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This Bride Read Her Cheating Fiancé’s Texts At The Altar Instead of Her Vows

They were about to say “I do,” but Casey had another thing planned. Her whole family was there cheering her on for her wedding, little did they know this wedding was about to take a weird turn. As she looked out and saw her parents’ eyes fill with tears, she knew she had to make the most out of exposing her fiancé. When it was her time to answer the question given by the priest, she got out her phone and started reading aloud messages that only incriminated the groom, showing everyone who he ​really was.

Casey and her husband-to-be had been together for over six years. She stated in an interview with Whimn that she genuinely​ thought he was “the one” when they met. Their families became friends, and their lives were entwined. “I believed we would live happily ever after,” Casey shares. But on the day of her wedding day, she got a message that shattered her world.

On the day of her wedding, she got up early and began her preparations with her girlfriends at her side. They laughed and shared memories that they had all envisioned for that very day; the dress, the beautiful flowers and bouquet, the flowing champagne and the excitement that filled the air. Hours were counting down until she would say her vows to her future husband. But at that very moment, she had no idea that that would never happen.​

Casey was hanging out with her girlfriends at her hotel room while they dressed for the wedding. They were drinking bubbly in a glitzy hotel and felt like princesses. Casey’s phone buzzed from across the room and, with the drink in hand, she went to retrieve it. She had been receiving​ messages all day from loads of people wishing her love for her big day, but this message was not in any way like that.

“Phone is running hot today!” commented one of her bridesmaids as Casey picked up her phone. The text took her by complete surprise, changing everything in a heartbeat. The text message contained a series of screenshots from a number she did not recognize, and under the pictures, a six-word message that made her heart stop.

The screenshots were of conversations, and the texts in the screenshots ranged from racy chats and everyday banter to every sordid detail in between. They even included selfies of her husband-to-be with a woman she didn’t recognize. To add insult to injury, the woman in the picture was the complete opposite of Casey, with blonde hair and flawless skin. Underneath was a question. 

Casey grabbed the phone and locked herself in the bathroom while she inspected every single screenshot. The texts the pair had shared went as far back as months and some were only days before their wedding! Her brain could not compute what was going on, still, in her heart, she knew these texts were real. There was a message that simply stated, “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?” Was this some kind of joke?

When Casey didn’t return from the bathroom for 20 minutes, her bridesmaids knew something was up. They knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Eventually, they managed to coax her out. But when Casey explained what had happened they were distraught. None of them would have guessed that Alex would be the type to cheat on his fiancé! But once the initial shock had worn off, there was something else on all the women’s minds.

Would Casey go through with the wedding now that she knew what kind of man her fiancé really was? The wedding was paid for in full — there would be no way of ever getting the money back. But by the time she’d made her mind up, it was too late. She was scheduled to walk down the aisle in an hour. The happiest day of her life was quickly becoming her worst nightmare and all she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and cry. She couldn’t go through with the ceremony. Or could she?

Everything was already all set up for the big day. By the time caterers were already serving food and all the guests had arrived, Casey had no idea what to do. The texts kept swirling in her mind. “This weekend. You and I. It is on, hot stuff. Bring your A-game,” said one text. Casey felt sick to her stomach. Suddenly, a dangerous calmness fell over her. She knew what she was going to do.

Every word she read in the text was like a dagger in her heart, but before she knew it, it was time to go. She couldn’t cancel now, she had to go through with it. Her bridesmaids insisted she called him immediately and tell him that she knew everything, but Casey was starting to formulate a diabolical idea.

Casey decided to do the only thing she could think of. She was going to pretend that everything was normal. Her bridesmaids were reluctant, but she asked them to go along with the day as if nothing had happened — her plan depended on it. She got dressed in her beautiful white gown and picked up her bouquet. Then, she slowly made her way to the wedding venue. 

“My dream dress is now just a costume,” she thought as she walked towards her cheating fiancé. But she couldn’t hide her true feelings when she saw him. Anger, betrayal, and intense sadness washed over her as she took her place beside him. But he had no idea what storm was coming his way.

Casey’s closest friends and loved ones were seated, happiness radiating from their faces as they waited to share the bride’s big moment with her. Alex’s mother and father couldn’t have looked prouder when they saw their son standing at the altar, beaming down at them. None of them noticed Casey’s tear-stained face and stony expression, but when they realized something was wrong, it was too late.

As her fiancé looked at her, puzzled, his face fell as he saw hers. He knew immediately that she was not an ecstatic bride-to-be. But he had no idea what was coming. Casey seethed quietly, waiting. As the time came for them to say their vows and their “I Do’s,” Casey waited for Alex to finish before she went wildly off-script.

“There will be no wedding today,” Casey announced. Every guest gasped as they had no idea what was happening and looked expectantly at the groom. But he had no idea what was happening either. He looked at Casey and grabbed her hand, which she quickly flicked away and continued. “It seems Alex is not who I thought he was.”

A ripple of shock went through the crowd, ​and the groom still tried to grab her hands. Casey dropped her bouquet disguising the well-hidden phone she was holding. Then, she read every single incriminating message that was in the screenshots and with every word, the groom’s face dropped. With a face like thunder, she read on, sparing no details.

As much as it hurt, Casey read every graphic message while Alex stood silently — clearly mortified. He had been caught and had nothing to say. His parents gave him a look that said it all. Suddenly, he stalked out of the church with his best man trailing behind him. But what was going to happen now?

The groom’s family looked on, horrified. They still could not believe what was happening, and neither did any of the guests. Casey thought she would have to explain a little further, so she took a deep breath and turned to face the crowd.

“I love all of you, and as horrible as this is I’m glad you all are here. There will not be a wedding reception today, but instead, there will be a celebration of honesty, finding true love and following your heart even when it hurts,” Casey said as she faced the guests once more.

There was some awkward applause and a little cheering, but Casey’s bridesmaids were the ones clap​ping the most. They could not believe how strong their friend had been, and more so, that she had continued with everything as planned — except the getting married part.​

That night, she celebrated surrounded by her family and friends. And even though she was heartbroken, Casey celebrated how she had almost made such a terrible mistake. She threw one heck of a party, and everyone went home smiling. But what caused Alex’s infidelity? And how did she not catch it sooner?

According to Dr. Rowan Burckhardt, there are two main reasons for infidelity. “The first is what the cheater probably sees as a problem in the relationship. The second is the straying party failing to have romantic feelings for their partner,” he states. “A person can react to a problem by stepping “out of the relationship” into the arms of someone else. And in the second case, the cheater needs to find this “romantic connection” elsewhere. This is when “attraction for a person outside the relationship becomes all the greater,” he explains.​

Casey had no idea her husband-to-be was a cheater. They had their problems like every relationship does, but when things got bad, she just endured a sleepless night and hoped it would be better in the morning. Luckily for Casey, she knew about his infidelity before the wedding! She went public with her story and it quickly went viral.

Casey’s story made waves, and everyone shared their thoughts on the matter. Graham Houghton said, “A very brave woman who deserves​ and will certainly find, someone better. I wish her luck and happiness.” Will Agee expressed similar sentiments saying, “Wow!! Very strong and forward-thinking of her!! Honesty is the best policy with self and others!! Blessings all!!” Still, Casey explained: “It was certainly not the wedding day I had planned but to our credit, it was one hell of a party.”


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