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Burger King Employee With Perfect Attendance Only Received Goodie Bag After 27 Years Of Service

The man worked 27 years for the same company, being a perfect employee and an example for his coworkers. When the company wanted to celebrate his many years of loyalty, he thought he would get a bonus or something in that area. 

What the man got instead for his 27 years left him in tears. But when the video of him receiving the gift was shared with the world, something incredible happened. 

Kevin Ford was a diligent employee, never missing a day of work in all of those long years. The location he worked at in Las Vegas recognized his 27 years with a small gift bag.

The bag had incredibly disappointing gifts inside and in no way made up for the many years Kevin worked there. The worker also had a slice of cake, which the managers brought to celebrate his work. None of them anticipated what would come next. 

When Kevin Ford started working at an airport Burger King 27 years ago, he was a single dad to two girls. He took the job to provide for them and ensure his family had health insurance.

Eventually, he married and gained two more daughters but continued to work at the same place because of the “amazing health insurance,” along with other benefits. It wasn’t a job he loved, but one he needed. Still, how much can a man work in an environment he doesn’t love without snapping? 

Kevin’s children were grown, he was a grandfather now, and he was near retirement age at 54, but there was no end to his work in sight. 

The man loved his grandchildren dearly, and they loved him. He was the pillar of the family, and everyone could count on him. Supporting his family was the reason that kept him at the same job for so long. He didn’t want to risk losing it all. 

Kevin still had to work and couldn’t get hired anywhere else, even though he was close to retirement age. The man was 54 years old and couldn’t see an end in sight. He still had to work hard for his family. 

Kevin made peace with the fact that he might be stuck at his job until retirement and tried to always do his best. Would he be able to stay true to his principles, though? 

The company said that the gift bag was a token of appreciation for Kevin’s long years of service. They rewarded him for his 27 years of loyalty with a goodie bag. 

That was the recognition the man got after so many years of work. A part of him was devastated, but he was a strong man. He wouldn’t let such a thing discourage him. 

When Kevin received his gift, the company decided to record the whole thing and create a cute moment out of it that they could share on social media. The goodie bag included candy, a Starbucks cup, pens, a lanyard, and a movie ticket.

They didn’t expect the reactions they got. The video went viral for all the wrong reasons. The company was at a loss for words, and Kevin was caught in the middle of it all. 

After seeing the video, people on Twitter slammed the company for treating Kevin so poorly. Everyone was utterly disgusted. 

A video of Kevin gracefully accepting the bag circulated on social media. Many people were less than impressed with what they considered an insufficient thank-you for nearly three decades of work. Something had to be done. 

But Kevin accepted the bag happily and thanked his manager for the company’s gesture of appreciation. He was a humble man whose only focus was to do a good job and bring home a paycheck. 

But many people felt he deserved better and should at least tell them off. Could he afford to risk his job just to make a statement? 

Kevin’s daughter was one of the most disappointed people who saw the video. Seryna believed strongly that his father deserved better. 

When she saw him opening the bag in the video, Seryna knew what must have been in his soul, even though he didn’t want to show it. The man was devastated but couldn’t do much. So his daughter had a brilliant idea. 

To recognize her father’s rare work ethic, Seryna started a GoFundMe to see if people would be interested in sending a little love his way. She set the goal at $200 and sent out the word. “My dad continues to work there because though he does look young, he is coming up on retirement age, and leaving would cost him his retirement,” Seryna wrote on GoFundMe. 

“In no way are we asking for money or is he expecting any money, but if anyone feels like blessing him, he would love to visit his grandchildren.” It didn’t take long before the donations started pouring in. Everyone wanted to help the hard-working man. 

Even celebrities joined in and helped the man. One of them was none other than David Spade, who pledged over 5000 dollars to the campaign. 

The funds kept growing to such an extent that Kevin’s daughter had to adjust the goal several times. They had no idea Kevin’s story would inspire so many people to donate. 

Kevin’s daughter had to up the goal multiple times the same day she started the campaign, and as of July 5, the donated amount sits at a staggering $358,470 — far more than the family could have ever hoped or dreamed of. 

“Y’all shattered the original goal, so I increased it!” Seryna wrote in an update on the donation page. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much.”

Kevin has been overwhelmed by how much support he’s received from total strangers. “I’ve been crying for about two days now. It’s just incredible.”

“I just go to work, have fun, laugh, and make other people’s day good. I’ve been in a dream for almost two days now. It’s just so beautiful and awesome. It really is. For all those years, you feel unappreciated, but you get up just like everybody else. You do your job, and for somebody to show this type of appreciation is just overwhelming.”

Kevin’s plans for the generous windfall include paying off bills and visiting his grandchildren and his daughter Seryna, for whom he is very grateful.

“I can’t repay her, you know?” he said. “Because she is why I do everything — her and my other daughters and now my grandkids. “I really can’t put into words how much I love my family.”


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