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Blind Dates: People Are Sharing Their Worst Experiences

I once went on a date with a girl, and this is how the conversation went. Her: “So, what’s your favorite book?” Me: “Tough, but when I was little, I LOVED Jurassic Park” Her: “Yuck, Jurassic Park” Me: “The book or the movie? EVERYBODY loves Jurassic PARK!” Her: “I don’t believe in dinosaurs” Me: “Fossils?!??!??!” Her: “I don’t want to get into it, but I think fossils are bullshit” I ended the conversation there and held onto the night. Later on, she told me, “I don’t believe in outer space.” -Reddit user Jack_Bandit

“Once went on a date with a guy from work (bad idea) who took me to Dave and Busters, for one (an arcade, for those who don’t know…). During the meal, he said all of the following:  1. I have a short attention span and can’t date a single girl for over three months.  2. I want to become a professional video game player. 3. I want to train to be a professional eater. 4. I don’t want to work a day in my life. I just want to play paintball. He was 23 years old, and I was 20. Even I knew this was childish nonsense. Later on at the movie, he asked if I would pay for our tickets because he ran out of money on our $25 dinner at the arcade.” -Reddit user daniellejuice

“When I was very young, probably around 12 or 13, an older friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to a shop with him. I said I didn’t have any problems with it and happily went along, on the way there, he said he was meeting up with a girl and asked if I’d mind talking to her sister. Her sister was severely handicapped and in a wheelchair. Of course, I didn’t find this out until I met her. The girl then decided she didn’t like me and proceeded to insult me.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“College years. Set up on a date with a nice girl who was totally in love with her next-door neighbor… who wanted to be a Catholic priest. One and done.” -Reddit user bacterialaden

“She was mean to the waitress. It was bizarre. There’s not much else to tell, it was just an incredibly awkward experience. I went back and tipped the waitress double under the guise of using the restroom.” -Reddit user yiddish_policeman

“The first words out of her mouth were, “I just want you to know, I really hate patriarchy.”Not even a hello to start.” -Reddit user galenblade

“A really sweet but terribly awkward guy came to my house wearing a short-sleeved button-up shirt and a bow tie and brought a rose. Everything he said was him trying to be funny and make jokes, to the point I felt there was no real conversation. He just tried too hard, poor thing.” -Reddit user SuiteM

“She didn’t say “thank-you” at all…not one time. I opened doors, picked up the check, did several “gentlemanly” things without a single “thank-you.” Deal breaker.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“I was having a rough time after breaking up with my girlfriend, Beth. So my dad sets me up with his law partner’s daughter. She was no looker and had this really awful retainer that went all the way around her head. Anyway, I get to her house to pick her up, and she totally does not want to go on the date. Instead, she pulls out a calculator and begins adding up how much the date would cost. She cuts the bill in half and asks for the cash instead. Worst date EVER!” -Reddit user NathanExplosions

“I took her to see The Family Man, and she kept giving advice to Nicholas Cage on screen, but since we were in the back row, she felt she had to shout to be heard. It was basically two hours of maudlin family drama onscreen and sustained shooshing from the rest of the theater.” -Reddit user judgebeholden

“I had a horrible blind date experience. She told me she was a Mormon. I don’t think further explanation is really necessary.” -Reddit user FalseBottom

“A well-meaning coworker set me up on a blind date with an embryologist who spent the entire date telling me how I should probably “man up” because my uterus wouldn’t be good for much longer. I tried to say, “Hey, that’s not fair. My mom had me when she was 30! I think I turned out okay!” His response? “You’re lucky you didn’t end up with a lot of disabilities.” I’m 23, and however well-meaning he was perhaps trying to be, I have never been so offended in my entire life.” -Reddit user gsd_in_nyc

“I went on an internet blind date once with a gorgeous, smart city-type girl, picked a great restaurant, walked her to the door of the place only to have her refuse to step inside with the words “I’m not eating in there, there are too many black people.” And yes, I ended that date instantly.” -Reddit user Doomzuk

“He insisted that we go see the first Twilight movie. Halfway through the movie, he leaned in and whispered: “I could be with you forever.” -Reddit user somealderaan

“Not my story…but a friend told me she went on a date with a dude from OkCupid, and he brought a bearded lady with him.” -Reddit user _propernoun_


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