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Brilliant Methods To Keep Fleas, Ants, and Roaches Out Of Your Home

Fleas, ants and roaches are often unfortunate household pests. Although there are many products that claim to rid of these pesky bugs, most of these chemicals are harsh and require you to leave your house for a few days or leave a toxic residue in the carpet that you wouldn’t want your children or pets going near. Instead try out these safer home remedies that can get rid of these critters with common household products

1. Sprinkle Salt

If you sprinkle some salt on your carpet, it will most likely kill the fleas by dehydrating them. Just use some finely ground salt, sprinkle a decent layer on your entire carpet, let it sit for 1 to 2 days, and then use your vacuum to clean it up.

2. Starve The Roaches

If roaches do not have water, the roaches cannot live past one week. This means it’s very important to avoid having any leaks in your house. It will also make roaches more interested in any liquid traps you set out for them. It’s the same idea with food. Be sure to keep your kitchen completely clear of any food stains or crumbs. Roaches are also especially attracted to grease, so be sure to keep your stovetop as impeccable as possible.

3. Homemade Roach Spray

You can make your own roach spray by using soap and water to eliminate them. Spray it directly onto the roaches, and this will create a layer over their shell and will suffocate them quickly and effectively. It’s at this time that you should dispose of the roach right away because it may recover in the time the mixture takes to dry.

4. Destroy The Ant Nest


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