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Boy Tells Mom He Sees Face At Night, Mom Checks Monitor

Five-year-old Charlie has always been a calm child and never caused any scenes. His parents knew how lucky they were to have such an obedient son. He was an angel compared to his friends’ children. 

Everything was going well for this young family until one night, Charlie started to hear a strange voice in his bedroom. 

One afternoon, Jessica received a phone call from her son’s school. The teacher started to ask her a lot of questions about Charlie’s behavior and his sleeping schedule. She found it odd, to say the least. What did they need this information for?

Charlie’s teacher later explained that the five-year-old could barely stay awake in class, and the entire school was concerned for his well-being. 

Jessica was so confused by what Charlie’s teacher told her. She and her husband immediately talked to the boy about how he had been sleeping at night. 

Charlie took a deep breath and spilled it out: “The little boy doesn’t let me sleep at night.” Who was he talking about?

Charlie’s response made his parents very uncomfortable. They decided to install a camera in the boy’s room to get to the bottom of this mystery. They hid it very well so whoever was in Charlie’s room wouldn’t see it. 

A few days later, Jessica and her husband checked the recordings and what they saw left them at a loss for words.

The pair watched hours’ worth of footage and found nothing suspicious. They didn’t see any boy in Charlie’s room. Could it be his imagination? Or nightmares?

The footage showed their son sleeping peacefully throughout the night. David and Jessica were planning to take the camera down but later decided to leave it in the room for one more night. 

The next morning, David went into the living room with the camera in his hand and pressed play. He watched another baby speak to his son in his room. 

He thought he was going crazy, so he called Jessica to re-watch the tape with him. They both could not believe their eyes.

The pair heard another child saying, “I don’t want to sleep. I am not tired”, to which their son replies with, “I am tired. So, can you please keep it down?” Jessica and her husband were both in shock. 

“Where is he? Where is the kid?!” Jessica screamed.

The couple kept watching the footage over and over again, hoping to figure out where the second baby came from. The front and bedroom doors were shut, and all the windows were closed. There was no way this baby entered the house on its own. 

They knew they had to catch the trespasser. 

Jessica and her husband decided to spend the night in Charlie’s room to catch the child. They took turns sleeping in their son’s room while the camera recorded everything happening in the room. 

After a few days of sleeping in the boy’s room, they finally heard the baby speak.

“It’s just you and me again, let’s play!” they heard the trespasser say. Jessica woke her husband up and said: “David! I can hear him!” A few seconds later, the baby spoke again. 

What just happened?

Suddenly, the baby monitor lit up as the baby started to speak. It wasn’t their son’s voice. Little Charlie was silently sitting in his crib and listening to the baby talk.

Who was the child? And what did he want from their family?

Jessica walked towards the window and opened it. It was at that moment that she realized the sound was coming from another house. 

Although they felt relieved that there was no one in their house, they still desperately needed answers. So, the next morning, they called the company that sold their baby monitor. 

It turns out that their neighbors had bought the same baby monitor model. The frequencies got mixed up, making the two children hear each other. 

The company then offered Jessica and David an offer they couldn’t refuse.

The company offered the couple a full refund on their baby monitor and promised to fix the issue. 

However, David and Jessica felt like that wasn’t enough. So they shared their story with the world, hoping to get some sympathy from internet users.

After their story went viral, many parents who owned the exact baby monitor spoke up about having the same problem. 

The company then issued a statement and later released an improved model. 


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