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Cameron Diaz Wants You To Know Shes Done With Hollywood

We all know and love her; Cameron Diaz is one of the most successful and sought after actors in Hollywood. Establishing herself as the queen of the box office by appearing in massive blockbusters such as Shrek, Charlie’s Angels, and more, for nearly two decades the blonde beauty has captured the world’s hearts. 

Which is why it was so heartbreaking when in 2015 Diaz announced she would be retiring from Hollywood. For good. Everybody was left lost for words at her announcement. But the real reason why she called it quits had never been revealed. Until now.

Way before she was winning awards and walking red carpets, Diaz was a very successful model in her teen years. Aged 16, she signed a contract with elite model management, and the same year she modeled for Calvin Klein and Levi’s! 

She traveled all around the world shooting for numerous brands. She even jumped on a private jet to Sydney to shoot a commercial for Coca-Cola! But her glamorous and sordid model past would soon creep up on Diaz, years later. And she never could have expected what was going to happen. 

In 2003 fresh from the release of her latest blockbuster Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Diaz was flying high. She had officially entered the 20 million club, and everything seemed to be going well.

But then one day, a stranger from Diaz’s past approached the Hollywood star. And what he would tell her would leave her world in pieces. 

This stranger was in fact John Rutter, a professional photographer who had worked with Diaz when she was just 19 years old. 

Armed with jealousy and envy, he blackmailed Diaz with topless photos of her that he had taken when she was 19. He boldly demanded $3.5 million or he would sell the topless photos and videos he had taken. But time was running out for Diaz. She had to do something and she had to be quick. 

According to the photographer himself, he was giving Diaz the right of refusal. But the actress herself just saw his action as blackmail so she sued him. However, in 2004 a Russian website released the topless video of the actress. Although Rudder denied releasing the video Diaz continued and pursued a case and Rudder was ultimately given three years in prison for theft forgery and perjury. 

But deep down Diaz was holding a secret close to her heart. And it was a secret that nobody ever could have expected. 

Diaz’s playful and outgoing behavior is one of the many things we love about the blonde bombshell. But did you know, Diaz has ADD? 

People that suffer from attention deficit disorder often find it difficult to maintain their focus on a single thing. In an interview with ABC Diaz opened up about her struggle with ADD. But soon enough Diaz was about to announce something that would leave the entire world heartbroken. 

In 2014 Diaz was cast in the highly anticipated and star-studded movie Annie. A fresh take on the classic musical movie, Diaz was cast as the infamous and cruel Miss Colleen Hannigan who runs the foster home where Annie resides. 

The movie was released in 2014 and unfortunately, it flopped, hard. Although critics praised Diaz’s performance, this was the last straw for her. After nearly two decades, Diaz finally had enough.

Cameron officially announced she was retiring from Hollywood in 2015. Her statement left fans and 90s kids worldwide devastated. Some admitted it felt like their childhood had officially come to an end. 

But one strange thing that everybody noticed was that she hadn’t given a reason why she called it quits. And nobody knew. Until now. 

In 2020, Diaz appeared on fellow actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘In Goop Health’ sessions; a series of videos hosted by Paltrow that feature numerous celebrities. 

When Diaz appeared on the show, finally she would provide an answer to why she decided to call Hollywood quits. 

According to Diaz, she was tired of spending 12 hours of her day on film sets. She also claimed she felt like she had no control of her life and she didn’t want a set of people taking care of her everyday needs. 

Instead, she wanted to regain control over her life and live it the way she wanted. Not the way her managers, team, or film producers wanted her to live.

In the last six years, while maintaining her distance from the big screen Diaz has entered into wedding and honeymoon bliss with Benji Madden. And in 2020 the two welcomed an adorable daughter into their family. 

Diaz didn’t need the flashing lights, the awards, or the fancy clothes anymore, finally, she had everything she ever wanted. 

Whether you know her for her adorable voice, her stunning features, or her comedic ability, Cameron Diaz will forever be one of Hollywood’s greatest exports. 

Although it’s been six years since we last saw the blonde beauty on the big screen, and as much as we do miss her infectious smile, it’s a good feeling to see her content in her own little world. 


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