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Teen Banned From Prom Over Date

He stormed out of the principal’s office. There was no way he could stop him from bringing her. After all, he wasn’t bothering anyone so why should he listen to him? He devised a plan. 

Everyone stared at them as they entered the dance hall. She was by far the oldest woman there but to Connor, it didn’t matter. He didn’t care what people thought of him.

19-year-old Connor Campbell was just like any other junior at Pinewood Prep in Summerville, South Carolina. 

He wasn’t the most popular kid on the block but he also wasn’t the quietest. He was an average student who had his main circle of friends and didn’t go out of his way to gain popularity. 

Connor was raised by his mother and grandmother after his father sadly passed when he was young. With his mom working a lot, Connor spent most of his time with his grandmother. 

93-year-old, Betty Jane Keene, helped raise Connor all the way through his life and now, as he was getting older, he wanted to do something for her in return. But his kind gesture wouldn’t go as planned. 

Connor’s grandma didn’t regret much in life but the one thing she had always regretted not experiencing was prom. Betty grew up in a loving household but they always struggled financially, which meant Betty couldn’t afford to go to her prom. 

Connor decided bringing his grandma to prom would be the perfect thank you gift. But he had no idea what was coming.

Connor asked her and she said yes! Now, all he had to do was submit both of their details and pay to receive their tickets. 

Connor knew bringing his grandma to prom wasn’t a very typical thing to do but he didn’t care what people thought of him. He knew why he was doing this and as far as he was concerned, it was no one else’s business. But that’s not how the school saw it.

As Connor waited for his tickets to be posted out to his house, he encouraged his grandma to begin looking for her perfect dress. 

“I’ve always shopped at Draper’s and Damon’s and so I had a catalog and I flipped and I saw this pale pink long dress with a light jacket, and I thought I looked good in pink,” Betty said. She told Connor about it and he delightedly told her to get it.

Connor loved how happy and excited his grandma was feeling about their big date and he loved that he could do this for her. But behind the scenes, another narrative was unfolding.

When Connor received a letter from his school denying his request for tickets and asking him to attend an interview with the principal, he had no idea why. He never got called to the principal’s office before. 

When Connor met with his principal, he plainly told him that it was against school policy to bring an overaged woman to prom with him. 

When Connor tried to explain to the principal that she was his grandma and he wanted to do something nice for her in return for raising him, the principal looked unimpressed. But what he said next shocked him.

The principal continued to say that the age gap was inappropriate and went against their policy. “Rules are rules”, he said. Connor was shocked. It’s not as if he was actually dating his grandma! 

He left the office disgusted at the principal’s lack of understanding but he wasn’t going to give up on his grandma’s wish that easily. He had a plan. 

Connor let the whole school know about the predicament he was in with his prom date. At first, people thought it was weird to bring your grandma but after he explained why they couldn’t help but admire his kindness and became enraged by the principal’s reaction. 

Connor released an online petition asking for help and it spread like wildfire. 

The principal had no choice but to approve of his date by the time the media got hold of his story.

When Connor showed up to prom with Betty, he received roaring applause as they stepped into the hall. Betty smiled ear to ear as she re-lived her younger years. They wore matching outfits and danced the night away. But was all the drama worth it?

“I told her to turn her hearing aids down before we went,” Connor laughed. “Everyone was really nice to her,” he said. “Everyone came up and spoke to her.”

“It was wonderful. It was really great,” Betty told ABC News of her magical evening at her first-ever prom. And what’s more, was that everyone seemed to know her before she even arrived!

“He had told all his friends. Every boy and girl. There were about 100 children at that dance and it was so lovely and they all came up and shook my hand and then I got Connor to dance with me. He’s not a dancer, but I am.” 

“Jackie, my daughter, did my face and made me up. And I had my hair done Saturday and my nails done. I was really dressed up for a 93-year-old.” Betty proudly said. And what was her favorite part? 

“Dancing with Connor,” she said sweetly. “I thought that was great”. For Connor’s mom, she couldn’t have thought of a cuter occasion for them both.

 “It just warmed my heart,” said Connor’s mom. “They both had a good time. It wasn’t like anyone’s arm was twisted to go. Both of them had a wonderful time and they both said it was the best thing ever.” But will Connor do the same next year?

“I won’t go next year,” Betty laughed. “I want him to find a girlfriend”. With the amount of attention and popularity Connor received for making his grandma’s wish come true, we’re sure he won’t be stuck for a date next year! 

And who knows, at this rate, maybe he’ll even become prom king! 


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