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Blind Man Drops One Million Dollars In The Middle Of The Street, See What Happens Next

The best thing about YouTube is that you can always find entertaining videos to watch and avoid getting bored. One of the most popular genres on YouTube is called pranks. This is when someone does a social experiment in order to see how people would react without knowing that they are being recorded by a hidden camera. Well, one YouTuber named Big Daws TV decided to take things to the next level and to start dropping one million dollars in cash in front of people while he was dressed as a blind man. Their reactions are unbelievable!

This is Big Daws and he runs the prank channel called ”BigDaws TV”. Even though he is a prankster, Big Daws loves nothing more than to see people doing good deeds. This is why his pranks always end on a high note and leave people with a nice message such as “always lending a helping hand”.

Big Daws did lots of funny pranks during this past couple of years but the one that got the most views is called the “BLIND MAN DROPPING $1,000,000 PRANK!!”. This prank has more than 56 million views and the number keeps growing!

The prankster wanted to drop one million dollars in cash in front of people and he realized that the only way he could see their real reaction would be if he dressed as a blind man. This way, the people who were getting pranked might try to steal the money.

If there is something that we all can agree about, then it has to be the fact that no one can resist the temptation of picking up one million dollars. This is life changing money! However, you are going to be surprised to see how the pranked people react.

The prank starts with Big Daws walking in front of a man who is sitting on the sidewalk. Out of nowhere, the prankster’s suitcase filled with one million dollars in cash opens and the money starts falling out.

The man notices the cash and he can’t believe what he is seeing. His jaw drops and the only thing he can say is “Whaat?”. What do you think he does next?

Instead of picking up the money, the man decides to call Big Daws back and tell him that he dropped “something”. This is not the reaction that the prankster was expecting but he was more than happy that this happened.

This is a good man and there is no doubt about that. Instead of picking up the money and running away, he decided to give the “blind man” a helping hand.

The next target is a homeless man. The prankster is sure that now he is going to get a different reaction when he walks by and stacks of cash start dropping from his suitcase.

As the prankster is walking by the homeless man, his cash starts dropping from the suitcase. The homeless man sees the stacks of money and he can’t believe his eyes. He asks himself if this really happening and without hesitation, he drops down to his knees.

Without saying anything, the homeless man drops down to his knees and he begins to collect the stacks of cash. However, he doesn’t have any bad intentions and he starts calling Big Daws to come back because he dropped his money.

The homeless man doesn’t take a single bill from the stacks of cash and instead, he throws it all into the suitcase of Big Daws. Can you believe that? The homeless man didn’t hesitate for one second to give the money back.

The prankster was moved by the homeless man and he decides to pull the same prank on a lovely couple who was waiting for the bus. Big Daws realizes that he is going to get a different reaction after he sees that the couple doesn’t call him after his money starts falling out.

The man slowly bends his knees and picks up a stack of cash. After he does that, his girlfriend starts calling the “blind man” to come back and pick up his money. That man is sneaky and there is no doubt about that.

As Big Daws was coming back and saying “thanks” to the girl for letting him know about the money, the man was slowly hiding away the stack of cash in his pocket. He was taking advantage of the blind man!

Fortunately, the money that Big Daws was carrying in his suitcase are not real. They are prop money and he told the man who stole the stack of cash to give it back because it doesn’t have any real value.

After pulling the prank for three times, Big Daws decided to do it just one more time. This time he picked two women who were chit chatting in front of a store as his next targets.

Just like the first two men who got pranked, the two women didn’t hesitate to lend Big Daws a helping hand with his money. They didn’t even try to steal one single bill.

We have to give praise to all the people who helped out Big Daws while he was dressed as a blind man. They are good people and there is no doubt about that.

The prank was not only successful because Big Daws got great reactions from people with one minor exception, but it also went viral. The video of the prank is going to hit 60 million views in no time!


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