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Dad Sets Up Hidden Camera To Find Out Why Son Talks To Himself In The Backyard

Initially, they assumed their son was just bored and talking to himself was a source of entertainment for him. After all, he was an only child and didn’t have any friends yet. 

But after a while, they started to worry. It wasn’t normal behavior for a four-year-old. So, the couple decided to install a hidden camera to see what was going on in the backyard. 

Josh and Sarah were excited about starting over. They had just purchased the home of their dreams with an outdoor pool and a big backyard for their son to play in. 

Their house was located next to a thick forest and a lake. Marc’s parents knew he would be safe there because of the tall fence that their property had. But, sadly, they were wrong…

A few days after moving into their new home, Josh heard their son talking to himself next to the fence. 

He thought it was strange, but Sarah assured him that all kids do this, and it’s completely normal. But Josh felt that something wasn’t quite right and decided to join his son in the backyard.

Behind the tall wooden fence was a thick forest and a small lake. “Who are you talking to, son?” he asked Marc. 

“Gamma,” he responded. Who was that?

Josh had a strange feeling about this. It could’ve been an imaginary friend or even a stranger talking to his son. 

He knew he had to protect his child in any way he could, so he decided to install a security camera on a nearby tree to see what Marc was up to. 

Josh installed the security camera app on his phone and pressed play. After a few minutes, he saw an old lady approach the fence where little Marc was playing. 

She said hi to him and began collecting berries and dropping them into an old wooden basket. But who was she?

Josh stepped outside and introduced herself to the lady. It turned out that she was their neighbor and had lived in the area for over ten years. 

Every other day, she would go to the forest to collect berries. But that wasn’t all. 

Gamma’s husband had passed away a few years ago, and she became lonely. Then, one day, as she collected berries near the couple’s house, she heard someone say hello to her. 

That’s how she met little Marc. As Josh learned more about her past, he grew sadder and sadder. 

It turned out that Gamma also had grandchildren of her own, but they lived in another state, and she rarely saw them. 

She was all alone, and Marc was the only person she spoke with on a daily basis. 

Gamma was 90 years old. When she wasn’t picking berries in the forest, she would watch TV and read books. 

But the most challenging part of living alone was trying to fill the hours. She had too much free time on her hands. 

“You know what I do when I’m bored?” she asked Josh.

“I get so much junk mail and newspapers. So, I strip it up and cut it into very small pieces. Then I put it in a plastic bag and throw it in the garbage.” 

“It’s a fun thing to do, actually,” the old lady said. “Otherwise, I’d go crazy.”

Then, she looked at Marc and said, “I have something for you!”

Gamma was holding a laundry basket filled with old metal Tonka trucks. They used to belong to her son but he had passed away. 

“They’ve been sitting down in the basement for far too long,” she said. When Marc’s mother heard about Gamma, she burst into tears. 

Sarah couldn’t hold back the tears when she learned that her son had made friends with the elderly lady. 

“She doesn’t have anyone,” Sarah said in an interview. “I feel so bad for her.” But it turned out that Marc and Gamma were much closer than his parents thought. 

“She told us that her favorite part of the day is watching Marc playing in the yard,” Sarah said. 

“She hasn’t talked to anyone in months because of the lockdown, so Marc was the only person she spoke with while keeping her distance, of course.” she continued. “I’m just so happy that she has found a friend.”


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