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Conspiracy Theories That Redditors Bring To Light

Conspiracy Theories have been around for longer than most can remember. Always second-guessing what appears to be in pursuit of the truth. A lot of them can be absolutely ridiculous, but others could actually have some truth to them.

Redditors have flooded the platform with conspiracy theories that seem to have weight to them. Perhaps they could actually be real?

Marylin Monroe was being spied on by everyone. Seriously. When another owner of her former residence decided to renovate, the number of wires and bugging they found was astounding.

This means that it wasn’t even just one party spying on her. There must have been several monitoring her, most likely the CIA/FBI or maybe even worse.

How easy it must be to own Big media and be in cooperation with the largest social media platforms, to manipulate the minds of most people. Constantly drip-feeding things that will trigger and create political hate and divide.

People are only strong when united. “Them” and “They” are the wealthiest and most influential people on the planet. “We” and “Us” are everyone who isn’t in the top 1% of these people.

The FBI did want Martin Luther King Jr dead and even went as far as sending him letters trying to bully him into dying by suicide. They may not have put a gun in James Earl Ray’s hands, but they were happy with the outcome.

I had a professor who worked on that FBI team. Told us lots of stories of the phone calls that they had tapped, the notes/threats they sent MLK, things they sent to MLK’s wife, etc.

Not officially confirmed as far as I know, but I think Gary Webb was likely correct about the CIA flooding neighborhoods with drugs in the 1980s to fund their ops in Nicaragua.

This was covered in his book series “Dark Alliance.” He was later found deceased, and it was ruled a suicide. But it’s hard to believe it’s true.

Project Stargate was actually proven successful, but it was canceled and closed out because. “The foregoing observations provide a compelling argument against continuation of the program within the intelligence community.”

“Even though a statistically significant effect has been observed in the laboratory, it remains unclear whether the existence of a paranormal phenomenon, remote viewing, has been demonstrated. The laboratory studies do not provide evidence regarding the origins or nature of the phenomenon, assuming it exists, nor do they address an important methodological issue of inter-judge reliability.”

MKUltra, like someone above, said the FBI is seeking out mentally disturbed people to help them plan attacks so they can arrest them right before they carry it out, COINTELPRO, Operation Northwoods, and literally everything the CIA dabbles in.

I also believe most people don’t realize the government has worked directly with media companies since at least WW2 in an effort to sway public opinion in their favor. Add on the theater of left/right politics, 24hr talk shows posing as news, and an executive order allowing the US people to openly be bombarded with harmful propaganda.

If you have an Android, you can long-press on the google app, select Permissions, and change “Microphone” to “DeniedPow. Google can’t listen to you anymore. And boy, will it complain.

Any time you plug into a car or press the button on your headphones or hold down the home button, it’ll bark, “Google needs additional permissions to interact with you!”

Propaganda Due, an Italian masonic lodge that included many high profile people like Berlusconi, the house of Savoy pretender to the throne, heads of secret services, bankers, religious figures, etc. 

The stuff they were up to is insane and also resulted in the government of Italy passing a law prohibiting secret societies. They were behind press takeover, government policy, bombings, etc. They had an organized plan to effectively take over Italy and rewrite the constitution.

Google “Project for a New American Century” if you want to understand why they invaded. They weren’t after Iraq’s oil. It was a stupid plan to “democratize” the region and make it friendly and safe for US business and military presence.

Hell, it’s not even a conspiracy theory. It’s just an example of how clueless Americans can be. They had a website spelling it all out, and on the day of 9-11, most of the signatories were in the Bush admin or involved with it.

For me, it’s the McMartin preschool case. Recently the FBI accidentally released a couple of documents that seem to confirm that there really was a tunnel complex beneath the school, which very disturbingly implies complicity on a number of levels.

The best part was that these documents were accidentally included in a FOIA release regarding a completely different government-sponsored cult called The Finders.

It really looks like the Covid pandemic could have been an unintentional lab release. But it was massively politicized. Many scientists seem to have felt it would fire up even more xenophobia and anti-Asian hate.

The right didn’t want trade issues to come from it, etc. We’ll likely never know, but the evidence is very compelling.

A random FB liver asked her to wear yellow if she was in trouble. That shit was crazy. It was even more extreme than that! Several people on IG asked her to wear a yellow top in her next video if she needed help, and in her next video, she not only wore a yellow top but also referred directly to said yellow top in the caption. 

They then asked her to wear a blue top if she really, really needed help, and lo and behold, she wore a blue top in her next video with a caption saying something like “Hello world!”

I remember reading something from a guy whose job it is to handle the data servers where info is stored or something. Basically, he scoffed at the idea of your phone listening to you. He mentioned how much data that would be to sift through audio files for keywords. He mentioned how they do it through your cookies/data.

The phone tracks the cookies from not only your phone but phones that you’re routinely in close proximity with. So you may get ads about baby clothes after talking with someone who’s pregnant and think that your phone must be listening to your Conv. When in reality, the phone is syncing your cookies with hers, and since she’s been looking up pregnancy info often, it’ll send your phone ads as well. I’m not sure if this is true, but it does make a ton of sense.

The best PR was making the term “conspiracy” synonymous with “conspiracy theory.” The perpetrators of Watergate were convicted of “conspiracy,” but as soon as Watergate was proven, it stopped being a “conspiracy” and became a “scandal.”

Just remember, good citizen, that conspiracies are not real. There is no corruption. All your senators and representatives and police officers are good, honest, incorruptible people.


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