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Boy Has No Idea Why He’s Banned From Dance, Then Sees What Woman Is Staring At

Adam was mortified, frozen in his tracks. He couldn’t believe this had happened, and in front of everyone too; his friends, his teachers, even his childhood crush. He would never live this down.

He stood, soaked in the cruel laughter. How could they do this to him? He so badly wanted to argue back, and show his teachers just how much they’ve upset him, but no words come out. He felt sick to this stomach. Surely this was discrimination, right? 

For Adam Jones, he had been counting down the days for his widely popular homecoming dance since it was first announced a year before. Appropriately titled, the “haunted homecoming,” it was for sure going be the social event of the season! 

There was no way Adam was going to miss it. What could better than friends, music, and dancing? But little did Adam know what was in store for him.

Adam knew he had to make every high school moment count. It was his last year before he started college, and as exciting as that may sound, for Adam, he felt a mixed bag of emotions. 

Not only is it scary making new friends, moving to a new city, and leaving your parents behind, but Adam had a condition that made social interaction 1000x times worse. It was a condition that he was born with. He never thought it would affect him. Until now.

You see Adam was born with a condition called spina bifida. The condition causes breathing problems for Adam, which makes everyday activities quite hard for him. 

However, Adam knew that his condition was just a mere diagnosis – it wasn’t his destiny. He had big dreams and he wasn’t going to let his condition get in the way. Little did he know how wrong he was. 

A week before the homecoming dance, and the festivities were in full swing. Every single student was bursting with excitement, counting down the days. The decoration committee had pulled out all the stops to make this dance the school’s best one yet! 

Meanwhile, Adam was on the hunt for an outfit to wear to the dance. And as soon as he saw it he knew it would turn heads. But he had no idea what was coming.

After months and months of planning and preparation, the day had finally come. The students of Braden River High School knew this dance was going to be a dance to remember! 

Adam too was just as excited as everyone else. He told himself to take lots of pictures and just have a good time. He deserved it after all. Little did he know what was in store for him.

After dressing himself in his finest attire, Adam made his way to the dance with his group of friends. Driving to school, they laughed and sang along to all the cheesy 2000’s hits on the radio. 

They arrived and started to queue to get in. The line didn’t look too long and surely they’ll be quick with letting people in, right? Adam smiled as heard laugher from his friends. He had no idea his world was about to get turned upside down.

Adam and his friends had been waiting for 15 minutes now, and they were nowhere near the front of the queue. What was taking the staff so long? It’s not that hard; you ask their name, find their name, and let them in, right? 

But just as Adam got near the front of the line, a strange feeling hit the pit of his stomach. 

Finally, Adam and his friends were at the front of the queue. “Hi,” Adam said with a cheery smile. “There’s five of us on the list,” he told her. The staff member, who Adam didn’t recognize, responded with a blunt look. What was her problem? 

She looked Adam up and down and what she said next left his heartbroken. He had never been so embarrassed and ashamed. 

“Sorry you can’t come in,” the woman said, her tone emotionless. “But the rest of your friends can,” she said before letting them in. Adam couldn’t believe it. Why would they turn him away?

Turns out they refused him from entering because of his dress code. But what was wrong with it? Well once Adam found out the answer, he was left feeling even more embarrassment.  

You see Adam had picked out the most perfect outfit for his homecoming dance. It was smart, it was sophisticated, and more importantly, it was stylish; a crisp button-down shirt pressed black trousers and leather shoes. So what was wrong with it?  

But the problem wasn’t with what Adam was wearing on his body. It was with something that Adam had to wear. As part of his condition. 

Not only was Adam wearing a stylish outfit but he was also wearing his orthopedic braces as a result of his Spina Bifida condition. Adam felt his heart shatter into a million tiny pieces after being refused entry. How could they do this? 

His whole night had been ruined; his friends had gone inside to the dance without him and now he had to head home and wallow in anger and frustration. But his mother, who was as equally as devastated, knew she had to make the school pay. 

After Adam came home devastated, his mother Debbie was heartbroken to hear her only son had been refused entry of the dance because of his disability. She could feel anger boil inside her like tea in a pot. How could they get away with something like that? 

Clutching her cellphone she shot up and straight away she knew how she was going to make the school pay. Nobody gets away with upsetting her son.

Debbie loaded up the Facebook app and started to expose Braden River High. There’s no way they are going to get away with discriminating against her beloved son. 

She wrote, “he has missed out on SO much in the last few years. He was actually excited.” But when the school finally responded, what they said left Debbie and Adam even more frustrated. 

The school ultimately stuck by their extremely strict dress code policy, which had eight rules to the boys had to follow, including dress shoes and wearing a tie. Anyone who didn’t follow the code of conduct or dress code would be turned away.

Despite not getting any compensation or even an apology, Adam knew he had to let it go. This most definitely wouldn’t be the last tricky situation he’d be in because of his disability, so he just had to forgive and forget.


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