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Daughter Wakes Up With Bruises, Dad Sets Up Camera

Darren was worried about his daughter’s wellbeing. Every day, she would wake up with new bruises on her legs, and he couldn’t figure out what was causing them. 

He decided to install a hidden camera in her room to gather the evidence. What he saw on the footage made his hair stand on end.

Natalie’s behavior began to change when her father met Pam. A week after Darren’s girlfriend moved in with them, Natalie stopped talking to her father and his new partner. 

She would spend most of the time locked up in her bedroom. 

After a few months, Natalie started waking up with bruises on her legs. When Darren asked her about it, she said that she didn’t know how she got them.

Then, one night, Natalie’s father was woken up by disturbing sounds coming from his daughter’s bedroom. 

The following day, Darren asked Pam if she heard any sounds from Natalie’s bedroom or if she had anything to do with the bruises on her legs.

Pam was offended that he would accuse her of something this serious. She explained that she had nothing to do with whatever was going on with his daughter. As the weeks went by, Darren would see more and more bruises on Natalie’s legs. He knew something just wasn’t right. 

But the bruises weren’t the only strange thing about his daughter: she would also sleep for 15 hours a day. 

Natalie would hardly eat any food and lash out at Pam and Darren when they showed concern. 

Darren was worried about his daughter’s health. Maybe she had gotten ill? Was she depressed?

Just as Darren was about to take her to the doctor, he heard a loud knock on the door. 

He opened the door, only to see a social worker with a serious look on her face standing on his doorstep. 

She introduced herself as Mrs. Wood and said she was investigating a situation involving Natalie and her parents. 

Natalie’s school had informed her of the strange marks on her body. Darren couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He would never hurt his daughter!

Mrs. Wood told him that she wanted had to speak with Natalie in private. 

After what seemed like forever, Natalie and the service worker finally emerged from her room.

Mrs. Wood told the couple that she would be “in touch” and showed herself out. “I told her what I told you, dad,” Natalie sobbed. “Every morning, I wake up with marks, and I don’t know how they got there!”

Darren was in a complete state of shock. Something just wasn’t adding up here. 

He decided to set up a hidden camera in Natalie’s room to find out what had been happening to her at night. 

At that point, Darren was convinced that Pam was abusing his daughter because no one else lived there. 

But when he saw the footage, he nearly fainted. 

At first, everything seemed normal. Natalie was sleeping peacefully in her bed and occasionally turning around. 

Then, suddenly Darren saw something in the video that shocked him to the core. Was this some kind of a prank?

Suddenly, his daughter woke up but she didn’t look like herself at all. 

As you can see in this image, Natalie appeared to be crawling on her back as if she was possessed. 

She continued to crawl on her back. Darren felt sick to his stomach. What was happening to her?

He knew something was very wrong. 

Darren and Pam rushed Natalie back to the doctor. They showed him the footage, and he was horrified. 

Natalie was referred to a specialist, and he ran several tests on her. She was diagnosed with head trauma and a tumor. The doctor believes she could be suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy. However, they still don’t know what was causing this strange behavior, and neither does Natalie. 


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