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Best Perfectly Timed Photos Ever Captured

These photographers were in the right place at the right time, they might not be the best shooters out there but they sure got lucky when they captured these photos at these angles. Enjoy the collection of the best perfectly timed photos the internet has to offer!



She Did Not Agree To Go To Safari Adventure So She Could Get Chewed On.


This Has To Be One Of The Most Painful Things Ever To Happen.

Look at Me!

Pro Level Mountain Bikers Take It To The Face Sometimes.

Guess Again!

You Think She Is Floating? Guess Again!


One Of The Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Captured!

Air Force One At It’s Finest

U.S. Air Force Shower Time.

Ohh I will Conquer World

Dr. Trump and Mr. Bigglesworth are always planning something.


Lightning Striking Out On The Sea Right Near An Aircraft Carrier.


You Can’t Take Me! I Still Have Beer Left! Can’t just leave it on the ground, someone might drink it!


He Took A Dive Because He Knew He Wasn’t Going To Win. Can’t win them all I guess!

The Closer You Get..

A Firefighting Aircraft Gets Too Close For Comfort.

The Powerboat

This Powerboat Pilot Was Ejected Without Any Serious Injuries.

At Least It Was Fun

Very Entertaining Photos But Such A Waste Of Precious Beer!

Who Knows?

What Did This Guy Do To Deserve This Chase?


Grandpa With The Finishing Knockout Maneuver. Age hasn’t slowdown granddad one bit!

Look at it go!

Pouring One Out For The Prom King and Queen!


So… The Last Thing I Remember Was Smashing My Face Into The Diving Board.

Run? Swim? Ohh yeah, Fly

This Little Guy Definitely Got Away.

Air Drop One

Mission Mouth Air Drop. Proceeding with the orders!

There’s A Storm On The Way

When A Storm Hits Your Town and Your Yard Rolls Up Like A Rug


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