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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Swimming Puppy Found Struggling in the Middle of Open Sea

Hundreds of yards from land, a group of fishermen spotted an odd figure in the ocean. They thought it was just a person swimming, but turns out it wasn’t what they expected.

Trapped between big waves off the coast of Western Mexico, the figure looked so exhausted — yet still desperate to survive…

Then they realized it was A PUPPY.

Here’s an amazing story of a small dog that was miraculously rescued from offshore after swimming for his life for hours. Here’s how he found himself in the middle of the sea >>>

La Paz Bay in Baja California, Mexico, a beach referred as the “aquarium of the world” is relatively known for whale shark spotting. However on the 29th of August, a rare and MUCH different sighting showed up in the waters.

On great luck, their boat happened to be passing by… 

Rigoberto Michel Flores, his brother Jorge Abraham and two other friends finished fishing for six hours. However, these fishermen didn’t know that they were bound to save a life.

It was Rigoberto, 29, who saw something moving in the waters. He and his brother first thought that it was a person swimming but when they looked closer, they recognized a dog.

And without hesitation, they steered the boat towards the struggling puppy. This is how they saved the dog >>>

Even though the poor pup is already drained out, he tried his best to float his head above the water. Luckily, these fisherman came to rescue.

They whistled to catch his attention and encouraged him to get closer to them. The dog immediately understood. The good boy started to swim toward their boat but the current was too strong for his tiny feet!

The puppy kept paddling against the waves. He went back and forth for a couple of seconds, but he was separated repeatedly. 

But he didn’t stop until Rigoberto was able to reach him. Now, this is where the heartwarming moment begins…

When Rigoberto scooped him away from water, the canine immediately collapsed in his arms shivering from cold and exhaustion. Even though the fisherman was a stranger to him, he rested in his arms for a little while **finally feeling safe**. Rigoberto then gave him some water to drink. 

To begin with, how did the puppy end up in the middle of the ocean? THE ANSWER IS UP NEXT.

ANSWER: The poor dog was unfortunately swept out by a riptide. 

Even the professional swimmers can be caught up by this! **Imagine how much worse it would be for the puppy.** Look at the next page!

Sometimes the most dangerous water is the calmest area of the sea… also known as the beach. Because that’s where the riptide happens! It is a strong narrow current that’s equivalent to a river, and it flows away from the beach. 

So there’s a possibility that the puppy was casually playing on the beach when suddenly a riptide swept him away and forcefully brought him to the deeper part of the sea. It’s a miracle that the dog survived the riptide! So what was his strategy?

Dogs love to swim, but they’re not fish. What kept the little puppy alive is his desire to survive! Even with a tiny body that was easily swept away by waves, he kept paddling and paddling his tiny feet.

While this is crazy… finding dogs in the middle of the seas and oceans is more common than you think…

A jack russell terrier was found in the Gulf of Mexico wearing only a life vest made for animals. This dog was sailing with his owners when he fell off the boat. They reported him missing on land… but it turned out he was lost at sea!

When we saw where they found this next dog, our jaw dropped…

Workers from an oil tanker ship on the coast of Thailand saw a dog paddling near their ship. With his last strength, he desperately clung on the bottom of their rig. “His eyes were so sad. He just kept looking up like he wanted to say, ‘please help me.'” the Thai worker said.

The workers helped the weak dog climb on board and brought him to the animal clinic after they reached land. No one knew what really happened to the dog but he’s a native breed called ‘aspin’ from their neighboring country the Philippines. You wouldn’t believe that next is a dog that FELL OFF A FERRY.

This dog was rescued by the boaters who spotted him in the middle of the ocean in Italy. They found out that the dog fell off a ferry — and was lost at sea for more than an hour!

The dog was off leash on the deck and fell overboard. The dog’s owner begged the captain to turn back the ship, but the captain refused. His reason? It’s a dog, not a person and they were on a ferry. The owner couldn’t save him and assumed that he had already drowned. The owner could have been more responsible and secured his dog. You don’t want your pet to be in this kind of horrible situation, here’s what you NEED to do…

When you visit a beach, pool, lake, or river with your dog, or see someone else’s dog near water — remember that they are land pets and not for the water!! Then you should remember these water safety tips for them. 1. Microchip or Nametag It is always A MUST to have your pooch wear ids with them everywhere you go. But its **very very** important to have them when you visit places with bodies of water. Why?

Because a new environment for your pet can be overwhelming and distressing to them. The stress could make them run away (no matter how trained they are!) If they do run away… here’s what to do…

2. Toys and Treats Always bring retrieval toys and your pet’s favorite treats to lure them back at you! Bring potable water too and never allow your pets to drink water from the sea, river, lake, or any standing water.

Now… pay attention to these boat safety tips…

3. On a Boat Not all breeds are suited for swimming. So invest in a life jacket for your dog because this will save its life. In case your dog falls off the boat, the life vest will keep its head afloat even when its exhausted or unconscious. 

Make sure to get a bright colored jacket because it is easier to locate your pooch if it goes missing in the sea. But ALWAYS keep an eye on your dog. Because you’ll see on the next page how the waters can be so unpredictable!!

4. Check the waters Be aware of riptides, waves, high tide, and strong currents in the water. Dangerous waters could sweep away your pal in an instant like what happened to this puppy in La Paz Bay Mexico!

So what happened to that dog after the rescue?

The puppy found by the fishermen off the Mexico coastline was rushed to the veterinary clinic. He was diagnosed with high salt water intake and fatigue.

It took days for the little guy to have a full recovery. Yet no one came looking for him. Turns out he was a stray dog. — BUT what happened next is the greatest turning point of his life!

A local woman named Perla Habif Schcolnik decided to provide shelter for him and named him after a floating ball from the movie ‘Cast Away’. His name is WILSON!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Wilson now…

The video of Wilson on the sea went viral and hit 425,000,00 views and 13,000,00 shares on facebook.

ElizabethA from DailyMail commented, “Well done to these gentlemen for saving the life of this young puppy. Thanks to them, he has a chance of a very happy life. Glad to hear he is doing well now.”

In response to the positive comments, Perla posted a video of Wilson playing with his new family. Check out his fully functional **wagging** tail!

This video was posted on the 6th of October: He looks so healthy and full of energy while enjoying the company of his other pooch brothers!

Another user from DailyMail, The Lady G, praised the fishermen, “Well done those men. Thank goodness they were out fishing that day. I can’t bear to think what may have been.” Let’s see how the fishermen respond.

“I am happy that we could save this puppy from certain death, and I hope that people keep gaining conscience about respecting all living creatures.” said Rigoberto. This is a reminder that not all heroes wear capes — some are owners of rescued dogs, and some are with fishing rod and boat!

What a happy ending for our little fighter!


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