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Brands That Millennials Just Don’t Want Anymore

What’s your favorite baby boomer brand? McDonald’s? Macy’s? Tiffany & Co? What about Kellogg’s Cereal? You know, those stores or businesses you shopped at back in the ’70s and ’80s when times were way easier? 

Unfortunately, it seems that thanks to millennials, our favorite businesses that we’ve grown to know and love, may just be dwindling out like a flickering flame. But the millennials have spoken, from Tiffany’s & Co’s Diamonds to Hellman’s Mayonnaise, here are 14 brands that millennials just don’t want anymore.

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend clearly had never met a millennial… While years ago, diamonds represented wealth, luxury and glamour, nowadays it seems they’re just not selling like they used to.

You see, ethical issues have prevented the young generation to buy diamonds, and instead, they prefer to invest their money in jewelry that is sparkling with good morals. 

Whether you want to dollop it into some macaroni or slap it on a sandwich, Kraft American cheese has been a staple item for many American households. But more recently, it seems people – millennials in particular – have fallen out of love with the American cheese. 

More and more millennials are choosing much higher quality cheese for their meals. Some prefer cheddar and Brie, as opposed to the preservative-riddled American cheese. 

Macy’s is the go-to-stop for when you need to go on an ultimate designer spending spree, right? Armed with your credit card and an inclining to treat yourself, you can often spend hours, even the entire day, getting lost in Macy’s never-ending aisles. 

Well, unfortunately, Macy’s has recently seen a steady decline in sales. The reason? Young shoppers are tending to shop at more fast fashion brands such as H&M and TopShop – they don’t seem to care about the designer or name, they’re more interested in how the clothes look. 

Back in 2001 people worldwide witnessed the birth of a “breakthrough digital device.” The device in question? The legendary iPod! But despite selling 100 million iPods by 2007, Apple has since pulled the plug on their iPod line. 

You see, why have an iPod, when you can have an iPhone? The same-sized device that can house all your music while doing a million other things! Most young people don’t even know what an iPod is nowadays… 

If you’ve ever been to Hooters then you go there purely for the… food, right? It has nothing to do with the eye candy you get to see while nibbling on your burger and fries, right? 

Well since 2010, Hooters has seen a steady decline in visitors and sales. Maybe young people just aren’t interested in the novelty restaurant anymore? Regardless, Hooters have revamped their brand in an attempt to appeal to the millennials; adding more healthier foods to their menu and even toning down their focus on the Hooter Girls.

While a bowl of your favorite Kellogg’s cereal and a glass of fresh orange juice was the only thing you needed in the morning to kickstart your day, nowadays it seems millennials are avoiding their bowl full of happiness. 

You see, many millennials actually skip the ‘most important meal of the day’ and instead pick something up while out and about. Many cereal brands have tried to entice millennials back in, offering more healthier alternatives to their sugar-filled cereal. 

Spread it on a sandwich or even spoon it out the tub (we won’t judge); mayonnaise is a staple fridge ingredient for many American households. But did you know that brands like Hellman’s are actually struggling to sell our favorite white condiment?

This is because younger people are opting for healthier and fun condiments – many love hummus and sour cream. 

Who doesn’t love a greasy McDonald’s burger drizzled in their special sauce and cheese? What about salty fries with a side of a thick and gooey milkshake? Well, while normal folk like us wouldn’t turn this meal down, it turns out Millennials would. 

You see, the number one fast-food chain in the world, McDonald’s, has experienced its worst sales ever in the past 10 years, and Millennials are to blame for that. Many millennials have swapped the grease and salt for a healthier alternative to fast food / such as Subway or Chipotle. 

Is there anything better than an ice-cold beer on a scorching hot day? Well, beer buddies listen up; numerous beer businesses such as Coors and Budweiser have recently seen a drop in sales.

You see, millennials are drinking less and less when compared to the older generations. These young people would rather sip on wine or liquor, than a beer. 

Next up is a brand that you will either love or hate. Some say they’re the epitome of fashion, while others are repulsed by their line. Either way, Crocs has become one of the most successful and recognized footwear brands in the world. 

But in the last few years, Crocs have had to close some of its retail stores, blaming young people for not purchasing their durable yet eyebrow-raising footwear. Maybe millennials just want something a little more… stylish? 

Whether you’ve got a pair of their lace underwear, or have been dragged inside the store with an eager girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret is a lingerie brand that is renowned for its bold fashion and eclectic fashion shows. 

But did you know that sales have been declining steadily since 2016? But why? Well, with its overtly-adult image, dark and mysterious stores, and with the brand heavily relying on skinny and petite models, it seems Victoria’s Secret has lost its spark with today’s generation of shoppers.

The legendary Home-Depot store has been the go-to place for all things home renovation. If you’ve ever wanted to fix up your walls or transform your bathroom from basic to beautiful, chances are you’ve visited Home-Depot, right?

But despite home decor and renovation being a big business, it’s not exactly big with millennials. You see, young people just aren’t buying houses at the moment; whether that’s due to student debt or the actual cost of houses. While most older generations might think purchasing a house is an investment, millennials disagree massively.

With an increase of elaborate albeit, sometimes expensive, skincare out at the moment, it seems that millennials worldwide have a lot to choose from when it comes to cleaning their skin.

Because of this, brands such as Dove, Dial, and Spring have been having a hard time selling their gorgeously-scented soaps.

Motorbikes are something associated with parents and grandparents and while the older generation loves nothing more than cruising the highway geared up in leather, it turns out millennials don’t. 

One of the main reasons for this is safety. Another reason is that many millennials don’t have their driver license and instead use ride-sharing and easily accessible taxi services like Uber and Trip.


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