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Cat Keeps Bringing Money, So Dad Sets Up Camera

One day, Stewart came into the office to see a few dollar bills on the floor near the front glass door. 

He thought that someone from the office must have dropped them, so he put the cash on the desk and resumed his work duties. Little did he know that it was his cat that was bringing the cash to his office. But how was it possible?

Stewart’s cat lived in his office, and he was loved by the entire staff. He would often come to cuddle with the employees and peer over their monitors. 

But none of them knew what the sneaky animal was up to when no one was watching. 

A week later, Stewart saw another collection of dollar bills next to the entrance. 

“Well, that’s weird,” he thought to himself as he picked up the cash from the floor. By the end of the week, Stewart had over $50! What was going on?

Stewart decided to install a security camera to see who was leaving dollar bills next to his office. 

He set it up and watched the footage on his phone. At first, nothing out of the ordinary was happening. His cat was walking around and sleeping next to the entrance as usual. But then, he noticed something strange.

As his cat was sleeping next to the entrance, a stranger walked by and attempted to wake the feline up. 

He knocked on the glass door, but the cat wasn’t paying attention to him. It wasn’t until the man pulled out a single dollar bill from his wallet and waved it in front of the door did the animal finally notice him. What happened next was incredible! 

The stranger poked the edge of the dollar bill through the small gap in the door, and Stewart’s cat started pulling it through bit by bit. 

After about a minute, the bill was inside the office! The man hung around for a few minutes before walking away. But this was only the beginning of their silly game. 

Stewart couldn’t believe his eyes as he watched the footage. Who was this man? And why was he using money to play with his cat?

It didn’t take long for the word of the unique interaction to spread. People would come by the office to meet the feline and play with him through the glass door. 

Stewart’s cat would pretend he wasn’t paying attention to them until he saw a chance to get some money from the curious strangers. 

People would laugh and take videos of him. Then, one day, Stewart came into the office to see a long line of people waiting for their turn to meet the feline. 

Soon, his sneaky cat was bringing heaps of money. It was then that Stewart and the staff realized they had a problem. 

They needed to give back the money to all these people, but they didn’t know how to find them. 

They knew it wouldn’t be fair to keep the cash to themselves. So, they decided to donate all the money that Stewart’s cat had collected to animal and homeless shelters. 

But there was something Stewart had to do first. 

Stewart wanted to warn people about his sneaky cat. So he made a flashy sign to explain his pet’s intentions. 

His cute sign read, “BEWARE: This cat will steal your money and won’t give it back!” But that wasn’t all. 

Stewart also explained what they do with the “lost funds” in their office. It also gave him an idea to finally name his sneaky cat. 

“There’s only one fitting name,” he said.  “Cashnip.”

A few days later, Stewart opened his email to see hundreds of messages. People were thanking him for doing a good deed and wishing him all the best. 

He also received many greeting cards with cash donations inside. It was unbelievable! There was one woman, however, who thought Stewart was using his cat to scam people. 

She would frequently walk by his office and give Stewart a dirty look. 

One day, she pulled out a measuring tape from her purse and proceeded to measure the width of the office window and write something on a piece of paper. Then, a few days later, Stewart received a strange note in his office mailbox. 

“Cats shouldn’t have to sleep on a cold floor. If he’s going to be ‘working’ at least he should be comfortable,” the note read.  

But it turned out that the woman was not only a cat-lover, but she also worked at a furniture company and wanted to make a little sofa for Stewart’s cat to sleep on. 


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