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Desperate Man Lists His Car For Sale To Save Dogs Life

The bond between a man and his dog is something powerful and there is no doubt about that. Sticking together through good and bad times creates a strong bond between anyone and considering how loyal dogs are, no one should be shocked to find out that a man by the name of Randy Etter decided to sell his own car in order to pay for a surgery for his dog. This heartbreaking moment went viral and Randy Etter and his dog Gemini got all the help they needed.

These two are Randy Ettel and Gemini. As we can clearly see, Randy and Gemini are really close and they really care about each other. The reason behind this being that Randy has had Gemini ever since he was a little pup.

The bond between Randy and Gemini is something special, it’s really strong and nothing can break them apart. This is what happens when someone adopts a small pup that always stays by their side and shows loyalty.

Randy says that Gemini is more than a simple dog to him. Gemini is a part of his family and he cares about him like he would care for a sibling. They’ve been together for so many years and they faced both good and bad times.

Unfortunately, Gemini randomly started feeling bad one day. Randy noticed this right from the start and he knew that Gemini was not being his normal self. Randy had to do something about it.

Seeing that his dog is feeling sad, Randy did his best to cheer him up. The young man started feeding Gemini delicious treats but to no avail. The doggy was still sad and this broke Randy’s heart.

Randy figured out that something wrong is going on when Gemini started puking. Without giving it any second thought, Randy got all the money he had around the house and rushed to the local vet.

With all his savings in his pocket, Randy picked up Gemini and visited the vet. Sadly, the vet didn’t have any good news to share with Randy.

After doing a couple of X-Rays, the vet was able to determine that Gemini had somehow eaten the top of a baby bottle. This was bad, really bad and Gemini needed to have the bottle top surgically removed as soon as possible.

The vet told Randy that Gemini didn’t have many more days to live if he didn’t get a special procedure in order to remove the baby bottle top. Randy was at a loss for words and he felt like the world was ending when he heard how much money the surgery costs.

Randy found out that the surgical procedure costs $4,500. He didn’t have near close to that sum of money and he was desperate. This is when he started calling all his friends for help.

Gemini means the world to Randy and he was determined to find the $4,500 that he needs. Randy started calling all his friends to borrow money and he could only come up with $2,000.

Randy was not able to borrow enough money from his friends and this was breaking his heart. He couldn’t just simply let his best friend feel sick anymore and he decided to do something that most people wouldn’t even think about.

Not having any other options, Randy decided to sell his most prized item, his car. Randy knew that he couldn’t sell the car in a single day and he also posted a message on social media telling everyone that he really needs the money fast and that he is willing to give up his car.

As we clearly see in the announcement posted above, Randy asked only for $3,000 for his car. This is the exact sum of money that he needed to give Gemini the surgical procedure that he needed in order to feel well. 

Fortunately for Randy and Gemini, the social media post went viral. Thousands of people started sharing the post in hopes of finding a buyer for the car as fast as possible.

As the social media post was being shared, a couple of good folks who work for the Street Outreach Animal Response saw it and decided to help out. Instead of helping Randy sell his car, the animal rescuers decided to start a donation poll.

The animal rescuers raised enough money for Randy to give Gemini the surgery that he needed. The dog was already feeling better and Randy didn’t have to sell his car.

We have to give praise to both Randy and the folks at Street Outreach Animal Response. They saved a life and Randy was even willing to sell his car for a cheaper price in order to help Gemini, his best friend.

A couple of weeks passed by and Gemini is now feeling better than ever. Gemini is a happy doggy and he surely learned his lesson not to chew everything that he finds.

Randy Etter is a good man and there is no doubt about that. He was willing to sacrifice everything he has in order to save Gemini and this shows us just how strong the bond between a man and his dog can be.


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