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Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About The Kardashians

The California Community Church

Kris Jenner founded her own church! The California Community Church only accepts members as long as they donate $1,000 a month or 10% of their salary.

Brain Surgery

In 2001 Khloe suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was involved in a car accident. The accident caused her a severe concussion and long-term memory loss.

30 Strollers

Kourtney once revealed that she owns 30 baby strollers, because she likes to have one for every occasion.

The Blow-dry

Kim likes to blow dry her jewelry before wearing it. She “can’t stand putting on cold jewelry, it gives her the chills”.

The Intelligent One

Kourtney is the only sister that went to college. She graduated with a degree in theatre arts and a minor in Spanish at the University of Arizona.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Kris has a pile of non-disclosure agreements at the entrance which guests need to sign before entering her house.

The Extravagant Wedding

Kim and Kanye wanted their wedding to be super extraordinary, so they didn’t spare one lavish detail, these included a gold toilet and marble tables with the guest names etched in.

Paris Hilton

Kim and Paris went to preschool together and used to be really close.

Fake Pictures

After North was born, Kim sent fake photos of her to her friends to find out if they would try to sell them to tabloid papers. And in fact, yes, most of them tried to do so.

The Coachella Party

North first birthday party was Coachella themed: “The Kidchella party” included a ferry wheel and a festival worthy decor.

Alexander Wang

Khloe’s favorite designer is Alexander Wang.


Kourtney is terribly scared of spiders, she admitted that once she didn’t enter her bathroom for two months because she saw a spider in there.


Kris always needs to carry an EpiPen with her because she is fatally allergic to bee stings.

Most googled personality

In 2008 Kim was named the most googled person of the year.


Kim worked as a stylist as a teen. On her clients list where names such as Lindsay Lohan and Brandy.

The Ken-doll

Kendall is named after Barbie’s love interest, Ken.

Humble Ambitions

As a child, Kim wanted to become a teacher.

Nicole Richie & Paris Hilton

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton helped Kim to get the attention of LA Paparazzis: They brought her as a sidekick to Hollywood parties.

Nicole Brown

Kendall’s middle name is Nicole, after Nicole Brown. The murdered wife of O.J. Simpson was Kris’s best friend.

Highest Payed Reality Star

Kim has the honor of being nominated as the highest paid reality TV star of all time.


Growing up Kourtney wanted to become a lawyer, like her father Robert. She even applied to law school but later decided not to go.

Instagram Comments

Kylie reads all her comments on Instagram, if she gets too many negative ones she’ll delete the photo.

The O.J. Simpson Case

Robert Kardashian Sr. was O.J. Simpsons friend and defense lawyer.

3 Weddings

Everybody thinks that Kim has been married two times (to Kris Humphries and Kanye West) but she was actually married 3 times. She got marry when she was 19 to music producer Damon Thomas.


Rob still sleeps with his baby blanket.

They Didn’t Grow Up Together

Kourtney and Robert decided to live with their father after their parents divorced.

The Met Gala Ban

In 2012 Anna Wintour banned Kim from the Met gala, and in 2013 she did the same to Kris.

Kylie’s Make Up Routine

Kylie needs an impressive 2 hours to have her full makeup done!

Dancing With The Stars

Rob danced himself into the finals of Dancing With The Stars, even though they made it second, he was nominated as most improved dancer, compared to his sister Kim who got eliminated in the third round when she participated.

Beach Time

When Kim is on vacation, she only hits the beach at certain times in the day. That’s when the light is flattering and her cellulite can’t be really seen.

Bodyguard Babydaddy


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