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Bizarre Photos And The Remarkable Stories Behind Them

Many of the photos taken throughout history are stiff and posed. The photos we collected here, however, overturn that concept altogether by showing some of the more truthful and unplanned moments throughout history, those that did not make the history books. Each image offers you the chance to see something authentic from history rather than an overly planned out moment that has been prepared for you.

Prince Charles was born in 1948 so he was a very young boy when his mother became the Queen of England in 1953. Here we see him looking all too bored with the historical ceremony. The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret look on as Elizabeth ascends the throne. Queen Elizabeth would later welcome two more children as Queen – Andrew and Edward, who join Charles and Anne as the royal children. 

While today this is not a skill that telephone electricians need, back in 1918 it was necessary for them to learn how to physically climb the poles to get to the wires. This group is from the Army Training Corps at the University of Michigan. They learned how to climb the poles to repair phone lines. This was at the end of World War I, meaning phones were a vital part of communication methods. 

England ruled over India between 1858 and 1947. It was during that time that many British colonials moved India. This photo was taken during that time, unfortunately showing the mistreatment the men in Victorian era India did to the locals. The relationship between the two nations post-split was tense for a very long time after the separation, and for good reason considering the treatment of the natives. 

Back in 1865, pasta was not made industrially and therefore handmade by people who ate it as part of their diet. This was the process of drying out pasta on racks outside so as to make it ready for boiling and eating. Pasta was a part of the diet of all men and women in Italy across all socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Prior to shooting to fame with her role in Working Girl alongside Harrison Ford, actress Melanie Griffith lived with a lion named Neil that her mother, Tippi Hedren, brought home in the 70s. Melanie and Neil slept in the same bed and were thick as thieves before Tippi returned the lion. Melanie later stated that having the lion in the house was “stupid beyond belief.”

Hard to imagine the Upper West Side of New York City ever looked like this, but it did! Not only that, but this very house was where poet Edgar Allan Poe wrote “The Raven”. The house is no longer there, of course, but there is a plaque on the building that is currently there to commemorate the location as it is part of literary history.  

Being the first anything is a difficult thing, but being the first woman is even more so. Mary said that she needed to convince and bother the CTA to hire her as a driver. She used to work for the planning and Placement Center whens he saw the job opening for drivers. She tried to get the job for over three years, at which time they told her no. Eventually they let her test drive the bus. Three months after that she got the job. 

Long before Michelle Obama was the First Lady of the United States, she was Michelle Robinson of Chicago, Illinois. The family had enough money to live on but were very smart with their income. Michelle was always said to be intelligent, skipping second grade altogether. Michelle went on to study at a magnet school in the city, the first of its kind, before attending Princeton University. 

Setting up for a professional photo back in the 1860s was a far bigger deal than it is today. There was a lot of set up involved in preparing the camera and having the subjects remain very still as the photo was being taken. We are talking several minutes of not moving for the photo to come out not blurry. Today, technology does not have that problem anymore. 

The physical manifestation of divorce if we have ever seen it – dividing up a shared stuffed animal collection. This couple was ordered to divide up their collection of Beanie Babies that were all the rage in the 90s. The couple could not agree on who got which Beanie Baby so the judge ordered them to spread them all on the floor and start choosing. 

The French have been known as the leaders in fashion for a very long time. The early 20th century was no exception, with French women using walks along the Seine as their own personal runway. This was the time of large puffy dresses that would show the world just how well off they were and how fashionable they could be. 

The late Carrie Fisher was not shy about telling the world about her tense relationship with her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds. Carrie, who we all know and love as Princess Leah in the Star Wars films, had said that “the family is organized round the parents, whereas normally the family is organized around raising the child.” She was critical of her upbringing to say the least. 

This is not the kind of friendship you see every day in the animal kingdom. Now living in the Noah’s Ark Sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA, this lion, bear and tiger are living their best lives after being rescued from a drug lord who kept them in horrific conditions of malnutrition. Sadly, the lion and the tiger passed away, leaving Baloo the bear in the sanctuary. 

Belgium’s economy was very much relying on the mining industry back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This photo is a perfect portrayal of the hard work that men did when they went down into the mines to work for long hours every day. The work itself was also very dangerous which would put them at risk day in and day out. 

Coco Chanel was born in France in 1883. Chanel was not raised in a luxurious environment like you would think a designer of such caliber would, but rather raised in an orphanage after his mother passed away when she was 12. She learned how to sew from the nuns who helped raise her. She opened her first store in 1910 where her hats were sold. 

This situation came to be as the zoo director of the Edinburgh zoo let the penguins walk through the city in order to attract people to the zoo. That brilliant move brought children asking their parents to go to the zoo and where the children hollered the parents followed. The sweet penguins had a policeman follow them around to make sure nothing happened to them along their street walk. 

Gene Simmons of Kiss has always been dedicated to his fans, young and old. The makeup they wore attracted a lot of younger fans to the band. Gene was sitting here on the floor in the 70s in New York after their 1975 release of “Alive!”. The kiddos here have their own Kiss face paint action going on and Gene is all about entertaining them. 

The Giant Tibetan Mastiff was primarily bread to be a livestock guardian dog, but it also happens to be huge and furry so that is a win win situation for all of us. This doggo weighs in at a whopping 160 pounds and has layer upon layer of fur to make up its huge mane. This would be a great dog to cuddle to! 

Step into a time machine and see what one of the original McDonald’s menus looked like. McDonald’s got its start in the 1940s by the McDonald brothers who were bought out in 1961 by Ray Krock. By the time the 70s rolled around, there were over 40,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the world. When this photo was taken, McDonald’s was still just lunch and dinner fast food. 

The Kiowa people are the Native Americans who you see portrayed as those living in hits and hunt bison. The Kiowa people travelled around the country, settling in Colorado and Montana. The Kiowa people were close with the Arapaho, Comanche, and Souther Cheyenne tribes and have been sharing reservation locations with the Comanche since the late 19th century. This beautiful girl was a traditional Kiowa girl. 


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