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Couple Posts Photo Online, The Internet is Shocked By Their Transformation

This couple never expected their story to go viral. With social media taking up more and more of everyone’s daily routine, “Social Influencing” has been a new occupation for thousands of people as a full-time job. The best part is, their followers are totally eating it up! With many Americans living average lives, people are looking to these “influencers” as a way to live vicariously through them with their Instagram posts. Thanks to this incredible platform, the world has thousands of people to turn to when they need advice, inspiration, and even a bit of motivation. However, when one pair of social media influencers posted a photo for their 10-year anniversary, they had no idea it would later prove to be such a viral sensation….

Now Going Strong

Posting a current picture side-by-side with one from 2017, Wendy wrote on Instagram: “10-year difference! I used to have a perm and wear my hair stuck to my face every day and Dan used to shave once a week’. Wendy abandoned chemical hair straighteners six years ago and Dan started to embrace the beard trend in 2017.” Through a little hardship and perseverance, Wendy and Dan came out of a difficult situation on top. Let’s learn their story!

A Couple of 10 Years

Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey are two social influencers that run the gamut of inspirational and motivational accounts. From a youtube channel dedicated to natural beauty and hair tutorials, to an Instagram that follows their workout regimes and travels. But they weren’t always influencers. 10 years ago, they were shells of the people we see all over the internet today.

How Far They’ve Come

The couple who got engaged in Paris in September 2016, work together as personal trainers offering coaching and nutritional advice through their company True4You Fitness. Wendy has a background in public healthcare and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Dan, a former college basketball player, worked in the fitness industry for 11 years, gaining a Bachelors in Exercise Science as well as a Nutritional Coaching Certification from Precise Nutrition.

Sharing Their Secret

However, unlike a lot of personal trainers, on their website they reveal that they prefer a more flexible, long-term approach to health and fitness, and although both now boast abs and lean bodies, Wendy shared that she hasn’t always been as confident in her appearance. However, Dan has helped her love and accept her body, no matter what. His supportive approach encouraged her to love herself on the inside first, which in-turn motivated her to believe in her outer beauty as well. Dan, being as supportive as he always was, stood by her every step of the way as they began a journey towards the healthiest lifestyle they’ve ever embodied.

Dan: The Party Years

In 2006, Dan was partying it up in college while the rest of the world trudged on. During this time, Facebook was EXTREMELY new and this was back when people were using it as a dating site. As a college student, Dan was trying to get out there and meet new people, which is exactly how he met Wendy. He saw that they had a mutual friend on Facebook, Daphne, and reached out to her so he could meet Wendy, who immediately caught his attention.

The Beginning

While Dan was already in college, Wendy was only 17, just about to graduate from High School and gearing up for college. In one of their YouTube videos entitled “How We Met,” Wendy tells the story of their first meeting. While going through her Facebook messages, she noticed she got a message from Dan. Apparently, Dan had mutual friends with her friend Daphne, so Dan found Wendy through Daphne’s friend’s list. Dan actually wrote Daphne first, but saw Wendy and couldn’t pass up the chance to talk to her.

Wary at First

At first, Wendy was wary of talking to Dan, who was a complete stranger to her. She didn’t really trust a man she never met… so she ignored him. But Dan persisted and sent her a few more messages. After talking to Daphne about this mystery man, she found out that he was, in fact, a real person and decided to write him back. After a few exchanges back and forth, Dan invited Wendy and her friends to a party at his apartment. Yet what she didn’t know was….

No Party

There was no party. Dan was unsure as to whether Wendy would accept the party invitation, so had not actually planned a party for him and his friends. Amazingly, she accepted his offer – which meant he actually had to plan and put on a party for all of them. However, he was happy to do so, as he was excited to meet her in the flesh, and see whether they got on in person. As the night drew on, the pair hit it off, and talked, laughed and danced all night.

Not the Right Time

Although there was an obvious connection between the two, they ultimately decided it wasn’t the right time for them. Wendy just got out of a long term relationship and Dan was enjoying his bachelor behavior in college. But given 6 months as “just friends,” Dan invited Wendy to dinner and asked her to be his girlfriend. And she said yes!

Young Love

For many years, Dan and Wendy had a very loving, positive relationship, but after a couple years, they decided they were just too young to settle down. They had so much to learn about themselves, so they broke up. Or they “took a break,” as they called it. During their break,. They stayed in touch, but eventually grew apart. Until…

The Rekindling

They ran into each other again and started rekindling their relationship. After a few weeks, they decided to get back together, realizing that they have done their growing they needed. Ever since they got back together, they have been two love birds. Everything was going great until 2016 came around…

The Question

…and Dan popped the question. Dan wanted to marry the girl of his dreams, and that girl said yes! While on a trip to Paris, Dan positioned himself and Wendy under the Eiffel tower and did that thing where he gets down on one knee and sweetly professes his love.

Social Media Influencers

Ever since getting back together, Dan and Wendy have had a laser focus on their work, and coincidentally they work with each other! They now are a “social influencer couple” that focuses on travel, beauty tutorials, working out, and nutritional tips.

Gaining a Fan Base

Over the years, the couple has gained quite an admirable fan base. As of right now, Dan and Wendy have collectively over 100K from all of their social media accounts. But recently, Dan and Wendy posted a comparison picture on the instagram and their following LOST IT.

The Transformation

The photo shows a photo of the couple on the left from 10 years ago and a photo of the couple now. What people are freaking out about is that somehow the couple looks YOUNGER. Have they discovered the fountain of youth? What magical serum are they injecting themselves with? Well their answer to their good looks is actually a lot simpler than you think

A Healthier Life


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