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Bold Airport Photos Caught On Camera

Airports are a funny place, right? Thousands of people from all different walks of life gather together in one place. So it’s inevitable that a lot of weird things can happen – whether that’s inside the airports or on the planes.

But it seems it’s when wanderlust-stricken passengers are sat waiting at the airports, is when really strange things happen. Carry on reading to see 14 of the best pics that show some pretty strange sights at airports.

Imagine you’re walking to board your flight, excited for your vacation to begin, then suddenly, this woman walks in front of you.

You would do a double-take, right? Many fellow passengers jaw’s dropped when they saw this woman but thankfully, it just turned out to be her travel pillow. Phew. 

Our favorite festive old man, Santa Claus is the epitome of kindness and joy, right? Well, we’re sorry to say, but that illusion is well and truly shattered after this picture of Santa in an airport went viral.

Maybe he was just in a rush to get his presents delivered? Or maybe he was just wanting to spread holiday joy? Either way, he looks like he’s in big trouble… Mrs. Claus isn’t going to be happy about this. 

Reuniting with family members in the arrivals lounge after being away for a long time, is a moment to be cherished. Some families hold signs saying, “welcome back!” Others merely run over for a warm embrace. Well, this devoted dad did neither when he welcomed his daughter back from Australia. 

Instead, he greeted his daughter with a margarita stand and margaritas at the ready! What could be better than a fresh cocktail off a 24-hour flight, right? This guy is by far the world’s best dad. 

Imagine you’re walking to board your flight, armed with a fresh coffee and excitement, then suddenly you see this pilot, making his way to YOUR flight.

This had to be a joke, right? Surely the pilot, who was walking with a “blind and deaf” stick, was just joking? Unless he was some next level superhero? Either way, let’s hope this pilot isn’t the one flying the next plane you go on! 

We all know how hard it is to find your luggage after a flight. With each suitcase that passes by on the carousel, your heartbeat races thinking it’s yours. But it’s not. Unless you have something distinctive on your luggage, it can often lead to a long and stressful waiting game. 

Well, this guy is a genius. What better way to find your suitcase easily, than having your face plastered all over it? We’re sure this suitcase will always find its way back home to its owner. 

Kids need a lot of attention when they’re at an airport. Most parents settle for an iPad, toy, or video game to help their kids get through the grueling process that is flying, but this dad did something a little more ‘creative’ shall we say? 

The devoted dad made the mistake of falling asleep at the airport next to his kids armed with their favorite colored sharpies. And as expected they showed no mercy when it came to doodling all over their dad! He’s going to be in for a surprise when he wakes up! 

Whether it’s the jet lag or uncomfortable seating, we all know how tiresome catching flights can be. That’s why we try and take a quick power nap at whatever chance we get.

Well, this little girl had clearly had enough, after someone snapped a picture of her fast asleep on her dad’s luggage while he rolled her out on it! If only we all could have a personal chauffeur, right? 

When you’re a major Hollywood star, most likely you’ll be traveling in style. On a private jet, kitted out with champagne and caviar; a far cry from the stuffy and crowded airplanes normal folk like us are used to.

Well, it turns out Nichols Cage isn’t about that private jet and champagne life. This pic, snapped by an excited fan, shows the actor himself nestled in a seat in standard class on a plane. Albeit he looks a tad jet-lagged, it’s great to see he’s just like the rest of us! 

Ever wondered what the pilots are doing while you’re sat waiting on a stuffy airplane, crammed next to some stranger? Well someone snapped a picture of this pilot and it went viral immediately. 

The pilot in question was having a water gun fight! He looked like he was having the time of his life! But Mr. Pilot, playtime is over now. You’ve got a plane to fly! 

With the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing, many of us have been told to travel safely. Well this family, pictured in an England airport, took the term “travel safely” to a whole new level! 

Kitted out in plastic bags covering their entire bodies, this family clearly means business when it comes to protecting themselves from Covid-19!

Waiting for your luggage after your flight can be a tedious thing, right? After all, all you want to do is head over to your hotel and get the holiday started! But unfortunately, you can’t.

This guy clearly means businesses when it comes to waiting for his luggage. We have no idea where this guy got a rocking chair from, but at least he won’t be suffering from a bad back standing up and waiting for his luggage! 

Sometimes you can end up spending hours, even days, waiting around at the airport. For some, this is their idea of hell. But you’ve got to try and make yourself at home, right? 

Well, this guy decided to make himself at home better than anyone. Disregarding his surroundings, he did his yoga routine in front of everyone. He had no shame, and we don’t blame him. After all, sometimes all we need is a good stretch.

Going through security at the airport is a pretty stressful thing, right? In a matter of minutes you’ve got to remove your shoes, belts, and all your jewelry, gather your electronics together and quickly get in and out, all without irritating the people behind you. Phew. 

Well, this momma knew how hard it is to go through security with ease. So to help speed things up, she placed her baby in a scanning container while she untied her shoelaces. But she better be quick, that baby is definitely on the move! 

If you’re a group of friends or family traveling abroad, you know just how stressful it can be trying to get from the airport to the hotel/resort.

Imagine if it was this easy? This picture is actually an art piece and as you can expect, it sure gets people’s attention! 


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