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Couple Adopts Teenage Boy, Husband Wakes Up To Find Wife Gone

A few months after they adopted him, he noticed some things he couldn’t quite explain. His wife seemed to be no longer interested in him and would spend more time with their adoptive son. 

As it got worse, he decided not to think the worst. It would be too late when he finally uncovered the truth.  

When Ray suggested he and his wife Leila adopt a nineteen-year-old boy, he’d only wanted to offer someone the same treatment he’d been offered when he was a child.

The boy, Trevor, was everything they wanted in a son. He more than blended perfectly with the couple. But as the months went by, things spiraled out of control. 

Ray and Leila Lowry had been married for two years before they agreed to adopt Trevor. Ray had met Leila while he was forty-five, and she was thirty-eight, and the two fell in love instantly. 

Being a man was more than a stable job, a good car, and a big house for Ray. He wanted to start a family with the woman he loved no matter the cost. This mindset would cost him everything he had in his life. 

Ray and Leila got married after a year of courting. The two were madly in love and wanted to start the next part of their lives together. 

They got a better house that was a far cry from Ray’s bachelor pad and quickly settled in. But a problem soon arose that would rob them of all the dreams they had. 

Ray and Leila tried their luck with conceiving but couldn’t seem to have a child. After a year of trying, the two decided to visit a doctor. It is here that the problem would finally rear its ugly head. 

The doctor ran a few tests and told the couple that Ray had a reproductive system issue hindering them from having kids. Although he was distraught, he wouldn’t let the news break him.

Ray and Leila looked for other ways to have kids as soon as they got home. They discussed the many options at their disposal and finally settled on adoption. 

For Ray, adoption was more than finding a way to start a family. He’d grown up in an orphanage and adopted by the loveliest parents one could ever ask for. He wanted the same for the kid they’d adopt.

Ray and Leila contacted the best adoption agencies they could find. They attended adoption events all over their city until, one day, they met Trevor.

The nineteen-year-old had been among the kids at an adoption center where Ray and Leila were visiting. The couple immediately hit it off with him, and before they knew it, they were working to adopt him. 

Although adult adoptions are rarer than the normal ones, many people worldwide take part in them. For Ray and Leila, adopting Trevor was the perfect solution to their child problem.

The two spent the next few months in the adoption process, and soon enough, Trevor joined their family as their son. And then the trouble started. 

A few months after Ray and Leila adopted Trevor, Ray noticed some things he couldn’t quite explain. The first of these things was that his wife seemed to have no interest in him anymore. 

She rarely longed for him the way she used to and would spend less time with him. But then it got worse. 

Ray also noticed that Leila was spending more time with Trevor, always in his room whenever he was around or watching movies with him in the living room.

At first, he took this as a sign that his wife was enjoying the company of their son and loved to see her smile more. But as the weeks went by, he began suspecting the worst. 

Months went by with Ray giving his wife the benefit of the doubt. He knew she loved him and their son and wouldn’t ever do anything to jeopardize what they were building.

But slowly and slowly, more signs began surfacing, seemingly screaming at him to open his eyes. By the time Ray would listen to them, it would be too late. 

Leila was spending more time with Trevor than usual. He drove her to her errands and work, took her to the bookstore, and even bought her gifts. 

Ray brushed all these things aside because Trevor would do some of these things to him too. But one night would change everything between him, Trevor, and Leila.

It was a freezing, snowy Thursday night when Ray showed up at his home. He was supposed to fly out of town for a business meeting when his flight got canceled at the last minute because of bad weather.

Looking to surprise his family, he took a cab back home and snuck into the house through the backdoor. It was then that he saw it. 

Ray found his wife and son in an uncompromising situation. Infuriated, he did the only thing he could. Ray asked Trevor to leave and hurried upstairs to cool off.

The night would be very slow after that, and although Leila would join him in bed later that night, Ray would wake up to find her gone in the morning. But why would she do such a thing to him?

Ray found a note Leila had left for him. It informed him that she’d been unhappy and depressed for a while and didn’t know how to tell him. She’d not even known her attraction to Trevor until it was too late and was very sorry for what she’d done. 

Was he too concerned about starting a family that he’d forgotten about how his wife was doing? Ray and Leila retracted Trevor’s adoption and divorced soon after. Although Ray still couldn’t understand how everything went wrong, he wished Leila and Trevor the best in life.  


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