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Cop Follows Teen After She Smiles At Him, Has No Idea What She’s Done

Roger Caron has worked as a security officer at Pascack Hills High School for several years. Most students weren’t bothered by his presence because he was a good person who was always ready to help. 

But he knew that some students didn’t like him. 

Caron knew that students were intimidated by him, so he mostly just kept to himself while doing his job. But there was one girl with whom he chatted frequently. 

Their chats were usually just small talk, but that day everything changed…

It started like any other day. The bell rang, and students rushed to their classes. Sarah Buzzini walked by and smiled at Caron. 

She was one of the few students who acknowledged his existence. 

Sarah Buzzini looked up to Caron. The two often talked about their lives and dreams. She wanted to become a cop, and he encouraged her to enroll in police studies.

As he watched the teen walk by, he noticed something strange about her. 

Sarah was walking weirdly as if she didn’t know where she was going. Caron continued watching her. Was she tired? Or was she distracted by her cellphone?

But after he noticed another strange detail about her, he started to follow Sarah. Little did he know what he was in for. 

Sarah kept walking faster. Then, her hands started to shake. No one besides Caron was reacting to her strange behavior. 

“This isn’t good,” Caron thought to himself. Something was wrong with the girl, and he needed to help her. 

Caron grabbed her hand and looked her in the eyes. Sarah was silent. He asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t react. 

Her face was pale, and she looked terrified. Was she in danger?

Suddenly, it all made sense to Caron. He needed to act quickly. 

“I’m going to help you, okay?” Sarah nodded in agreement. Caron quickly moved behind her and positioned his hands on her navel. 

He started pulling in and up, but it didn’t work. Caron quickly tried again, but this time with more force. 

Still, nothing came out. “Come on, you can do it!” he told Sarah. 

Caron didn’t have much time. Sarah was choking on something, and she needed medical assistance. 

By now, a large group of students and teachers had gathered around them. 

Finally, after several tries, Caron’s force pushed a french fry out of Sarah’s windpipe onto the floor. 

Sarah was rushing to finish her food before getting to class and didn’t realize that one fry had gone the wrong way.

“I knew it was lodged in my throat, my drink which I had in my hand couldn’t get it down,” she said. 

 “After a couple of seconds, I slowly felt myself fading, to be honest with you.”

Sarah gave Caron a big hug. Had he not noticed her strange behavior, she could’ve been dead by now. 

But the pain in her throat remained for a few days. 

Caron recalled, “I noticed Sarah didn’t seem right. She was stumbling a bit, moving very quickly.”

“The closer I got, I realized her color was off, and she ran up to me and started giving me the choke signal. At that point, I knew exactly what was wrong.”

Caron then took Sarah to the nurse for an examination. Fortunately, she wasn’t injured aside from some bruising around her ribs. 

Caron and Sarah’s bond grew even stronger after that day. 


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