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Celebrities Banned From These Surprising Places

Have you ever been kicked out of bar, restaurant or hotel? Some days things just do not go as planned. It may start with an argument with a waiter for bad service or a drunken night of partying. Though it may be hard to believe, this also happens to the most famous of celebrities. Sometimes money can’t solve everything.

Miley Cyrus- Banned From China and Dominican Republic

There was an unfortunate photo of Miley Cyrus that appeared as if she was mocking asian people. That photo earned Miley a spot on China’s blacklist in 2009. The Chinese foreign minister Yang Jiechi said: “Miss Cyrus has made it clear she is no friend of China or anyone of East Asian descent. We have no interest in further polluting our children’s minds with her American ignorance.” Another incident in 2014 got Cyrus banned from the Dominican Republic. Government officials said she “undertakes acts that go against morals and customs, which are punishable by Dominican law.”

The Kardashians- The Met Ball

Kim Kardashian found herself banned from being anywhere near the Met Gala before the was on Kanye’s arm. Kim’s family was not allowed either. Of course that all changed with their engagement and marriage.

Russell Brand- Banned From Canada, Japan, South Africa

Russel Brand’s criminal record has caused a huge set back to his ability to travel. In 2011, Brand was deported from Japan during a visit with then-wife Katy Perry. Just a few months later, he was banned from entering Canada ahead of a casino gig. Then, in 2013, he was banned from visiting South Africa. Brand has had a number of run ins with the law, including when a warrant was issued for his arrest in New Orleans in 2012 after he allegedly grabbed a paparazzi’s iPhone and threw it through the window of a nearby law firm.

Charlie Sheen- New York Hotels

When staying at New York City’s Plaza in 2010, the actor supposedly had an adverse reaction to “medication”. This caused him yo go into an underwear-clad rage in his room. During his rage, a porn actress hid in the bathroom out of fear. His destruction included the smashing of mirrors, TV, and furniture. Sheen supposedly racked up $20,000 in damages before the authorities intervened. The Plaza has reportedly banned Sheen for life—and other Manhattan hotels have taken a similar stance: the Waldorf-Astoria and the Trump SoHo have supposedly refused to book Sheen.

Brittany Spears- Chateau Marmont

Although the Chateau Marmont has a history of wild celebrities, Hollywood hangout reportedly banned Britney Spears in 2007. The reason behind the ban was because of bad table manners. She was supposedly smearing her dinner on her face, which invoked several complaints from other guests.

The Who – The Holiday Inn

The late drummer Keith Moon along with the rest of The Who have been banned for life from Holiday Inn hotels. He reportedly had a special fondness for blowing up hotel toilets. In 1967 they stayed at a Flint, MI, Holiday Inn and this time it was even more explosive. Moon’s 21st birthday bash reportedly involved him detonating a hotel toilet, launching a food fight, and backing a Lincoln Continental into the pool.

Business Mogul Stewart Rahr- Nobu Restaurant for Arrogance

Although Stewart Rahr is not a celebrity per se, he is an American business mogul with an estimated net-worth of $1.6 billion. Stewart is deeply rooted in celebrity events and is a party guy at heart. He refers to himself as “No. 1 King of Fun”. On one occasion,he headed out to famed celebrity hot spot Nobu in New York. Rahr arrived without a reservation and began berating and abusing the restaurant manager when he was told there were no tables available. At one point Rahr was telling other patrons to leave “his table”. The following week Rahr was informed he was no longer welcome at Nobu.

Justin Bieber- Indoor Skydiving In Vegas

Justin Bieber and his posse showed up at an indoor skydiving place in Las Vegas just before closing time. At the end of his time, he refused to pay his bill. The establishment gave Beiber two options to pay: post a picture of him skydiving at that particular place for publicity, or pay the $1,600 total. Justin Beiber pretended to post the picture and left without paying resulting in a ban.

Martha Stewart- Britain

Martha Stewart was due to fly to Britain for a business trip but was surprisingly refused entry because she has a criminal record. In 2004 she was sentenced to five months in prison after being found guilty of lying to investigators during an investigation. The UK Border and Immigration Agency released a statement saying the Government denies entry to the UK for those who have been found guilty of “serious criminal offences abroad”.

Beyonce- Malaysia

In true Beyoncé style, she found a way to be banned from an entire country! Due to her scandalous performance outfits, the country of Malaysia banned Beyoncé. Her fierce voice and dance moves caused her to be banned from performing for the Muslim-majority nation. Due to the country’s muslim religion and strict dress code for women, her show was cancelled and she was banned from the country.

Madonna- The Alamo Drafthouse Theatre

Over Madonna’s long and successful career, she has been banned from many countries for her racy performances, perceived propaganda and strong opinions. This never stopped her from expressing herself. Madonna makes sure she is always near her phone, including during a screening of ‘12 Years a Slave’ at the Alamo Drafthouse Theatre in New York City. She was asked to put her phone away by an usher during the performance. Madonna went on to unleash on the employee and refused to put her device away. They announced her ban over twitter and condemned her bad manners.

John Travolta- New York City’s Peninsula Hotel spa

When you are a celebrity that is known around the world, its hard to keep anything secret. This is the case for John Travolta. In recent years, Travolta news has centered on his sexual orientation. Rumors of the actors association with gay escorts in the 90s and 2000s has bubbled up in the media which he denied. In 2000 Travolta was banned from the spa in New York City’s Peninsula Hotel spa. According to reports, Travolta made numerous advances and inappropriate comments towards male employees. There were so many complaints that he was ultimately banned.

Ariana Grande- Wolfee Donuts

Security footage caught Ariana Grande and her friends licking donuts that were on display at a donut shop in Lake Elsinore, California. Not only did the owner ban the singer for life, but he decided to press charges.

Ozzy Osbourne- San Antonio, Texas

Ozzy Osbourne found himself banned from the entire city of San Antonio, Texas! It was discovered that he had peed on public property a little too close to that city’s treasure: the Alamo.

Lindsay Lohan- The Chateau Marmont

The Chateau Marmont used to be home to Lohan’s hard partying days. When it came time to pick up the bill, a $46,350 tab went unpaid. As a result, Lohan was banned from the ritzy hotel.

Nicki Minaj- The Dorchester Hotel

Nicki Minaj’s fan club, the British Barbz, were so excited to see their her that they ended up storming the Dorchester Hotel in London. They tagged walls and got into fights. An ambulance even had to be called during the incident. Minaj was told by hotel staff she had to find somewhere else to say and was no longer welcome at the hotel.

Amy Winehouse- The Savoy Hotel

Of all the celebrities, Amy Winehouse had the best reason for being banned. She tried to give a free show. In the bar of the Savoy Hotel in London, there was a pianist playing. She decided she should join in, singing along with the music. Apparently the bar patrons weren’t very happy. There were complaints to management that she was singing too loud and in turn she was banned.

Lil Wayne- The Wynn

In 2010 the Wynn in Las Vegas issued a preemptive ban against the rapper. He arrived at the hotel after a performance at the Hard Rock Hotel. Lil Wayne was fresh off an eight-month sentence for attempted criminal possession of a weapon. The Wynn reported that they were concerned that Wayne would be asking for trouble if he came inside.

Michael Jackson- London’s Dorchester Hotel

In 2005 Michael Jackson reportedly startled a housekeeper at London’s Dorchester Hotel when he opened the door to his room. Jackson was dressed in a full Mickey Mouse costume. The hotel’s sense of humor for Jackson’s shenanigans ran out in 2009. He was informed that he was no longer welcomed due to the “circus” that accompanied him.

Led Zeppelin- Numerous Hotels


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