Cheaters Who Got Caught And Exposed On Social Media

The most important rule that everyone needs to follow while in a relationship is to not cheat. While this might not seem like such a difficult rule to follow, some people overlook it and start having affairs. However, we live in the age of social media and cheaters who get caught are being exposed on the internet every other day. With that said, we have rounded up 20 pictures from the internet that will show you people who got caught cheating on their loved ones and are now regretting their decision, especially since the entire world can see them for who they really are. 

This guy didn’t just cheat on his girlfriend, but he made the mistake of bringing his “side-chick” to the place where his girlfriend loves to eat every other night. He was playing with fire right from the start and he got what he deserved.

This girlfriend didn’t just catch her boyfriend cheating on her, but she also went on to print out his DMs with the other girl. 

We think it’s safe to say that she is not going to let go of this too soon.

The look on this man’s face says it all! 

He never expected his wife to find out that he was cheating on her and since she posted his picture on social media, then she is not planning to forgive him.

Well, this is what bragging and talking bad about your wife is going to get you. 

This picture went viral on social media and his wife has more than likely seen it, or at least someone who knows him and shared it with his wife.

This girl’s name is Courtney and she was happy that she met someone who is boyfriend material. 

Little did she know, the guy was simply looking to mess around and started hitting on her sister at the same time as he talking to her.

This man has somehow forgotten that his profile picture on Facebook shows his family. 

Let’s hope that he learned his lesson and he will no longer try to hookup on social media while his family is waiting for him at home.

A girl was watching the baseball match and she overheard that the woman in the front seat is cheating on her husband. 

Since she didn’t know the woman’s name, she did the best thing she could to find her husband and posted this picture on social media.

Does this picture even need an explanation? 

From the girl’s expression, she didn’t know that this guy had a girlfriend waiting for him to come back home.

This girl tried to act like she is a hard worker who is taking an extra shift but her boyfriend got lucky and he was sitting in the same bar at her. 

This night surely didn’t turn out as she was expecting.

Damn, this is not the type of things that you want to see on your social media posts. 

On the bright side of things, the other guy had no idea what was going on and he spilled out the truth.

We know that this isn’t the type of cheating that you were expecting, but we have to give Pizza Hut and Dominoes a shout out.

 Their social media people are great at their job.

When you think that you found a dress that you lost a long time ago but it turns out to not be your size. 

Her boyfriend turned into “ex-boyfriend” ASAP.

From the looks of it, Vicky’s ex-boyfriend does not care that she has been cheating on him. 

He just wants to make sure that everyone who knows her can see who she really is behind all those lies.

Alan didn’t even bother to hide his emails that serve as proof for his cheating and now he is paying the price. 

Diane is never going to forgive him after she made this issue public.

Isn’t the guy’s reaction just priceless? Although what else can say after he finds out that his girlfriend figured out… 

He has been hitting on other girls and top it off, she is also taking his Xbox.

This man who caught his girlfriend cheating on him knew that the best thing he could do make her feel bad was to take a picture and post in on social media so that all her friends could see her.

She seems to be ashamed and so his job was done and done well. No sympathy here. 

This girl made a huge mistake and talked about how she kissed her boyfriend last night. 

The problem is that her boyfriend is a soldier who is deployed.

This woman was texting with other men while sitting right next to her boyfriend. Good thing that these nosey people were looking at her messages. 

They did the best thing and gave a message to her boyfriend.

This girl doesn’t get the idea of what cheating means. 

“He wanted to be with his wife” is showing us that she didn’t realize she was in an affair.

This is what happens when you rush to write a message and you confuse James for Jared. 

She got what she deserved after all.


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