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Bride Regrets Saying Sister Can Wear Anything To Wedding

It was Deanna’s wedding day, and she had been looking forward to it forever. Everything was perfect. She could not have imagined anything more perfect, from the venue to the decor. As she stood at the front with her future husband, he was all she had ever dreamed of. 

It was a special moment, and she knew now more than ever that he was the one. There was just one glaring problem; everyone was staring at her younger sister instead.

While many previously accepted norms are now archaic, many young girls still spend much of their lives dreaming of their wedding day. Deanna Adams was no different.

She may not have been a typically blushing bride, but she was in love and wanted her wedding day to be perfect. When her big day became controversial, she would never have guessed that her sister would be the cause.

Deanna was set to wed the man of her dreams, Joby Adams. Although she had previously lived in Minneapolis, the couple would eventually settle in Gretna, Nebraska. 

Deanna’s sister, Christina Meador, already knew what it felt like to be a bride. While she had been married since 2003, Deanna had to wait until August 2019 before her special day came around. When it did, she had a special request for Christina. 

The sisters were close, and Deanna could think of no other person she’d rather have standing up there next to her than Christina. She did not anticipate any resistance but still had to ask. 

Deanna’s day seemed even more special when it was all confirmed. The reason was that her sister would be beside her as her maid of honor. 

It started as a joke between Christina and another bridesmaid. Deanna was well aware that her sister never liked formal wear at weddings. Thinking she was letting her off easy, Deanna surprised her when she told Christina that she could “wear anything”. 

This sparked off what was a harmless joke at first. That was until it escalated into reality and caused a huge stir at the wedding. 

The joke started when Christina thought that if she was going to spend more than $50 on an outfit, it had to be something she could use twice. As a joke, she texted Deanna and asked if she could wear something outrageous. 

To her surprise, Deanna said, “yes”. It was a crazy idea, but there was no turning back now. Christina took the “yes” seriously and decided to go ahead with wearing the outrageous outfit. 

Now that Christina had decided, she didn’t want to be the only one there that stood out. Speaking to the sisters’ friend, she co-opted another bridesmaid into joining her with the outfit choice. 

As the wedding day drew closer, the family planned to hold a backyard wedding outside their home. It was a beautiful day, and everything was in place. Everything was going to plan until Christina walked down the aisle, and all the guests gasped in shock. 

Deanna hadn’t expected her sister to take the joke seriously and actually show up that way. She had heard of outrageous weddings before. 

In fact, the internet was full of such weird and wacky weddings. Deanna never expected that hers would join some of them in going viral. 

There have been many outrageous weddings where guests and even the bridal couple went as far from tradition as possible with their outfit choices. 

One such wedding was the one where all the guests and the bridal couple dressed as comic book characters. There were many others. 

In one case, the bridal couple themselves shocked attendees when the pair tied the knot as Shrek and Fiona. 

Such weddings usually draw mixed reactions. While some people think they’re hilarious and fun, others find them distasteful. Of course, many brides also get in on the fun. 

When a bride steals the show with hilarious dancing or other antics, it never seems to cause much controversy. Perhaps, this is because it’s generally expected that the bride is the main attraction at a wedding. 

However, when Christina went ahead with her outfit choices at Deanna’s wedding, most eyes were on her. The big question is, what exactly did she wear to cause all the controversy?

It was a hilarious sight for everyone there when Christina Meador, the bride’s own sister, walked down the aisle in an inflatable T-Rex costume. It made it difficult for her to hold her bouquet, but the result was so funny that it went viral. 

Not everyone was amused. Many people felt that it was insensitive of Christina to wear something that would obviously distract guests from the bride. When it was all over, everyone waited to see Deanna’s reaction. 

After Christina posted that she chose to wear the crazy outfit saying, “I regret nothing”, many people online called her out on it. However, there was only one person’s opinion that really mattered. 

As the story began going and gaining more traction, Deanna could no longer stay silent. Finally, she spoke out and gave her opinion on the matter. 

To many people’s surprise, Deanna quickly defended her sister and commented. “It’s not a joke, it’s a giant middle finger at spending thousands of dollars and putting ungodly amounts of pressure on ourselves just to please a bunch of people who, in the end, only want free food and drinks.” 

She also added, “The point was to get married to the man who treats me like I hung the moon, and we did that part.

In the end, Deanna and Christina proved they were such close siblings. Deanna was all for the joke and joined in on the fun and hilarity it produced.  In a world of bridezillas and people taking themselves so seriously all the time, these sisters were a breath of fresh air. The reactions to the wedding now receive much more positive comments since Deanna confirmed she was all for it.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.


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