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Celebs Who Were Caught Lying About How Much Money They Have

Almost all celebs lie about what they have. It’s a part of the game they play with fans and the media. They show off all this cash in the forms of fancy cars, expensive jewelry, and so on. They like to put on a front that they’re living a wild and lavish lifestyle that most of us will never have. In the age of social media and information being readily available to the public in an instant, lying is a tough game to get caught up in. Since many celebs know that being rich is part of the game, many of them try to fake it. Some social media accounts have even dedicated themselves to busting as many of these “lying” celebs as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the funnniest and most embarrassing examples of celebs being caught lying about their wealth.

Bow Wow’s Private Jet Fail

Bow Wow is a guy that’s made a lot of money in music. He started very young and managed to stay in the industry in various ways. However, he’s been known to exaggerate his wealth, and the worst example of this was this private jet fiasco. Bow Wow posted a picture of a private jet and claimed that he was flying privately to New York. This was not the case at all. The picture was from a private jet ad and Bow Wow was flying commercial. How do we know this? Not long after his post, the guy sitting behind the rapper saw the post and outed him by posting a picture of the rapper. This did not stop the internet from completely heckling Bow Wow’s entire life.

Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber’s Car

A few years ago Sean Kingston made headlines when he was spotted in a familiar sports car, a chrome Fisker Karma, much like the one Justin Bieber owned. When Kingston pulled up to a steakhouse for dinner, he was questioned by reporters. However, instead of just saying the truth, he blatantly lied by saying, “When you’re best friends with one of the biggest pop stars in the world, you get all kinds of gifts. How did Bieber respond? He said he did not gift the vehicle to Kingston at all, and after being extremely embarrassed, Kingston said that it was all a joke.

50 Cent’s Weird Life

50 Cent loves to talk about money, and we don’t doubt that he makes a lot of it. But, when we heard about 50 Cent claiming bankruptcy, it made us question whether or not he had lost all his money somehow. There are now reports that 50 Cent has plenty of money in investments and Bitcoin and other places, so nobody really knows what the truth is. This isn’t the first time 50 Cent was caught lying about money. For example, on his Cribs episode, many of the cars he showed off were shown to be rented from a local collector. There are a lot of social media posts that show 50 Cent surrounded by money, but he claims those were fake bills.

Bieber’s Fake Louis

There was a time when Louis Vuitton made custom jackets for many celebrities, but they have now stopped. The company decided to focus their attention in other areas and celebrities everywhere cried. Then, low and behold, Justin Bieber was seen wearing a brand new Louis Vuitton jacket that hadn’t been seen before? Had the company decided to make a custom one for him? No. A rep with the designer said, “The jacket Bieber is wearing is a cheap knockoff of the Louis Vuitton brand”.

Rick Ross Lies


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