replaced Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live, which caused some tension on set of Caddyshack. The two originally were not supposed to appear in the same shot, but worked things out long enough to film a completely improvised scene where Chase’s character stumbles into the gardening shack belonging to Murray.

18. The Climatic Explosion Scene Was Real Explosives Placed On The Fairways

Much to the country club owners’ surprise, the producers went against their wishes of not having any fire at the golf course. They used several “incendiary packs” to produce the very real explosion.

17. Pilots At The Nearby Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport Thought The Explosion Was A Crash

The aforementioned explosion was so large that pilots landing at the nearby Ft. Lauderdale- Hollywood airport reported “a crash” to air traffic control.

16. Producer Harold Ramis Originally Asked Pink Floyd To Record The Opening And Closing Credits

Pink Floyd declined, and Ramis got Kenny Loggins to record “I’m Alright” for the film instead.

15. The Movie Was Supposed To Be ‘Animal House’ On The Golf Course

Follow the success of Animal House, writer and producers Doug Kenney and Harold Ramis originally pitched the idea as “Animal House on the golf course” in order to get it approved by the studio.

14. Bill Murray Opened A ‘Caddyshack’-Themed Restaurant In Florida

The Murray brothers— all six of them— opened a Caddyshack restaurant in St. Augustine in 2001.

13. Chevy Chase Improvised The Famous “Na-na-na-na” Sound When Putting

Chevy Chase was advised to make a “spiritual” or zen sound when putting, and so improvised one of the best known scenes to this day.

12. The Crew Had A Huge Party When Hurricane David Stopped Production

Since the movie was shot on location in Florida, the weather impacted filming during Hurricane David. The crew didn’t mind, though. Instead of filming, they decided to hold a giant party in their hotel next to the golf course.

11. The Original Script Was 250 Pages Long, Nearly Twice As Long As Average Screenplays

Director Harold Ramis and producer Jon Peters (both pictured) were ordered to cut the script down before the studio agreed to start filming.

10. The Fictional Illinois- Based Movie Was Actually Shot In Florida

Director Harold Ramis wanted to get away from studio execs while filming, so he suggested taking the movie elsewhere, especially since Illinois doesn’t have the palm trees of Southern California. However, the golf course in Florida also had palm trees— but no studio executives to get in his way.

9. Caddyshack Was Golden Age Actor Henry Wilcoxon’s Last Movie Before He Passed Away

8. Bill Murray Was Only Supposed To Make A Cameo, But Was Asked To Stay Longer After Impressing The Producers

Bill Murray was set for a quick cameo appearance, but was asked to stay on filming by Harold Ramis for a total of six days. The pair went on to star in other comedies together, such as Stripes (pictured).


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