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Celebs That Went To Great Lengths To Escape Their Toxic Parents

Having a hard time in high school is commonplace as a teen, but having serious problems at home can be very traumatic for many. For these 15 celebrities, the road to stardom was very bumpy due to abuse and neglect, but they managed to pull through and become a success.

Ariel Winter

Source: Wikipedia
For many years, Ariel Winter was on the receiving end of emotional and physical abuse from her mom Chrisoula, but in 2015, she revealed that she was finally emancipated.

Drew Barrymore

Source: Wikipedia
At the age of nine, Drew Barrymore’s mom Jaid brought her to the infamous Studio 54, which led to a childhood full of alcohol and drug abuse and a suicide attempt at the age of 14.


Source: Wikipedia
Adele’s father Marc abandoned her when she was only two years old as a result of alcohol abuse, and the situation made things rough for her and her mother Penny.

The Jacksons

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Joe Jackson has been abusive to every member of The Jackson family. Michael Jackson, who became the biggest member of the group, was the most punished out of them all.

Tatum O’Neal

Source: Wikimedia
In her autobiography A Paper Life, Tatum O’Neal talks about her horrid times with emotional and physical abuse from her father Ryan O’Neal.

Courtney Love

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The root of Courtney Love’s well-known substance abuse problems stems from her father giving her LSD when she was only three years old.

Christina Aguilera

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While living at home with her abusive father, Christina Aguilera used music as a way to escape the troubles, which turned into a successful career.

Kelly Rowland

Source: Wikipedia
As a child, Kelly Rowland had to deal with an alcoholic father, but her mom Doris took her to a safer spot in Houston, Texas to live with Beyoncé Knowles.


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Rapper Eminem has publicly discussed his estranged relationship with his mother on numerous songs, but in the 2013 track “Headlights,” he apologized for his past remarks.

Vanessa Lachey

Source: Wikimedia
Vanessa Lachey’s mom Helen Bondoc left her when she was nine years old and never came back. As expected, Vanessa never gave her mom an invitation to her marriage to Nick Lachey.

Demi Lovato

Source: Wikipedia
Demi Lovato penned the song “Father” about her relationship with her father Patrick Martin Lovato, whose mental illness made it hard to raise his family.

Oliver and Kate Hudson

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Oliver and Kate Hudson have such a bad relationship with their father Bill Hudson that Oliver posted an old photo with Bill on Father’s Day with the caption “Happy Abandonment Day.”

Macaulay Culkin

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Macaulay Culkin’s father Kit helped manage his rising movie career as a kid, but things changed after his mother Patricia filed for divorce due to abuse. Macaulay hasn’t seen his father in over 20 years, and he apparently has no desire to reconnect with him in the near future.

Jennifer Aniston

Source: Screencapped.net
When Jennifer Aniston started out as an aspiring actress, her toxic relationship with her mom Nancy crippled self-esteem. This led to Jen cutting off all communication with her for years and not inviting the former model to her wedding to Justin Theroux in 2015. The following year, Nancy passed away, but she had the last word in the conversation when she cut her own daughter out of the will.

Lindsay Lohan


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