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Bride-To-Be Cheats Before Her Wedding, Gets Publicly Caught

Typically, when two individuals love one another and have been happily together for a period of time, the natural first step towards a life together would be to move in with each other. The following step could involve adopting a dog, and after that comes the important bit – marriage!

Some whirlwind romances can make a couple move fast through these steps, but they have to remember that marriage is serious business; it is a permanent commitment to each other. So when Emma, Pablo’s fiancee, did the unimaginable, he was heartbroken. Everything she did was caught on camera too. 

Marriage is serious, it is for life. There is no taking it back once that ring is on your finger and you said “I do” at the altar. You are officially husband and wife at that point.

Making a marriage work takes, well, work, but when you love the person you are with you happily work through the ups and downs of your relationship. However, for this couple, there was one thing that would tear them away from each other. 

This couple here, a duo from Mexico, learned all too well just how hard relationships can be and how serious marriage is. They did not even make it to altar before a huge problem struck their relationship.

Emma Alicia Paz Ayala and Pablo Torres Gandara are the two we are talking about. Their wedding almost did not happen when a massively scandalous video of Emma found its way online. 

Emma and Pablo fell in love as they laid eyes on one another. They were together for two years when Pablo asked Emma to be his wife. He could not wait any more to ask her that question.

Needless to say, Emma said yes! The engagement was not a long one and they set the wedding for April 7th, 2017. They had a little less than one year to plan the wedding and make it as perfect as Emma dreamt it would be.  

Emma wanted her big white wedding very much, but she cared more about Pablo and being with him for the rest of her life than any big wedding in the world.

Pablo made her happier than she ever imagined would be possible for her. As the wedding came closer, the preparations for the event were being finalized and taking shape. Now it was time for them to go off and celebrate the end of their single life. 

Pablo and Emma decided that each of them would have their own bachelor and bachelorette parties. They agreed that they each needed a celebratory blow out before they began their life together as a married couple. We are all entitled to one last night of fun, no?

As soon as they would say their vows it would be a signed marital contract, so this was the time for them to party in style one last time before they become husband and wife. 

As Pablo was planning his own bachelor party, Emma prepared her bachelorette. Actually, it was her friends who planned the events for her. Emma was to be surprised! They decided to take Emma to Playa del Carmen for her bachelorette weekend.

The friends booked an apartment near the Coralina Daylight Club as they wanted to be near the beach and party with other people. They were going to have a weekend of beaching and partying. 

Emma was very excited to be going on her bachelorette weekend with her best friends. She wanted nothing more than to party with them. She would miss Pablo over that weekend, but she knew it was going to be worth it when they reunited after it all.

Pablo was also going away that weekend for his bachelor party, so it worked out perfectly. The timing of it all was perfect, what could go wrong?

The girls checked into their apartment with a celebratory champagne toast. They decided to spend their first afternoon there at the Coralina Daylight Club, where a pool party was taking place. They had everything they needed – bikinis, champagne, and each other.

Emma’s friend took it upon herself to book the group a private VIP lounge area where they would be waited on all day. This was the perfect setting for Emma’s bachelorette – exactly as she imagined it. 

After celebrating with more champagne, the girls started to get much more relaxed. They did not get to see each other all together as a group like this often, so it was incredible fun for them to have each other’s company and celebrate such a happy occasion.

As the day went on, the girls were drinking more and more. They were having the best time together, until something went terribly wrong that would change everything. 

The pool party was in full swing. Drinks were being poured, the music was pumping, and everyone there was in the same fun state of mind. Emma and her group of friends were the life of the party.

The girls were equipped with balloons, banners, and sashes so everyone knew they were there to celebrate Emma’s wedding. It was obvious to everyone, but especially to a group of. guys who were invited to join their VIP area. 

As the group of young women and the group of guys spent more time together, they were popping more and more bottles of bubbly and drinking heavily. Soon enough, they started playing some party games; this is when Emma started having a little too much fun.

Heavily under the influence of alcohol, Emma started losing her sense of right and wrong. She was away with her friends, who was going to know if she took things a little too far with one guy?

After Emma and one of the guys flirted a bit, the two began to kiss. This was no small peck, either. The guy took her by the waist and bent her down towards the floor in a deep passionate kiss. Emma was very drunk at this point.

So drunk, in fact, that she continued to kiss the same guy a few more times throughout the rest of the night. No one would find out, right? 

The following morning, Emma awoke feeling horrible. She was filled with dread after realizing what she had done. She could blame her friends for allowing this to happen, but she knew they were all very drunk as well; she had no one to blame but herself.

Deep down she knew that this was going to break Pablo’s heart and that there was no making light of it. Emma could not believe she did such a reckless thing. 

She was filled with regret and humiliation. The rest of her bachelorette weekend was spent in worry over how she would tell Pablo and how it would make him feel to know what had happened. He would be crushed. How was she going to handle telling him?

Was she going to confess everything? Was she going to try and forget the events ever took place? What Pablo did not know was not going to hurt him, right?

But before Emma could even decide what the best course of action would be, the worst possible thing happened. After getting home, she got a text message from one of her friends telling her that someone recorded her kidding the young man at the club.

The person who secretly recorded everything, including Emma’s kiss with the man who was not her fiancee, uploaded the film to social media for the whole world to see. Emma’s world was tumbling down. 

The video was uploaded with the hashtag #LadyCoralina, as it was talking about the bar they were all at. Within a matter of hours, the video went viral. Emma sat there watching the video rack up thousands of shares and views.

She felt horrible and knew that she needed to speak to Pablo before this got to him somehow. There was nothing worse than him finding out this way. 

There was no chance that Pablo was not going to see the video, or at the very least told about it by friends. Emma needed to confess everything to Pablo. She knew she had a very limited amount of time before he would find out on his own.

Emma gathered herself and went to Pablo where she told him everything that had happened. Needless to say, he was absolutely heartbroken. 

Pablo was more than heartbroken, actually, he was downright angry and embarrassed. He could not figure out how Emma could do such a thing to him. How she could be so wasteful of their relationship and everything they had. 

After he watched the video himself, Pablo had nothing left to say to her. With only a few weeks until the wedding, Pablo did not know what he needed but asked for space to think. 

While all of this was going on, the online world was also talking about it. People were upset that she could do such a thing and so rumors were beginning to swirl around the internet and there was nothing to stop them.

Emma stayed offline to keep out of people’s range of sight. While she was the one who did this, she felt terrible and suffered a lot from this. 

As soon as Emma’s family saw just how hard she was taking all of this, they decided to step in. They put up a public statement on their social media, asking for all posting about their family to be taken down and for the chatter to stop.

Her likeness online was devastating to Emma, and her family wanted to protect her from it all as much as they could. They wanted her to be left alone. 

After the weeks of online chatter and scrutiny, Emma decided it was best for her to cancel the wedding on her own. There was no way she could face the people in her wedding when they all knew what she had done.

The video that was all over the internet was all anyone could talk about and was a huge source of shame for her. Emma felt like she was left with no choice but to cancel her wedding. 

Pablo agreed to cancel the wedding, but he did so with a heavy heart. He was not sure he still wanted to be have Emma as his wife due to what had happened, but despite it all – Emma and Pablo were still in love with each other.

They did not want to end their relationship and let it all go. However, could they work through this trauma? Could Pablo forgive Emma for her indiscretion? 

Several months after all of this took place, the couple announced that they were engaged once again. The original date of their wedding was behind them, so they decided to plan another wedding, one that would actually take place this time.

Emma apologized many times for her actions, enough for Pablo to forgive her. He loved her and wanted to spend his life with her, no matter what drunken escapade came in their way.    

Pablo and Emma decided to keep the past behind them and look to the future. They were both incredibly traumatized by the video and her infidelity, but they loved each other enough to work passed it.

They came out of the drama stronger than ever and for that we have to congratulate them and wish them nothing but happiness in their lives together! 

All of those people who saw the video of Emma were curious as to how the story ended. Did they end up getting married? Did they stick it out? After the viral video and later a post about the fact that they are indeed still getting married, the duo went off the grid of social media.

There were people who thought that the silence was an indication that the two broke up, while others thought it was a good move for them to stay off and focus on themselves. 

In 2018, someone sitting next to the couple at a soccer game recognized Lady Coralina. They snapped a photo of Emma and Pablo. However, there was something that did not quite add up.

The couple seemed to be having fun with each other, but they noticed that there was something missing from this happy couple’s photo together… 

As you must have noticed, the item missing here was a ring on her ring finger. There was no engagement ring or wedding band on her finger. Followers were disappointed at the prospect that these two did not marry in the end.

However, while they may or may not be married, they are still together and that made people happy too. It seemed as though they put the past behind them. 

If you are a beautiful young lady looking to have some fun with friends before or after your wedding, do not go to the Coralina Daylight Club, okay? Why is that, do you ask?

Well, there was another young woman who was caught kissing a man other than her betrothed, the wife of professional baseball player, Luis Porchas to be exact. Hilary Castillo was there with friends and was caught red handed. 

While we were not there to witness these events ourselves, both Emma and Hilary seemed to suffer from a serious case of a momentary lapse in judgement. They are certainly not bad people, but they did drink too much and make a really bad decision. We have all been there.

The only difference in their mistake than with any of our own is that they were caught doing these bad decisions on camera and there is no going back from that. 

Both Emma and Hilary never asked for any of this to happen to them. There are those who say that this is instant karma for being unfaithful. Hilary was already married and was known in Mexico, but Emma was a total unknown.

She did not want to go viral and her mistake was a one time event that she regretted immediately thereafter. They both made mistakes but they also deserved to remain anonymous. 

They say mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery. There are those who saw the video and took it upon themselves to create their own version of the video outfits, pretending to be Emma and the other young man she was canoodling with.

Lady Coralina was a popular costume that year as you can see from this photo of two women dressed up as Emma and the guy. But where is sad looking Pablo in this costume?


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