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Celebrity Conspiracy Rumors So Absurd They Could Actually Be True

Celebrities! You either love them, or you hate them! Regardless, you’re probably talking about them. It’s true that pretty much everyone loves good gossip, especially when there’s twists, turns and secrets that involve the rich and famous. While your standard rumors, like love life gossip or high-profile feuds, are pretty easy to brush off, every now and then there’s a rumor that’s just too weird to ignore. Even if it turns out to be false (which most of the time it is), we still can’t help but be interested. Here’s some of the most bizarre and conspiracy-like rumors that have been said about some celebs.

1. Beyoncé Wasn’t Really Pregnant With Blue Ivy

Back in 2011, when Beyoncé announced that she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, rumors began to circulate saying she wasn’t actually carrying a baby. Even still, many people believe that B and Jay-Z’s eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, was carried by a surrogate. There are even more Bizarre theories that suggest she was the illegitimate daughter of Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles. However, it’s pretty likely that Blue is the daughter of Jay and B, seeing as she looks so much like them, but the surrogate theory has a lot of strong evidence to back it up. During one occasion, Beyoncé’s bump seemed to fold in on itself and almost “deflate” as she sat down during an interview. Real baby bumps can’t do something like that. What’s also incredibly suspicious is the amount of secrecy surrounding the birth. Perhaps we’ll never know the truth.

2. Barbra Streisand Used To Be a Porn Star

It seems as though this rumor has been persisting for decades, and we’re unsure why. The rumor claims that at the beginning of her acting and singing career, Barbra Streisand debuted as a porn star. “Evidence” has appeared, and this “evidence” is Streisand in a supposed BDSM biker-themed movie called Cycle Sluts. Surprisingly enough (or not really), this rumor is incredibly false. Streisand starred in a non-porn film as the lead character’s love interest. Her character was involved in porn, not Streisand herself. She took on the movie The Owl And The Pussycat, in the 1970s when her career had not yet taken off. Out of context, the film could suggest that she was into freaky stuff back then, but it was just all part of a movie plot.

3. Anna Wintour Had An Affair With Bob Marley

Of all the surprising and unlikely hookups in Hollywood, this one certainly takes the cake. Ever since the 1970s, there’s been rumors and whispers about Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, having a brief fling with reggae king, Bob Marley. It’s said that the two met when she was only a humble junior fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar. They were introduced by Winter’s then-boyfriend’s best friend and then disappeared together for a week, (to an apparent love nest somewhere). Wintour has denied these claims over and over, and has claimed that the two never even got the chance to meet. However, she has said that had they met, she definitely would have slept with him. Her honesty is honestly inspiring.

4. Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain

When Kurt Cobain died, the rock scene took a huge hit, and it’s still one of rock’s greatest tragedies. Cobain committed suicide in April, 1994, shortly after checking in to rehab. His wife, Courtney Love was absolutely devastated, especially since she reported his suicidal intentions before Cobain decided to act on them. However, many rumors regarding Cobain’s death put Love on the scene and it is suggested that SHE is the one who killed him. Cobain’s attorney, Rosemary Carroll, felt very strongly that Love had had a hand in Cobain’s death. She found it incredibly suspicious that Cobain had died shortly after mentioning his intention of divorcing Love and cutting her out of his will. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence to support a verdict of murder by anyone, including Love.

5. Taylor Swift Is a Secret Satanist

Taylor Swift seems to be in the headlines constantly, whether it’s her newest fling, a new song, or her and Kanye West drama. However, a particularly memorable piece of gossip about Swift is that she was allegedly part of a Satanist cult. Now, wouldn’t this be shocking for her good girl image? What is the reasoning behind this bizarre rumor? Swift has a big resemblance to Zeena Schreck, a woman who led a Satanic cult before the singer was even born. When you talk through it, it really doesn’t hold up…..

6. Shia LaBeouf Knew About the NSA Scandal In 2008


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