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Twin-tastic: Celebrity Pairs Most People Never Knew About

When it comes to famous twins, we bet you can’t think of anyone other than the Olsen twins. You’d be surprised as to how many celebrities have twins out there. In some cases, they lead similar lives but in different ways but not always!

Most of the time it seems that only one of them got into Hollywood while the other prefers to stay out of the spotlight and lead a “normal” life. You’ll be surprised which of your favorite actors and actresses have secret twins!

Everyone knows Ashton Kutcher and he has a lot of fans out there, but did you know that he has a fraternal twin who has a son and lives in Iowa? His name is Michael and he went down a different path, becoming a motivational speaker due to his cerebral palsy.

We can tell there’s a deep bond between the twins, although Ashton hasn’t talked about his brother all that often it seems that whenever he has we could see him tearing up. If that’s not an indicator of his love for Michael we don’t know what is.

The Bündchen family is a big one, the family consists of five girls, and among them are twins Gisele and Patricia. The Brazilian family seems very close, always showing up together at fashion events.

Fraternal twins often look similar in appearance, especially when it comes to facial features. But if you didn’t ask you would probably never know. If you didn’t notice these two being twins you have to at least admit that they have the genes for good looks.

Jon Heder is most famous for his role as Napoleon Dynamite, but did you know that he has a twin brother? His name is Dan and they seem as close as twins can be. They even started their own production company.

If they got the same haircut and shaved we bet you wouldn’t be able to tell apart the real Napoleon Dynamite from the imposter! He could have even filled in for his brother if he ever needed to.

The Sutherland family is a talented one! Both men of the family, Kiefer and his father, Donald, are reputable actors with a long history in Hollywood. It seems that these men can take on any role without a hitch. 

Kiefer’s sister, Rachel, decided to go in a different direction but still works close to the camera, albeit behind it. She supervises television post-production. Seems that the whole family has a knack for being involved in Hollywood, even if that is off the camera.

Here’s an exception to the list, Cameron and her sister Chimene may not actually be twins but don’t they look just like it? Everyone knows Cameron from her success as an actress while her sister would rather lead a quieter life.

Chimene is married to Robby Armstrong and the couple has four kids. We’re sure that Cameron is a great aunt! You have to admit that these two could easily pass for twins.

The Carter family is quite a famous one. We’re sure you already know Aaron and his brother, Nick from his boy-band years. But did you know that Aaron has a twin sister named Angel?

Nick most likely inspired Aaron to get into the field of music and his twin-sister also decided to get into the entertainment business. She got into a modeling career and hasn’t looked back since. Seems talent really runs in the family in this case.

With the success of their band “Good Charlotte” these two tattooed twins have been able to land some pretty successful Hollywood partners, they’ve dated names like Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, and Nicole Richie.

After forming in 1996, these twins are still churning out music and touring today even if their music isn’t where it used to be. They’ve become music and pop culture icons that are loved by many.

Vin Diesel gained his acclaim after starring in the “Fast And The Furious” franchise and today he’s even one of the most well-paid actors in Hollywood. It might surprise toy that he has a twin brother that went down a different path.

The twins synergize well as Paul works as a film editor. This means that he can teach Vin about what looks good on camera and what doesn’t. The pair have been spotted together numerous times and seem to have a strong bond.

The Ribisi twins come from a long line of performers so it’s no wonder that they both ended up acting in Hollywood. They’ve both been raised as Scientologists and their father, Albert Anthony Ribisi, is a successful Italian-American musician who even toured with the band People!

While they work on the big screen and their father entertains people with his music, their mother, Gay, works in managing writers and actors. The family even has another sister, Gina Ribisi, who’s career path led her to voice acting.

You may know Rami Malek from his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Before that role, however, he rose to stardom due to his role on the TV show “Mr. Robot.” Rami’s brother, Sami, has appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show.

If you’re looking for an easy way to tell the two apart then try to spot the beard. Rami prefers to stay clean-shaven while his brother likes to sport a trimmed beard. Without the beard, we’d have no idea who is who.

The gorgeous Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother named Hunter Johansson. The fraternal pair have been spotted together on numerous occasions and appear close. Hunter is also successful in his own right but in a very different field.

Hunter worked during campaign and reelection and has also taken on a number of high-profile events. He took the political path and she took the Avenging path. It all makes perfect sense.

The Dazed and Confused starlet has a fraternal twin brother, Chris, who works as an attorney over in the Peach State. Based on Posey’s own statement in the past, she wasn’t cut out for the drier world of lawyering.

“I’m a good girl, you know?” Posey said in a January 2012 interview with The Daily Beast. “But I’m from the South and there are some powerful women down there, and very theatrical.”

Former U.S. President George W. Bush’s twin daughters look more like sisters than twins but they indeed fraternal twins. They both have done well for themselves. It probably doesn’t hurt that their father was the president of the free world.

One went on to graduate from Yale and the other, Jenna Bush is a contributor to NBC Nightly News. It, apparently, doesn’t hurt to grow up in the White House when it comes to finding success.

Linda Hamilton played Sarah Connor in The Terminator, and had an identical twin sister in Leslie Hamilton. Leslie was no actor, however, she was instead a nurse. However, for three scenes, she was her sister’s double in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

When she appeared, she played whichever “Sarah” was further from camera view while Linda plays “the Sarah” who is in focus. Sadly, Leslie Hamilton Freas passed away in 2020, at age 63.

Shawn Ashmore and Aaron Ashmore are most certainly a duo that is hard to tell apart. Both of these brothers are actors and have appeared on the show Smallville. Shawn also received accolades for his role in Iceman.

If it wasn’t for the very different choice is head and facial hair we wouldn’t be able to tell if these guys switched out on each other for a day of filming.

A creative and successful set of twins can be spotted in Charlotte Ronson and Samantha Ronson. One of these talented sisters is a successful designer and the other is a popular DJ. Samantha, the DJ, used to date Lindsay Lohan.

The business of show doesn’t stop in this family with these two talented twins. Their older brother, Mark Ronson, has become a super producer in recent years with hits like “Uptown Funk” which features the multi-talented Bruno Mars.

The famous “Ironic” singer has a twin brother named Wade who has devoted his life to similar interests of his younger famous sis. Wade teaches yoga and performs his own unique brand of rock music that combines indie rock and pop music with Sanskrit and English chants.

His music might not remind us of Alanis Morissette’s younger rocker days but she eventually calmed down her rhetoric and the volume on her music and she’s more on base with her brother than ever before.

The duo played Liz and Jessica Wakefield in the TV series Sweet Valley High. The two have clearly grown closer to one another as it appears they do pretty much everything together. “Nothing is better when another person really knows you on a soul level,” the pair recently wrote on Instagram.

Hailing from Gainesville, Florida, the pair began modeling when they were just 11 years old. Fittingly, they have appeared as the Doublemint Twins in commercials for Doublemint gum.

You may recognize their younger self from the Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy. These 20-year-old twins then picked up their own TV show, The Suite Life with Zack & Cody. That show was followed up with Disney’s Suite Life On Deck.

The Disney stars are now grown and living their own lives, although they appear to still find time to spend with each other as this photo highlights. We’re suddenly feeling really old.

The NFL is full of family dynasties, just look at Peyton and Eli Manning. However, it’s not often we find NFL playing twins! Tiki Barber is now is an on-air TV personality and was a former New York Giants football player.

Ronde Barber spent his entire 16-year professional career playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before also becoming a broadcaster. Tiki was an offensive player while Ronde played the defensive side of things. They even had their own sibling run-ins on the field a few times.

The brothers that both made MLB history, Ozzie (the less famous of the pair) would often attend book signings and appearances in place of Jose. Whenever someone hears Canseco, they know it is synonymous with baseball. That is how big of an impact the Canseco brothers have made on the sport.

In 2011 José got into trouble for breach of contract when he sent Ozzie to pass as himself at a celebrity boxing match.

Did you know Elvis had an identical twin? Elvis’ twin brother, Jesse, was tragically delivered 35 minutes earlier than the rock star and was stillborn. It’s not something Elvis Presley spent much time talking about.

Elvis allegedly lived his life haunted by the realization his brother didn’t survive. His mother, Gladys used to tell people that Elvis had the energy of two people. Perhaps some of Elvis’ music passion came from a place of sorrow for his brother.

An impressive bunch, these twins are the younger brother of well-known actor Ralph Fiennes, and also have filmmaker and composer siblings. Joseph stars in American Horror Story. They are yet another family that collectively took their talents to the entertainment industry. They clearly know what they are doing in that field. American Horror Story is one of the most popular shows of all time.

Joseph’s twin brother did not join the family business and enter showbiz, however. Instead, Jacob Fiennes works as a conservationist — a noble career. He has a wife, a daughter, and two dogs.

The twins’ claim to fame started when they were still in diapers, however, they have become successful businesswomen with their very own fashion line, named after their older siblings (Elizabeth and James). Full House is where most of us can say we first saw these adorable twins in action.

Many fans were disappointed that the twins refused to join the rest of the original Full House cast when its reboot, Fuller House, was introduced in 2016. Ashley doesn’t want to return to acting, and Mary-Kate felt that the show would interfere with her fashion business.

Actress Laverne Cox and her identical twin brother M Lamar have achieved success in different parts of the entertainment industry. Cox is best known for her portrayal of transgender inmate Sophia Burset on the popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Her brother, M Lamar, portrays Sophia in a flashback before her transition.

Lamar also has a successful career separate from his sister. The New York City-based composer, multimedia artist, musician, and counter tenor has created art that’s been praised by The New York Times as “a bracing alternative to the dispiriting traffic in blandly competent art clogging the New York gallery system.”

An appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show revealed that twins Olly and Ben were actually estranged for quite some time after Olly wasn’t able to attend his brother’s wedding due to a scheduling conflict with X Factor. If you think that is bad, the whole family was once in a heated feud. “He made the decision not to speak to the family,” said Olly when asked about his brother.

Ben even went so far as to change his name to further distance himself from his family. But in 2018, Olly revealed that he hoped that he would see his brother again “one day.”

These twin sisters come from Canada, and one went on to become an actress while the other stayed in Canada to host a TV show. Two paths that both require being in front of a screen. Their good looks may have had a part in their decisions.

If you have two twins that look so much alike why not cross the border and take over both entertainment industries at the same time!

You may recognize these faces, as they starred in their own show: Sister, Sister! However, many people think the young actress pulled a Lindsay Lohan (a la Parent Trap) and played both parts; not true, there are two! Not only are there two but they both prett different lives.

Life took a tragic turn for the twins in 2018. Tamera’s Niece Alaina Housley was killed in the Borderline bar shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, on Wednesday, November 7. Tia took to Twitter to support her sister, writing “Our sweet Alaina Housley is gone. We love you. We are devastated.”

These twin brothers are also both Hollywood actors; Jeremy was in Party of Five, 7th Heaven and I’ll Fly Away, while Jason starred in Dazed and Confused. Being the bad boys of Hollywood comes at a price when it comes to casting.

They may have played in cult classic roles but have not been in much as of late. With their charming good looks and bad boy portrayals, they were big fan favorites for years and that’s nothing to gawk at in an always changing Hollywood.


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