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Daughter Insists On Spending Time With Man, Gut Tells Mom To Film It

They had been on and off for years, dating, breaking up only to date again. This time they’d decided to remain apart, seeing that it was better.

But what he’d do to her daughter that night would leave her questioning everything. She couldn’t believe he’d do such a thing even after she invited him back into her life. 

Macy and Adam started going out when they were still in high school. The two Missoula, Montana, natives had been sure they’d live out the rest of their lives together.

Their love had been strong initially, with the couple feeling like every love song and romantic film was about them. But this wouldn’t last long. 

The honeymoon phase would soon close for the young lovers, ushering in the end of their relationship. But although the two were broken up, they’d continue being friends.

The two rekindled their love a few months after breaking up. This would be the start of their on and off status, which would directly feed into the events of that fateful night.

Macy had always loved Adam. He was her first love, after all. But being with him brought her pain. Adam had always been distant and self-centered, seeming to forget she existed.

Macy was always the one seeking him out through texts and calls. She was the one who visited or insisted that Adam comes over. She was the one who called for dinner and movie dates. She’d hoped time would change the situation for her. 

After six years of being on and off, Macy finally decided to call it quits. She’d given Adam all she could, her time, attention, and love. But he’d never changed from the boy she once knew.

Knowing life was out there waiting for her, Macy moved on. Although the process would be long and painful, she’d power through it and come out of the darkness stronger. She had no idea what was looming in her future. 

After breaking up with Adam, Macy moved to a different town where she started a career in nursing, bought a house, and mothered the prettiest little angel named Cassandra.

There was nothing Macy loved more than her daughter, and she’d do anything to see her smile. As a single mom, she made sure her daughter never lacked anything. But this would soon change. 

Five years had passed since Macy had moved to start a new life. Little Cassie was in kindergarten, and Macy had established a foothold in her neighborhood as the single mom who could conquer anything she set her mind to.

But one day, while driving home, she’d run into a figure that would flood her mind with many happy and sad memories.

Macy’s brows furrowed as she saw the man parked on the street a few blocks from her house. He was tall, dressed in sharp bespoke clothing with short hair and a shadow of a beard. His expressive eyes stared at his opened car engine.

Macy ate back a whimper as she instantly recognized the man’s back and nape, two features that had been so distinctive in her childhood boyfriend. She approached him, only to step back when he turned around. 

“Adam?” Macy stammered, and the man’s mouth fell open. “Macy?” his eyes broadened. “What are the odds?” He explained that he was traveling to a friend’s wedding when his car broke down. He’d called a mechanic, but it would be a while until they came to help.

Seeing the little boy she’d once loved in this tall man before her, Macy invited him to stay for the night. The two would spend the evening together, reminiscing about their childhood. But one thing would strike Macy as odd.

Adam and Cassie, Macy’s daughter, instantly hit it off. The entire situation took Macy by surprise, given how closed off her daughter usually was. But as the night went on, something else would happen that would have Macy leaving the two together.

As a nurse, Macy had some nights when she was called into work without warning. As fate would have it, this would be one of those nights. What she’d see on her camera would leave her frozen in place.

Macy got a call to hurry into work after an accident rocked the interstate right by their town. Cassandra was already asleep, and Adam looked drowsy. Macy explained everything to him, still amazed that he was in her house after five years of radio silence.

But Macy wasn’t away for an hour when her phone started beeping. She’d installed hidden cameras in her house while moving in, each of which connected to her phone. It’d been a while since they beeped off, but tonight would be different. 

Macy was busy at work when her phone beeped. The sound was high-pitched, wrenching her from the chaos of the hospital. She checked her phone, covering her mouth at what she saw.

Adam was in her kitchen with little Cassandra, who was wide awake. He was warming some milk, which he poured into Cassie’s favorite cup. Macy thought that would be all, but then it got even better.

Adam picked Cassandra into his arms, cradling her as a dad would his daughter. With her head on his shoulder, he danced around the kitchen with her, singing in a soothing voice.

He called her the best daughter in the world, saying she reminded him of her mom, who was the brightest, bravest, and the most selfless woman he knew. Turning around to give Cassandra her warm milk, he promised her Macy would be home soon.

Macy couldn’t believe it. Her last breakup with Adam had been the worst, and she suspected he was bitter about it. But as they’d talked through dinner, he’d seemed different, more attentive, selfless, and caring.

He’d also bonded with Cassandra in a way Macy had never seen before, and now he was lulling her back to sleep right before her eyes. Macy wiped away a tear, remembering the highlights of their time together. Was the universe telling her she was meant to be with him?

Macy returned in the wee hours of the morning to find Adam already up. He’d done the dishes in the kitchen and made breakfast. She told him what she’d seen, and his face went red with embarrassment.

Although Macy wanted to ask him about them, she couldn’t bring herself to. She looked at him, the boy who’d stolen her heart years ago. He smiled at her, thanking her for hosting him for the night. As the mechanic finished working on his car and he drove away, Macy only smiled. Perhaps it was better to remain friends.


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