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Cat Meows At Boy For Help

Everyone who has ever had a pet will know that getting a cat or dog is one of the simplest ways to improve your life. However, sometimes a new pet owner will get more than they bargained for. 

Aggression, housetraining problems, and even what seems like paranormal activity can all be part of getting a new pet. For one family from Wisconsin, their new cat’s eerie ability changed their lives forever.

Amy Jung and her son Ethan decided to visit an animal shelter one Friday afternoon. Although the trip was meant to be just to look at the animals there, one cat immediately stole their hearts. 

The chubby orange tabby greeted them with a purr, and Amy knew that she had to find out his story. And it left her heartbroken.

The cat, named Pudding, had been living with another, younger cat at the shelter named Wimsy. 

Sadly, their owner had passed away suddenly and the poor cats had found themselves without a home. But, even before that, Pudding’s life had always been far from easy, and this wasn’t the first time he’d been surrendered to the shelter.

In fact, poor Pudding had been in and out of the Humane Society for years. The first time was in 2003, and then again in 2008 when his adoptive family had brought him back due to allergies. 

Pudding had even had another name: Starbuck. But his latest owner had decided to give him a friendlier name that was more suited to his laid-back personality. Little did Amy know, this cat was about to change her life.

Amy felt instantly drawn to Pudding for some reason, and he seemed to gravitate toward her. His heartbreaking story struck a chord in her and she decided to start the adoption proceedings. 

Even the director of the shelter, Carrie Counihan, could see that Pudding had an inexplicable connection with Amy and her son. But there was one problem. 

Pudding and his brother Wimsy were inseparable. Amy knew they couldn’t take Pudding and leave poor Wimsy at the shelter by himself! 

So she signed the papers to adopt both of the cats and prayed that she’d be approved. Thankfully, she was approved on the spot. With the paperwork processed, the Jungs could take their new pets home with them. But, that very night, something strange happened.

As soon as Pudding and Wimsy arrived, they settled in almost immediately, which was strange because most cats are nervous and skittish when they are brought into a new environment. 

Although both cats seemed relaxed in their new home, Pudding was particularly confident about his new surroundings. But it was only after the family fell asleep that the cat would show his true colors…

Amy and Ethan went to bed at around 9:30 PM. Amy shut all the windows, set up Pudding and Wimsy’s beds, and left her bedroom door open so that Pudding could explore the house some more while she slept. 

At first, everything seemed like a normal night. But, about 90 minutes later, Amy was in serious trouble.

Amy kissed Ethan goodnight and got into bed. She fell asleep quickly, and everything was silent in the Jung household. 

But, unbeknownst to Ethan and Amy, there was something else going on. Amy, who had been diagnosed with diabetes when she was younger, went into a diabetic coma while she was asleep. And then, she began having a seizure.

Pudding noticed that something wasn’t right with Amy immediately. He jumped onto her chest, but she wouldn’t wake up. 

He batted at her face with his paws and nipped her nose until Amy stirred enough to cry for Ethan. But the seizure took hold again, and she fell unconscious once more. Ethan hadn’t heard her calls from down the hallway, he was fast asleep.

But Pudding wasn’t going to let this happen. He dashed into Ethan’s room and jumped onto the bed, trying to get the boy’s attention. 

Ethan woke up to the cat in a frenzy and he just knew something was terribly wrong. Pudding lead him to Amy’s bedroom and stood guard while Ethan called for help.

Ethan called his dad, who talked him through what to do next. Ethan administered Amy’s emergency insulin injection and prayed that the damage wasn’t already done. 

Seizures are extremely dangerous and the person experiencing them can overheat quickly and go into shock. Thankfully, Pudding’s rescue mission had been just in the nick of time.

When Amy had recovered, she was astonished by the intuition that Pudding had shown. Moreover, for a cat who had only known her for less than a day, his actions had saved her life! 

“If something or someone hadn’t pulled me out of that, I wouldn’t be here,” Amy told Green Bay Post-Gazette reporters. 

News of Pudding’s heroism quickly spread, and soon Director Counihan from the shelter found out about the incident… needless to say, she was impressed!

“Her doctor said she could have gone into a coma and not come out of it if much more time had gone by,” she said. “The fact that Pudding did what he did…is just amazing to me.” 

Realizing how lucky she was, Amy decided to put Pudding’s sixth sense to use full-time. She took Pudding everywhere with her, and he quickly learned to alert her when her blood sugar began to dip into the danger zone. 

Amy’s doctor couldn’t believe it. He suggested that Pudding become a therapy cat. Of course, Pudding passed his application with flying colors!


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